International Women’s Day 2014

Saturday, March 8th is International Women’s Day. What does that precisely mean? And why do we feel we have a need to recognize women?

Here are 10 good reasons.

1. Females make up over half of the population. From those who enjoy Your Home to those who are as far-flung as our imaginations can carry us, and everywhere in between.

2. Women have always been brewers (see, I stayed on topic). Brewing is cooking, and women have always been actively engaged in the food arena in life.

Celebrate women: International Women's Day 3.8.14

Celebrate women: International Women’s Day 3.8.14

3. In a great majority of countries women are still second-class citizens and that’s fundamentally wrong. No one gender of person has more or less value than another.

4. Women in America are still paid, on average, 23% less than male counterparts.

5. Women are capable of everything and able to do anything.

6. Women are the reason we’re around. Yes it takes two to reproduce and women bear the majority of that task.

7. There are certainly celebrated women the world over, yet not enough.

8. There are scores of underappreciated and even recognized women and females the world over, wherein “any” is too many.

9. Women keep changing the world for the better.

10. It’s a proven fact via myriad research that societies with a mindful equity respect for women and men are so much more productive, healthy, and happy populations.

Notice I use the word equity instead of equality. (Mirriam-Webster) Nature has a way of equalizing things, yet we’re not in charge here. Humans should aim for equity instead of equality.

I look forward to the days where gender is a non-issue. Alas! It still is and talking about it and acting to change it will be the way to remove the inequitable in our world. It’ll never be the impossible perfect, yet it can be a whole world of good better.

So today’s the day (as is every day) to recognize, thank, and appreciate women. Skip the chocolates, massages, and other tired pithy nonsense and say THANK YOU. Ask her what you can do for her that holds real meaning and purpose. Do something that really matters. It may make you slightly uncomfortable and that’s how progress is made.

I thank you for reading. And I’ll thank you more for acting for women the globe over.

Till the next glass –


Go Here: Time is one of the most valuable gifts we can give. Volunteer with an organization that truly works towards female equity. A quick Internet search will yield countless opportunities to help, from the Girl Scouts to human trafficking.

Try This: Give the gift of your time to a female you don’t know: Visit an elder care facility and talk with the women you meet (residents and staff), walk some dogs at the shelter (equal opportunity here), and anonymously donate a few dollars to a female focused charity.

This column was originally published on Your Home with Karie Engels.

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Winner of 2014 Oregon Chocolate Festival Ticket Giveaway

In a highly scientific and competitive contest, we are happy to announce that the flavor lover Felicia Reninger has won the giveaway of 2 tickets to the 2014 Oregon Chocolate Festival, March 8 & 9, 2014. Congratulations Felicia!

In asking for help to choose, Twittersphere community member @cingoodwoman chose #2 without knowing anything else other than to pick a number – see I told you: highly scientific. And I was glad for help as I wanted to give all three finalists free tickets!

Cassie, Ginger & Karolina at the 2013 Chocolate Festival - having a ball!

Cassie, Ginger & Karolina at the 2013 Chocolate Festival – having a ball!

The complementary tickets from the venerable Karolina, originator of the festival and amazing Marketing Director of the Ashland Springs Hotel. Our many thanks.

In the spirit of fun and sharing, I wanted to share the top three contenders and their creative entries (which is what we asked for).

1. Sasha Tokareff

I need 2 free tickets to the OCF! Oregon Chocolate Fest! I need them because my boyfriend lives in Boston and chocolate is the only thing keeping me sane!”

2. Felicia Reninger

“Yes! I would like the two tickets to the chocolate festival! I attended last years event, all by myself, but the sorrow of going alone was soon forgotten. I was drunk on chocolate and forgot my loneliness! This year my sister said she would go with me, and it would be awesome to surprise her with a ticket.”

(Also, Ginger’s beer and chocolate tasting class inspired my homebrew. Been pairing and tasting ever since!)”

3. Mary Sharbatz

“YES! I want to Win 2 Tickets to the OCF 🙂 I have not been to one of Ginger’s Beer & Chocolate classes yet, and I’d love to go to this festival! Sounds divine 🙂 Ashland is calling my name. I have never won anything before, and to be chosen would feel so great, like I hit the jackpot!”

Thank you to everyone who entered. I sure hope to do it again next year. All the finalists are encouraged to come find me and take a photo at the fest – I’ll have some goodies for all three.

In the meantime, know that this tasty festival happens this weekend, starting with a fancy dinner Friday night, Saturday & Sunday are the festival and I’ll be there Saturday (12-1) & Sunday (1145-1245) giving Beer & Chocolate classes (3rd year running). You can register for them here – and they’re free. Heck of a value to be sure.

Cheers & chocolate to you ~

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Oregon Chocolate Festival 2014 Ticket Giveaway

If you’d like two complementary tickets to the uber luscious and fun 10th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival happening March 8 & 9, Ashland OR, then speak up!!

Here’s the mash:

  1. Get to our Contact page, scroll down to General Inquiries (past the Media Inquiries)
  2. Fill it out specifying you “YES! I want to Win 2 Tickets to the OCF” in the How Can We Help You space.
  3. Include full first and last name, email address and one good fun reason we should give them to you.
  4. Entries taken until Sunday March 2nd.

We’ll draw a winner randomly from all entries – women & men are encouraged to enter. The only thing that would trump the random selection process is if someone gets super creative with an entry. Extra weight to creativity!

Festival Link here.

p.s. We’ll be offering our usual tasty Beer & Chocolate classes Saturday & Sunday too – register here.

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Gluten Free Tasting

NOTE: This post was originally drafted during our HomeFreeTour, which started in September 2009. Enjoy the post & thanks for reading.


Our friend April in Kirkland WA was good enough to invite some friends over for a tasting while we’re on the road. It was huge fun and I believe all the good humored guests learned at least a few new things about beers and ciders.

Gluten free = lots of flavor!

Gluten free = lots of flavor!

This is my first mention of cider I think…and they fit nicely for diets that require glutenfree beverages. Plus here in the Northwest, where I currently am, apples abound!! Whew!

Here’s what the menu looked like (foods gotten at Trader Joe’s).

  1. Course 1 – Redbridge with soft tangy Chevre on soyrice crackers
  2. Course 2 – Newton’s Folly Draft Cider with Washington Honeycrisp apples, apple smoked garlic cheddar cheese, and corn/potato/rice tortilla chips
  3. Course 3 – Fox Barrel Black Currant Cider with fresh spinach &mixed greens salad with local melon, pears, and almonds and a touch of champagne gorgonzola dressing
  4. Course 4 – Green’s Discovery Amber Ale with freshly smoked salmon
  5. Course 5 – Bard’s Gold with Dagoba chocolates

Mmmmmmmm….All Gluten Free, all flavorful and fresh.

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Oakshire & KLCC Festival Collaboration Beer

It’s usually a fun thing to try a collaboration beer. At least two, sometimes more, breweries all digging into the sandbox together – making something delicious for us to sip.

Matt of Oakshire Brewing

Matt of Oakshire Brewing

And this weekend will pose a fresh flavor opportunity to try another. Read on as Matt Van Wyk, head of Brewing for Oakshire, Eugene, shares all about it:

“Ours is called Understutz KLCC Hefeweizen,” states Van Wyk, referencing this annual fest beer that is highlighted at the KLCC fest, a fundraiser for the local public radio station. “I suspect others have ‘names’ for their beer style.”

Each year, Eugene area brewers work together to create a Collaboration Brew specifically for this Festival.  Following last year’s Tour of the British Isles, brewers chose to continue showcasing European style beers with A Tour of Germany.  Participating breweries each chose a sub style of German beer to brew, deciding the recipe on their own.  The common thread is that every beer is of German origin and follows the German Purity law of 1516, or Reinheitsgebot [though there is a braggot in the bunch this year]. Taste them all and enjoy this tour of Germany, created especially for the 2014 KLCC Microbrew Festival by our highly skilled local brewing community.

Agrarian Ales – Roggenbier
Claim 52 – Oktoberfest
Falling Sky – Rauchbier
Hop Valley – Nacht Schmerzen Swartz Bier
Hopworks Urban – Eisbock
McMenamins High Street – Wunder Bär Munich Dunkel
Ninkasi – Helles Bock
Oakshire – Hefeweizen
Plank Town – Bock
Sam Bond’s – Dana’s Alt Düsseldorf Altbier
Steelhead-McKenzie – Dortmunder Export

Track Town – Dunkelweizen
Viking Braggot – Altbier

Cheers to everyone who’s brewing and playing along. See you to sip then!

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Cheers to 5 Years of WEB

Last week found a group of revelers and flavor lovers celebrating our 5th Anniversary. I choose one of our local brewpubs for the host location, a cozy room was full of fine folks, and a good time was had by all.

To review:

Women Enjoying Beer is the only company on the planet that specializes in studying women and their relationship with beer. We conduct qualitative research with women, educate both consumers and professionals based on that research and offer business and marketing services for professionals who want to authentically and successful attract the female consumer and buyer.

The brewer leading our beer flight at WEB's 5th Anniversary party

The brewer leading our beer flight at WEB’s 5th Anniversary party

While beer is our specialty category, the information we gather crosses category lines. Once someone shares how they make decisions (qualitative data) and all that surrounds those decisions, then you can affect change. To know the stats (quantitative) is not enough nor is it fully telling of the story.

I think of quantitative information as the bones of a skeleton. The qualitative information is the tissue and muscles, which move the body forward. It makes everything possible. A skeleton without tissue is not very useful.

Thank you to everyone who joined the celebration. We gathered for a pre-program beer, chatted and met new folks, then moved into the evenings agenda. The brewer of the brewpub was on hand to share and educate about the flight that was included. Once he was finished, I shared a talk about beer’s 10K years of herstory til now, in a very abbreviated fashion.

In the spirit of the season and reason for gathering, everyone received a goodie bag as well as kept their initial beer glass. New friendships were made, delicious flavors were had by all and the group wandered home happy.

Thanks to them and all of you as we head into year 6. Cheers to a very tasty, peaceful and fun New Year ~

Beer Menu:

Wild Trail Ale, I Love Oregon Ale, Victory Lager, Amber Ale, Twin Plunge IPA, Steel Cut Oatmeal Stout, Noble (coffee) Stout, Malbec barrel aged Barleywine.

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WEB Goodies For The Holidays

Yes, of course men enjoy beer too.

Yes, of course men enjoy beer too.

With a total site overhaul, we now offer a great variety of the Women Enjoying Beer goods we bring the festivals we frequent.

Take a look here.

WEB goods for your lucky friends!

WEB goods for your lucky friends!

In addition to women’s fit clothing, we’ve got Men Enjoying Women Enjoying Beer clothes, full color weather sturdy signs for your beery spaces, and hard-working dish towels.

Hats? Why, yes. Both cozy fleece and sun shielded baseball styles.

Tees, both long and short sleeve, women’s tank tops, hoodies and sweatshirts, signs, hats, stickers and towels.

Go ahead and get yourself and a friend a fun gift this season. Here’s an extra incentive: until 12/20 you can use the code 5for5WEB13 for $5 off each shirt you order. Yep, each one – unlimited.

Cheers to a gift giving this season! Thank you for your patronage ~


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Temporary Relationships

As I look back at 2013 so far, it’s a marvel to me for a number of reasons.

At least 25 Festivals & Events* were accomplished with WEB (27+ in 2012). If you’ve never worked a festival as a vendor, then perhaps you should try it sometime. It’s a lot of labor and time, sweat (usually) and good vibes. It’s also an incredible temporary reality.

Temporary and strangely lasting, like a carnival coming to town.

Great colleagues make the fests great

Great colleagues make the fests great

You survey the venue, make a strategy and dig in. It’s noticing everything from the lighting and electricity, to lack of electricity and lighting. It’s figuring out who the voices are, people wise, from your phone calls and emails leading up to the event. It’s realizing you forgot something and working with the other folks to help you out and vice versa. It’s getting excited for the guests who will arrive always faster than they seemingly should.

Time flies when you’re working, when you’re having fun and especially when your work is fun.

There are very few people I know who work at festivals and begrudge them. In fact, as I write, I can think of no one. Why?

Because we know what we’re getting into. We’re getting into working alongside valued peers, colleagues and friends. We’re working with event folks who are working equally hard in different ways with us. We’re working to make a great life experience for the guests who choose to invest their time, energy and dollars with us.

Temporary? Sometimes. And interestingly enough the temporary times build a permanent relationship.

I tip my hat to these remarkable people today, with a particular nod to Troy, who sparked this idea; Chris, behind the scenes brilliance; Emily, formerly of WEB; Diane, WEB of CO. See you again soon, at our next event.

2013 Fests & Events for WEB

*The 25 number does not include our regular Swig & Stitch and other meet-up type events, nor Focus Groups.

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Great American Beer Festival WEB Ticket Giveaway Winners

Winner Melissa (r) with Ginger

Winner Melissa (r) with Ginger

Pam (c) winner flanked by her beau (l) and Ginger (r)

Pam (c) winner flanked by her beau (l) and Ginger (r)


Cheers to the following fine beer loving folks for joining us at Great American Beer Festival per winning the luck of the draw for tickets this year!

We had well over 225 enthusiastic entries – rest, assured, we’ll do it again as opportunity and sponsorship allows.

Take a look at these fine folks. This is what beer lovers look like. Salud ~

Rich (winner), Diane (c) and Jess (l)

Rich (winner), Diane (c) and Jess (l)

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Great American Beer Fun

If you were in Denver or the greater central Colorado area later last week, you’d have likely encountered people – lots of them – out to celebrate beer.

Two things were happening:

The Great State of Colorado loves beer!

The Great State of Colorado loves beer!

The 32nd annual Great American Beer Festival, hosted by the Brewers Association in the Colorado Convention Center. And Denver Beer Week hosted by Visit Denver. While I questioned the wisdom of adding an entire city celebration by Visit Denver a while back to add Beer Week in tandem with the GABF, it seems to be going smoothly.

Here are a few “wow!” factors to the GABF:

  • From 1982 with 800 attendees to 49,ooo in 2013
  • From 40 beers from 22 breweries to 4875 beers judged by 210 industry pros
  • 1100 of today’s breweries are brewpub from the approximate 2500+ breweries nationwide
  • Tickets for the recently concluded 2013 event sold out in 20 minutes

How do we know this info? Well, as credentialed media at the event, we’re given the royal educational treatment. It’s good for everyone to share the mash with those who help bring it forward. And while media is only one facet of WEB, it’s a big part of helping us stay up to date on the industry.

With 49,000 guests + loads of volunteers and workers at the Convention Center AND the myriad colleagues it’s a week loaded with great times, vast flavors, and engaging opportunities to celebrate American beer.

Great American Beer Festival indeed. See you there, again, next year!

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Here It Comes! GABF 2013

Here we go again – or rather: Here it comes!! The Grandmammy of American Beer Fests, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), held annually in Denver Colorado is set for 10/10 – 12 this year.

While parts of the state are still recovering from dramatic rain and flooding, the beer goes on. It’s a fest that testifies to the universal support and language of beer. People from literally all over the world attend this fest, some once – some many times.

Media Bus Tour GABF 2012

Media Bus Tour GABF 2012

More and more the world looks at and to American brewers for innovation and ideas when it comes to beer. With several good reasons.

1. The GABF is 31 years strong

2. It’s one of the largest judged competitions in the world, double blind, with dozens upon dozens of judges from all over the globe. AND the Pro-Am competition helps support up and coming brewers.

3. Thousands of beers are available during the fest for tasting, making it a destination for finding new flavors from American brewers across the country.

4. The Educational opportunities to learn more about beer inside the CCC are numerous, tasty and very fun.

5. The Silent Disco rocks!

6. The Bookstore hosts tuns of author signings of many well written and engaging books.

When you get there, look for the bright orange WEB canopied tent. We’re proud to be an Industry Sponsor once again and totally enjoy meeting new enthusiasts, sharing our love and knowledge of beer, and the whole flavor uproar the fest supports.

Support your local brewer. Support your local festival. Come see us at the 2013 GABF and say Prost!

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Salud To Skype

With a glass raised, I salute Skype today.

IMG_0826The positive results that this article shares is encouraging and it’s a medium I use for work and pleasure. It affords me the opportunity to virtually meet people from across the country and allows intercourse for progress.

I came across the article in researching for my presentation last week at Congreso Cerveza Mexico. Here’s another site with tuns of information on women, global workforces and information therein (here’s an article from that site I referenced).

The article cited about (and again here) is a perfect example of helpful technology. In this case, shedding a spotlight on the disparity of women’s value and pay in various developing countries. Progress = acceptable. Disparity = unacceptable.

Read the article, please, and tell me what you find in translation.

Thanks to United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine for commissioning and publishing this progressive and imporant piece.

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Continental Travel For Beer

The distinct pleasure of traveling across this amazing continent has created highlights of my year. We do a good deal of travel overall for business, my friends and colleagues remind me often, and it’s usually productive, fun and tasty.

Jeremy Parsons & Ginger at TFOB, 2013

Jeremy Parsons & Ginger at TFOB, 2013

This year so far I’ve been invited to present at the Toronto’s Festival of Beers (July), Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I have the honor of being the first American to take the Grilling Tent Stage. A Cooking With Beer session was great fun – terrific hosts, fun guests, and generous sponsors.

I’ve also had the honor of being invited to the Congreso Cerveza Mexico/Mexican Brewing Congress, Mexico City, Mexico (early September). Entrusted with judging beer and also given the opportunity to present an educational session to my Mexican colleagues on Women + Beer, I can tell you it’s an exciting time for all!

Beer is testimony that both women and beer are everywhere (we’ve verified that), passionate folks of all walks are interested in beer, and that these aforementioned people are all over the globe.

Jay (SSSteiner) & Jose (Propaganda Brewing) in Mexico City

Jay (SSSteiner) & Jose (Propaganda Brewing) in Mexico City

When we present, no matter the location, we work hard and smart to make sure the fit of the content and requested message delivered best fits the audience and goals. Knowing much less about Canada and Mexico to me is not a disadvantage. It’s the chance to ask people who I get to meet and work with lots of questions. An open mind and smile go a long way towards diplomacy and that’s what we’re after.

I’d encourage everyone who’s interested in beer to take a global look. Yes, support local. Do you know where all the ingredients come from in that beer (or other local product)? Sometimes everything’s sourced close by – though almost nothing is in a vacuum is using resources that are non-local. Yes, support global. It’s always been a global economy – the idea of “local” is not new. It’s recycled. If you like salt, nutmeg, or coffee you support a global economy. And that’s okay.

The new perspective I now have from these two visits has enormously broadened my knowledge and what I can share forward. As an educator, that’s really important to me. Education changes the world for the better and these fine folks (my hosts) found mutual value in working together as well.

Finding a balance is somewhat reliant on taking a wide view. Take it, often, and share it with others. There are remarkable people everywhere. And I can’t wait to meet more!

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Beer Writer John Holl To Visit Southern Oregon

I’m thrilled to announce that John Holl, accomplished beer writer, author, colleague and friend is coming to Southern Oregon to do some book events around his latest release – The American Craft Beer Cookbook.

Join us for a Cookbook signing with John Holl

Join us for a Cookbook signing with John Holl

John’s great fun to be with, is an educated professional beer community member and travels about sharing, teaching, judging and overall encouraging the enjoyment of beer, delicious beer.

Here’s the mash for Monday 16 September 2013:

  • 2 Public events in Ashland – one at Standing Stone Brewing Company and one at a local bookstore.
  • Private event: We’re hosting John at our home for a fun, tasty and casual house book party!!! If you are or plan to be in the area and would like to join us, call me directly. It’ll be in the evening and he’ll be available to chat, buy and sign books and have a great time. I’ll make a few of the recipes in the book for guests to nosh on, My Fine Husband will serve fresh beer.

Anytime we can help support colleagues and friends doing things that are good for the entire community, we’re ready to do so.

Cheers to John, cheers to good books, cooking, beer, and a tasty time for all.

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2013 Great American Beer Festival Ticket Giveaway!

Yes, it’s true – your eyes are telling you the truth!!

Women Enjoying Beer is giving away 2 sets of 2 tickets for the 2013 Great American Beer Festival in beer centric & flavorful Denver Colorado.

Wanna try for them? Here’s the mash:

Entries are of two categories:

1. Current news-getters. You’re already in our safe secure once a month email news stream – thank you! If you’re in it, then check your email, as it went out this morning. Read it through, following the directions, enter to win. Consumers, Professionals & Media all welcome to enter, women & men alike of course!

2. New news-getters. You’re not yet in our safe secure email news stream – welcome! Sign up on our home page in the stream you wish – Consumer, Professional, media – and send me an email with the subject line stating “YES! I’m new to WEB and want to win GABF tickets!” including you first and last name.

A great group of enthusiastic Media on the GABF Bus Tour last year, sponsored by Visit Denver

A great group of enthusiastic Media on the GABF Bus Tour last year, sponsored by Visit Denver

Entries will be taken through 9/15/13.

  • Those already in the stream as of today, well actually late last night to make sure, will be entered to win two tickets for the 10/10 Thursday night session 5:30 – 10 pm.
  • Those who will be new to the info stream as of today will be entered to wine two tickets for the 10/12 Saturday afternoon session Noon – 4 pm.

It’s this simple!

As a GABF Industry Sponsor we get a supply of tickets and we’re happy to share them forward. Since we get them as a Sponsor these tickets are NOT TO BE RESOLD or scalped – that’d be really bad form, so please don’t entertain that thought. Take them freely and even if you win them and can’t go, then give them to a beer learner and enjoyer who can. Tickets will be left at the Colorado Convention Center GABF Will Call counter.

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Happy Birthday



If it’s your birthday today too – I wish you great happy wishes!

Celebrate with yourself, with friends, with family, however you want to. I’m headed off into a next-shiny-object kind of day.

Cheers to you – thanks for your support.


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Hail Toronto! And The TFOB

Otherwise known as Toronto’s Festival Of Beers, hosted by Beerlicious.

What an honor to be the first American to take the stage at the Labatt sponsored Grilling Tent in Toronto last weekend. The tent is a lively and fun (and tasty) place to sit and enjoy a whole different facet of this long-established and flavorful event.

Roger, Thirst For Knowledge & Matt, Rock Lobster Food Company

Roger, Thirst For Knowledge & Matt, Rock Lobster Food Company

The organizers are thoughtful, super helpful and accommodating and made the experience ultra enjoyable for me all around. A few reasons why:

1. Communication by all those who were helping me was very good. They were all very available and forthcoming in their contacts and accessibility. From the very first emails with Courtney to Grilling Tent instructions from Jeremy to talking with Roger Mittag – Emcee for the tent to BeerRadio with Les Murray.

2. The assistance in the tent for my actual session (cooking with beer, I made 2 versatile sauces on the grill) of the Briquettes, Francesco, and sous chef Nicole. Literally, these fine people made it effortless and were extremely welcoming and helpful.

The fabulous Courtney of Beerlicious (western hat)

The fabulous Courtney of Beerlicious (western hat)

3. The Brewmasters Series tent and other educational opportunities were smart and well received features of the fest. I finally got to meet Roger of Thirst For Knowledge at this tent before his highly informative and fun Beer 101 class.

4. Meeting the other Grilling Tent personalities like Christian Pritchard, Matt & Hugo of Rock Lobster Food Company, Jeremy Parsons, Afrim of the Cheese Boutique, as well as Ted Reader. What a great bunch of fun loving, flavor loving, passionate beer and food folks.

5. The fest guests were all robustly having a grand time! Thanks to those who sat in on my session, the last one on the last day and shot me questions from the floor. I always say the guests make the party and I mean it. Shout out to Lisa & Steve whom I met in the Series session.

Bouyant and very fun Christian Pritchard

Bouyant and very fun Christian Pritchard

6. The host hotel, The Gladstone, was a funky and fun place to stay, assisted by Kalvin and crew. It was easy walking distance to the fest to some exercise to and fro was ideal to see more of the neighborhoods of Toronto.

What a thrill! I sincerely hope to return next year. Toronto has much to offer, beer wise, food wise, and people wise. Thanks Beerlicious and everyone who made the visit for WEB all the more eye opening and delicious.

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Celebrating Your Home

I’m so happy to have the pleasure and honor of being the Beer Contributor for Your Home with Karie Engels. Karie focuses on enjoying Your Home, whatever, wherever, and however you create the environment in which you live.

Cheers to Your Home!

The very idea that it’s your home is an inviting one. The site is loaded with engaging, tasty and fun ideas and thoughts adaptable to how you live.

Here are a few of the posts we’ve contributed recently. I hope you enjoy them. Cheers ~

While you’re there, be sure to peruse Vine Buzz with Jack Chase as well – he’s got tuns of tasty information to share about wine as well.

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Do This To Learn More About Beer

1. Go to a wine tasting

2. Attend a cheese tasting

3. Take a sensory class at a local brewery

Enjoy it. All of it! Cheers -

Enjoy it. All of it! Cheers –

4. Smell more of what you put in your mouth

5. Ask others what they taste, talking about what you taste too

6. Buy a food or meal out that you’ve never had before

7. Get a trusted friend to help you eat blindfolded or with a listening deadening device

8. Smell trees, plants, flowers, foods, beverages and anything else you wish without tasting them

9. Challenge yourself by naming every smell, aroma, taste and flavor you can – even if it’s “not quite right”

10. Read about flavor, food & drink

11. Attend a local homebrew club meeting

There are so many ways to engage in life. What we enjoy gustatorily is an enormous gift. Make time to savor. Everything.

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Welcome Diane, Colorado WEB Representative

We’re very pleased – downright tickled beery! – to welcome Diane Gaston to the WEB team.

Welcome Diane!

Welcome Diane!

Diane’s been the Captain of the Women Enjoying Beer booth at the 2011 & 2012 Great American Beer Festivals and recently has happily joined us as our Colorado State Representative.

In short: Diane’s a diplomatic and very energetic beer enthusiast with a sharp intellect and easy laugh. She’s whip sharp and is equally excited about to be part of the growth of WEB.

Please join me in welcoming her to the family. You can reach out to her at for Colorado focused WEB questions, festivals, events, and pursuits. Diane is actively developing our presence in the great state of Colorado and is happy to connect with other fun people in the beer community, consumers and professionals alike.

Cheers to Diane!

Other Team Members:

  • Emily Engdahl, WEB Events Director
  • Ginger Johnson, Founder, head Educator, Researcher, & Marketer