Celebrating Home: Contributing Beer Specialist

Cheers today to Karie Engels, creator and brilliant mind behind beautiful, flavorful and useful Celebrating Home.

Karie recently invited me to contribute to the beer side of Celebrating Home and I enthusiastically embraced the opportunity. Why? Don’t I have ‘enough’ to do?

Cheers to Celebrating Home with Karie & Crew!

Cheers to Celebrating Home with Karie & Crew!

Well, yes and this is exactly the sort of contribution WEB is all about. Education, enlightenment and flavor. Encouraging people to celebrate their homes, whatever that is to every one, and with adaptability for those who wish to use the information proffered.

One thing I’m particularly looking forward to is meeting (and noshing and sipping with) the cohorts that Karie has brought together to help more people celebrate home:

Wow! Thanks to Karie and the great colleagues listed above.  ‘Til we raise a glass….

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What Sitting In The Front Row Will Teach You

As much as I can, I head to the front row of any conference, talk, presentation and seminar. I find that I tune in best in those spots – I “lean in”, as Sheryl Sandberg would also say. If I’m a few rows or tables back, the fascination of people watching can impede my hearing so I head to the front.

Front rows teach you to be a good attentive guest, to not fidget too much, to listen, to give the presenter the full respect they deserve. It teaches us to remember that giving of ourselves on stage allows others to learn, think, ponder, celebrate, grow and discuss.

One of my most recent front row seatings was at the Craft Brewers Conference held in Washington DC. At the opening Keynote Address and General Session, the rows are usually straight across, as were all the rooms I visited (a slight curve would serve the attendees better). Room layout has much to do with the efficacy of presentation to the audience and interaction of the presenter with the audience.

Blissing out at the CBC 2013

Blissing out at the CBC 2013

I like the front row also because to me being there in person is never replaceable by a screen, however large and simultaneous. The whole idea of going to a live talk is in large part the level of personal intimacy it offers: you can’t enjoy a concert from a recording as much as you can in person. And you’ll never get as much out of seeing the gestures, facial expressions, whole body movements, and supporting atmosphere remotely.

A few things that came from first the presenters live & in person:

Kim Jordan, New Belgium Brewing: Strengthen the bonds that make this a community, not just an industry.

Peter Bouckaert, New Belgium Brewing: 3 Ingredients in beer: Love, Experience and Creativity

Kim: Nurturing your happiness quotient feels right.

Peter (per receiving the Russell Scherer Award): [this is] the best place at the right time.

Another panel presenter offered this as well:

As partners, we’re putting everything on the line together.

Sitting in the front row affords you the most direct visual line to those giving of their time, expertise, humor and passions. As a presenter myself, I also very much appreciate the attentiveness and engagement of other front row sitters.

Why wouldn’t you sit in the front row? After all, like Sam Calagione says, we’re all blissed out!

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A Go/at To Cheese

Cheers to day to Cypress Grove Chevre for being a new partner in our educational pursuits. Thank you for the engagement. We’re already very glad to be partnered with Ninkasi Brewing as well.** And beer and cheese are 2 gustatory delights that all of us at WEB fully enjoy.

They have a lot in common too:

  • They’re both alive (ideally not pasteurized)
  • The flavors of both change as they age (for better or worse, if left too long)
  • They’re both versatile, infinitely flexible in uses and great to share

While I could go on, I’ll let this quote say it another way.

Happy enjoyers Barbara, Judy, Ginger & Frank at the WEB Ribbon Cutting & Greeters 3/15/13

Happy enjoyers Barbara, Judy, Ginger & Frank at the WEB Ribbon Cutting & Greeters 3/15/13

At a recent event I hosted, my fine husband was serving beer and managing the food table. The offerings included Humboldt Fog (and Truffle Tremor) by CGC and he heard these words uttered by an obviously very happy guest:

[Humboldt Fog is] “My favorite cheese in the whole world.”

While I shy away from stating favorites, clearly this person has passion for the brand compelled them to share their enthusiasm and gratitude for the plate of it in front of them.

So thanks Cypress Grove and guest! It takes two to taste and we’re so glad you enjoyed it.

Here’s the full menu, per a morning Ribbon Cutting & Chamber Greeters that WEB hosted (thanks to Louie’s for the gracious use of their space).

  • Cypress Grove Chevre Humboldt Fog & Truffle Tremor
  • Locally grown fresh red Bartlett pears and Gala apples
  • Nutty Squash Bread, Dill & Goat Cheese bread, & Chocolate Almond Bread – 2 of 3 made with beer
  • Standing Stone Brewing Company Chocolate Ale, Amber, Brewers Surprise & Oatmeal Stout

**Open offer to other purveyors of fine beer and food who are interested in partnering with us: There’s always room for one more good one! Be in touch.

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ABC’s of Women, Beer and Food: Letter X

To find words that begin with the letter X is interesting to say the least. As it happens, I’ll give you some insight: Urban Dictionary (found here) has a cool site, which is where I ‘found’ the X word today – Xanthuse.



Although UD doesn’t offer pronunciations, and Dictionary.com doesn’t have the word registered though they have this similar word, I’d posit that it’s a zee beginning sound. Any word specialists who can help us here – chime in!

In any event, I chose it after scrolling through and reading several x word definitions. One meaning of Xanthuse = “to say, utter or exclaim something in delight or surprise.

Seems a perfectly delicious word to choose in reference to beer and food. Both of these necessary and highly sensory oriented experiences should be delightful. Surprising sometimes? Yes! That’s part of the true joy of enjoying beer and food.  Explorers would have nothing if not for being surprised at what’s around the next corner, what’s in that glass, and what’s on the plate.

Seek out something today that makes you xanthuse. And while it may not enter common vernacular, like beer and food, it’s the unusual and unexpected that create memories.

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International Women’s Day Every Day

It’s officially International Women’s Day!!!!! It comes around every year and is reason to celebrate the women and females in your life and the lives around us. Every where.

We all must work on making gender a moot point by simply making sure we’re looking with an equality lens in each and every transaction, conversation, and action.

Celebrate and elevate the women and females in life.

Celebrate and elevate the women and females in life.

Did you know…

…that Feminism means “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.”

…that there are still labels that choose to use sexualization to try to sell products, rather than focus on the merits of the products? American brewers of all sizes need to take this day to re-examine their labeling. Support brands that feature the quality and benefits, not boobies and skin.

…that it’s been studied and proven over and over again that when there are relatively equal numbers of women and men participating in society on an equal footing, the society is healthier, more productive, kinder and much more humane, diplomatic and egalitarian.

…quotas of gender aren’t the answer nor the solution. Internalizing until it’s instinct will unconsciously help us in taking action to equalize with positive change.

Write a note or letter to a female you care about today. Someone you admire and who inspires you in any way. It matters not that you know them or not: they’ll be inspired forward to hear from someone who finds them a mentor, an aspirational example and makes them go forward.

Gloria sums it up here: “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights”

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Travel Plans Abound

When people talk with us about Women Enjoying beer, we tell them we go all over the country because women and beer are everywhere. It’s true and makes traveling a joy.

Come see us, share a beer and say hello as we’re out and about this fabulous world of ours – here’s our Events Page.

Beer & Food comrades - Geoff & Ginger

Beer & Food comrades – Geoff & Ginger

It’s a day maker when someone comments on a jacket I might be wearing with our logo, when someone is passing on the freeway and pauses at the same speed to give a thumbs up, and when people simply smile and ask what it’s all about.

What it’s all about is women + beer. It’s also all about respect, education, knowing the world’s biggest market share, inviting a group previously not considered to be a significant part of the conversation. It’s about opportunity, not gender.

Yes, its women and beer. And it’s so much more. As I’ve said lately at my local Chamber gatherings, “because woman and beer are only the beginning.”

The goal for WEB is to shift culture positively. We engage with those who already respectfully acknowledge that women are full value members of society, with brands who don’t denigrate anyone and focus on quality, with those who may not understand the whole picture yet want to.

Some of the great folks we’ve worked with and for include:

  • Wynkoop Brewing Company
  • New Belgium Brewing
  • Lakefront Brewing
  • Doll Distributing
  • Louie’s Pub
  • Standing Stone Brewing
  • Heavy Seas Brewing
  • Boulevard Coffee (see, women are everywhere)
  • Southern Oregon Public Television
  • Old Chicago
  • Deschutes Brewing

And numerous other beer oriented businesses, suppliers, vendors, supporters and interested parties.

Liberty Bottles with WEB logo - thanks Brian!

Liberty Bottles with WEB logo – thanks Brian!

We’ve worked in homes for private parties, which is an excellent way to meet the consumers where they’re at. This is a tenant of WEB: to go to them, instead of expecting them to come to us. As it happens, the two-way street is wide open and we’re enthused and motivated by the many people who do in fact come to us first. In fact, it’s like a happy crowded intersection where great things are happening.

We’ve been to *whew* lots of festivals, from the terrific & well run, to the head scratchers. We’ll look to hit 35 – 40 this year and all suggestions of fitting fests are welcome and encouraged.

Some of the best run ones we’ve participated in include:

  • Oregon Brewers Festival
  • Great American Beer Festival
  • Oregon Garden Brew Fest
  • Umpqua Brew Fest
  • KLCC Brew Fest
  • Zoo Brew
  • Big Beers, Belgian’s and Barleywines
  • Washington Brewers Festival

We’re also been part of and hired for many consumer focused events working with great folks like:

  • Ska Brewing
  • The Cheeky Monk
  • Twisted Pine
  • Fabric of Vision, Swig & Stitch series
  • Illahe Gallery
  • The Beer Mongers

And let’s be sure to mention that many events WEB enhances also give back to the community:

  • Science Works Brews & Boogie
  • Pear-A-Fare
  • + Many of the aforementioned festivals

I’d be remiss to leave out some businesses who are super supporters too:

  • Ninkasi Brewing
  • Briess Malting
  • Cypress Grove Chevre
  • Summit Beverage
James of Ninkasi, big WEB supporters, & Ginger -

James of Ninkasi, big WEB supporters, & Ginger –

We’re accessible and approachable, like phone calls and keep the info stream flowing. we welcome thoughtful discourse and constructive criticism. We extol and promote diplomacy – never snobbery or exclusion. Flavor, discovery, fun, open mindedness, community.

We’ve got a growing team of dedicated team members and will be working to increase their numbers this year as we grow into our fourth full year in business. BeerRadio adds a layer of fun edutainment each week as well, bringing you enlightening and enjoyable conversations with people all over the beer universe.

Thank you for all the support you give us in the form of communications, conversations, hiring us, samples and goods, word spread, festival attendance and participation, and general good will.

With gratitude,

Ginger, Founder

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What’s What at Wynkoop?! Beerdrinker Of The Year 2013, That’s What

Jen Schwertman, BDOTY Finalist 2013

Jen Schwertman, BDOTY Finalist 2013

This Saturday will witness the 2013 Beerdrinker of the Year Finals at Wynkoop Brewing Company. As usual, it’s all about building beer enthusiasm, ambeersadorship, adventure, tasting LOTS of beers all over, and sharing that love with others.

“These super beer geeks must have a deep understanding of how beer is made, its many styles and its importance in advancing civilization. They must have a vast array of beer tasting experiences and be shining ambassadors for the culture of fine beer.

The 2013 finalists will compete in the Beerdrinker of the Year Finals on February 23, at 2 PM, at Wynkoop Brewing Company. The event’s open to the public and admission is free.”

Marty Jones of Wynkoop, the driving force de beer of the event, has invited Ginger (yours truly) to be a finals judge this year. Sweet! So if you’ll be there, come say hello. As judges we ‘get’ to wear wigs and robes – rest assured I’ll have a few surprises up my roomy sleeve as well.

Everyone who enjoys beer should consider applying for this in the future. Here’s why:

  • Warren Monteiro, BDOTY Finalist 2013

    Warren Monteiro, BDOTY Finalist 2013

    Beer is universal

  • Being a beer drinker and ambassador is fun!
  • You’re bringing beer to life, shedding positive light on the entire idea of community and meeting new folks constantly
  • You get beer for life at Wynkoop when you win
  • You’re home beer bar gets to make a big deal out of it – as they should for all finalists and winners

As educators, researchers and consultants, we’re honored to be included in this very lively event that helps continue to elevate beer in America. Thanks, Marty!

Kevin Cox BDOTY Finalist 2013

Kevin Cox, BDOTY Finalist 2013

So get ready, celebrate in person – or if unable to join us, lift a glass in support and salute those who are willing to wear the crown for beer. Cheers to that, I say!!

p.s. if you want help in the resume process for 2014, be in touch. Tip sheet coming soon!

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ABC’s of Women, Beer & Food: Letter R

Ready? Yes, when beer’s ready, its delicious, properly fermented, moved to serving tanks or packaged for sale, and then on the way to being enjoyed. When food’s been grown, harvested, prepared and on the table, there’s few things more anticipated and enjoyed.

Beer & Food need time to be 'Ready'

Beer & Food need time to be ‘Ready’

Today’s letter is R as in Ready. Ready as in the time it takes to plan, nurture, gather, serve and fully savor beer and food. Being ready takes both motivation and patience. Motivation to look at the entire processes and follow them through to an appropriate completion.

Green Beer, if you’ve ever heard that term, means that the beer is immature which is not desirable. Immature beer has not fully completed its own journey on the way to offering you the best it can be in your glass.  Astute brewers, pro and home, know that while it’s tough to be patient sometimes, it’s best for the beer. To push through a beer that’s still green can have not only less than stellar basic experiential results, it can punish the rest of the batch.

Food’s the same way. Why harvest too early? Let things mature at the rate that helps the fruits of our labors develop and best take advantage of the elements that will lend to a delicious result. Cooks who are patient will reap and be able to share incredible flavors the fully ready food will afford our senses.

Ready? Plan, nurture, execute, enjoy. All while being patiently motivated.

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2012 GABF Media Luncheon Musings

With a nod to the new year and Julia, I want to reflect on the 2012 GABF Media Luncheon menu today. It’s a piece of paper that I keep and read periodically with fondness and a Pavlovian-like mouth-watering response upon reading it.

Table set up at the GABF Media Luncheon

As we start into a new year, we want to continue to encourage all eaters of drink and food to explore, expand and change your own boundaries of what beer and food together can do.

The Luncheon had 6 delicious courses, all featuring at least one beer with the foods. Ready for this?

Welcome: Paparazzi Pale, brewed by Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program, Brewers Association & Brainless on Peaches, Epic Brewing

Appetizer: Braised Pork Belly paired with Telegraph Brewing Company’s California Ale.

Intermezzo: Pumpkin Sorbet made with Breckenridge Autumn Ale paired with Vida y Muerte by 5 Rabbit Brewery

Entrée (carnivore): Colorado Lamb Shank braised with Odell Cuttthroat Porter paired with La Cumbre Elevated IPA and Catawba Valley Le Saison Noire

Dessert: Apple crepes paired with Flying Fish Exit 4 and Maui Brewing & Dogfish Collaboration Liquid Breadfruit beer

Cheese Course: Buratta paired with Founders Blushing Monk

Pure deliciousness!

Thanks the Saints of the Tastebuds!!! Everything was interesting to try, some courses resonated louder than others – all of it was very well done by the host and hotel kitchen staff.

I’m always appreciative of being able to attend the luncheon for a number of reasons. First being that I can and do pass this information forward – continuing the education of beer, beer and food, and experience that we can all benefit from. I also seriously look forward to seeing so many friends and colleagues at this luncheon. And as an avid cook myself, it’s a great stimulus for my own pursuits…which invariably make it into our presentations, this site and various other edutainment outlets.

So this year make a pledge to yourself to try, try and try again. The best case scenario is you learn a lot. The worst – you get to try again! Cheers ~

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ABC’s of Women, Beer & Food: Letter I

Intensity: “a high degree of emotional excitement; depth of feeling.”

Do you have an intensity about beer? Do you think about it a lot? Are you one with passionate feelings about beer and your relationship with it? Do you know intensity is one of the primary matching characteristics in successfully matching beer and food? And what else are you intense about?

Intensity is a perfect word to include today as Marty Jones and myself (Ginger) have been talking about ways to engage more people in the submission of resumes for the Beerdrinker Of The Year contest.

Do you have to have had 10,000 beers? No. Do you have to have a sense of diplomacy and beer ambassadorship? Yes. What else should you think about as you submit?

The unsinkably enthusiastic and sharp Marty Jones, Wynkoop Brewing

Here are some notes Marty put together, guided by 17 years of the contest, his own brilliance in knowing what it takes, and to encourage EVERYONE who can fulfill the basic Submission Guidelines (link here) to do so before 12/31/12.

What makes a great Beerdrinker resume?Our contest seeks and honors the nation’s greatest beer fiends. People who understand beer’s history and its many styles, its importance to advancing civilization and raising the quality of life. People who serve as smiling beer disciples and bring others into our craft beer congregation.
So if you’re a person who proudly drains a 12er of mass market beer each night, you are not who we seek. 
Our resume criteria are straight forward. To enter the contest, applicants must submit beer resumes, and that resume must include the entrant’s beer philosophy, details on their passion for beer, and — very important — details on their 2012 beer drinking experiences. So beer consumption and tasting beers is part of it.

Resumes should also detail the entrant’s understanding of beer and its history and importance to civilization, along with the entrant’s efforts to educate others to the joys of great beer. So a wealth of beer knowledge is vital, along with some hearty beer ambassadorship.

The ideal candidate has a mix of all of these criteria. So our contestants are a rare and select group. Much like candidates for President of the US.
The great thing about our contest is the range of beery attributes of the winners. Some, their strong point has been that they are world travelers with lengthy beer checklists. Others have done little to no beer travel but made up for it with ambassadorship or beer knowledge. You can make the finals and win the contest without touring the planet or the US in search of beer.

Diane Catanzaro, 2007 Beerdrinker of the Year

Another important thing is a sense of humor. That can really help get a resume into the top 10 or three. We want a winner who is fun to drink with! So humor and wit are very valuable. A diehard beer zealot with a chip on their shoulder may reach the top ten. But if you take beer too seriously, you aren’t likely to win the crown.

We have two previous winners who are females, Diane Catanzaro and Cornelia Corey. We are very proud of that fact and of these two very beery women [Ginger knows Cornelia, is eager to meet Diane]. And each year we get a couple good resumes from women. But not as many as we’d like to see. Especially in light of the growing number of super beer-savvy women entering the craft beer congregation.
One of the goals of the Beerdrinker of the Year search is to redefine the term “beer drinker.” We want to change it to a term that reflects the passion and thoughtfulness that so many apply to their beer pursuits. For men and women everywhere.

So you have your marching orders! Get to it – give it a try. Some people apply multiple years and that’s great since practice and the pool changes everything as long as you’re moving forward.

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Beer Poetry Winner Announced!

With a nod and a pint to the inspiration of beer, the incredible Julia and this Craftbeer.com post, WEB decided to also encourage people to wax rhapsodic about beer. Here’s the invite that we posted.

ode to beautiful beer

Today I’m very hoppy to announce that Jeanne Core is our fine winner! In fact she’s a beer poet overachiever – she sent in two great pieces for us to enjoy.


ever tranquil brew / forgotten am i within / thy shimmering drop

another beer haiku…

joyful golden sip / oh beguiling infusion / delight me always

Many thanks to Jeanne for her contributions, as they delight us to be sure! Watch for Jeanne to be making a continued positive impact in our beer community in the years to come.

May all your beers be delicious and inspirational too ~

p.s. a nice compilation by Jay Brooks too – read more beer poetry here

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ABC’s of Women, Beer & Food: Letter H

One of the four primary ingredients in beer is today’s featured letter: Hops!

Hop bines just before harvest

Hops or hop, depending on who or whom you ask, is the cone flower bearing plant that’s included in beer making to add flavor, aroma or both as well as stability in beer (read this). It’s an extraordinary plant to witness live. Growing on bines 18 to 20 feet in the air, spiraled around their supporting lead, all the way up to the sky!

Have you been to a hop farm before? Do you grow hops at your home? Have you ever smelled or rolled fresh picked hops in your hands, still sticky and damp? It’s ethereal.

Hop plants started getting used in beer following Gruit and is widely used globally in beer production (with a few exceptions). Here are a few more hop terms to increase your vocab.

The connection with beer and food here is that hops can accent different foods differently. Think of the crisp bite of a well balanced beer and how it pairs deliciously with cheeses, can liven up a mild dish and can mellow out a hot and spicy one.  Like any ingredient, the hop profile will best complement food when intensity is matched.

This fragile ingredient must be either used almost immediately after harvest from the hop yards or dried as a whole cone flower or pelletized for storage. Cold is needed to best preserve this beer beauty as with any agricultural crop, it starts to degrade as soon as it’s picked.

The hop farmers and growers are some of the most hospitable, smart and thoughtful people I’ve encountered in the beer community. Some exclusively grow hops, some grow other complementary crops. You can learn more by visiting the American Hop Museum too – check it out!

Gayle Goschie of Goschie Farms, Nancy Frketich of OR Hops & Ginger at the Goschie Farm, 2011

Support your local hop grower if you have one. Support your own hops should you choose to plant and grow them. They’re rhizomes and spread in the right setting so plant them accordingly (read: provide LOADS of room to climb and spread). They make great sun shade on a South facing rise, properly trained with twine.

One tip colleague Gayle Goschie, of multi generational Goschie Farms told me in growing my own: when you see the heads popping up in the spring time, cut them off – behead them. If you let them grow in that first blush, you’ll get lots and lots of leaves, which takes energy away from the flowers. Beheading them forces the plant to regenerate and send up more efficient bines focused on flower production. So if you want leaves, let them grow. If you want cone flowers, behead them.

While I can go on and on about hops, I’d also share that there is a growing faction of hop education opportunities. One example: I was invited to attend Hop & Brew School by HopUnion in Yakima Washington last September. What a fabulous treat and a big eye opener! Great people, passionate, plugged in, and passing the information forward. All to the end benefit of high quality hops in the beer we enjoy.

My glass is up today to hops and more especially the growers, farmers, brokers and researchers of hops.

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Beer Workshops Enhance Culinary Festivals

What a flavorful time! Last weekend we conducted workshops focused on beer at a local culinary festival. It’s a terrific opportunity to bring beer to life and we poured it on.

What makes workshops a success?

1. Guests. When sign up is optional and you have to pay for it, buy in is more proactive. We had the pleasure of having some repeat guests Sunday that has also attended the workshop Saturday. All the guests, one time or repeat, were engaged, curious and fun loving.

2. Host. The host and sponsor, Standing Stone Brewing Company, was gracious and accommodating. Rachel, Events Coordinator, is always a pleasure to work with and the side room where we had the events is cozy and bright.

3. Menu. Beer on Saturday, Beer and Food on Sunday. The brewer at SSBC is highly focused on cleanliness and sanitation, leading to delicious quality beer. The paired foods matched nicely from the brewpub kitchen and we’re nicely presented.

The local Chamber is the organizing body and they did a thorough job of taking care of reservations, fees, advertising, marketing and the actual Festival location and logistics. Kelsey, our primary contact, was on top of details, checked in a few times during the fest, followed up on the workshops and was easily available from the beginning conversation to the end of the event. This is key: have someone who has experience do the organizing.

Here are the menus we enjoyed:

  •     Mmmmm! Ahhhhh! Learning to Smell & Taste Your Beer Saturday 11/3/12: Wildcraft (special batch), Galaxy (seasonal), Double India Pale Ale/IPA (house), and Stout (house)
  •     What A Pair! Learning to Pair Beer & Food Together Sunday 11/4/12:
  •     Double IPA with Crater Lake Blue Cheese, fresh red pears, and light vinegar base purple coleslaw
  •     Oktoberfest (seasonal) and Amber (house) with Bratwurst and braised vegetables
  •     I Love Oregon (house) with New England Clam Chowder
  •     Wildcraft Ale with Stir Crazy chocolate cake, whipped cream and drizzle

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Saturday Support

It’s Saturday. What are you planning to do?

One great thing to do for yourself and the greater community at large is to get some friends together and get to a local brew fest.

Get your beer fest on!

We’ll be at the 3rd annual Umpqua Brew Fest today doing our part.

Here are a few sites to help you find one in your area.

Remember!!! Homebrewers love to throw a party too – be sure to check the American Homebrewers Association calendar here too.

There are myriad resources – so search the net, the newspaper, your beer magazines, the app of choice and get your beer on ~

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Descending on Denver

Are you also either in Denver or Descending on Denver, Colorado USA this week? There’s much ado about beer happening in that mile high city this week.

If you see the WEB van on the road, honk & wave!

We’re happily busy with all kinds of things – check out our schedule surrounding the Great American Beer Festival (GABF).

Highlights will include:

  • Thank the Saints! 10/9, 7 – 9 pm, The Cheeky Monk, Colfax Location, Denver CO. Premier Women’s Only event. Call them for tickets.
  • GABF – we’re booth 135, here’s our line up. Come see us! We’ve got a full line up of goods & goodies to treat yourself too (they make splendid gifts too)
  • Twisted Tastes event, 10/13, 930 – 11 am, Twisted Pine Brewery, Boulder, CO. Delicious event open to all (over 21). Call them for tickets.

We’ve got gobs of great industry & media things on the agenda too, thanks to various hosts including the Brewers Association, Visit Denver and other beerific folks.

See you soon at Booth 135 and all the others!

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On The Road…

WEB decals now grace the van too!

You may see a ‘new’ WEB vehicle crossing part of the country in the next two weeks. If you tuned into our Home Free Tour at all, then it won’t be an all together unfamiliar site: A 2000 Honda Odyssey is now in the employ of the company as we travel to festivals and events.

When you encounter it, honk and wave heartily! We love to see the friendly folks on the roads.

Till we stop together at a red light, parking lot, or beer fest – cheers!

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Feeling Cheeky? Thanks The Saints!

Do you enjoy flavorful beers – I mean reeeeaaaaaaly chock full of changing flavors as they roll into your mouth, across your lips, onto your tongue, around your mouth, and then finally down your throat?

Then you MUST join us Tuesday 10/9 at The Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Cafe for our event ‘Thank The Saints!’ It’s the delicious kick off event for GABF week at The Cheeky Monk and we’re stoked to be there to help edutain guests and enjoy a number of very delicious Belgian Beers.

As a style, Belgians are a go-to for me. My introduction to Belgian beers happened in Montana at the Harvest Moon Brewing in Belt, outside of Great Falls. They make a “Beltian White” which was perfect after a day of skiing at the local hill, Showdown, with friends.

The funny thing is that when I started learning about beers a few years later, I thought the style was ‘Beltian’, not ‘Belgian’. The only joke was the clever name and I was educated shortly thereafter by a friend in the brewing business.

I like them because they are incredibly flexible with pairing with foods, they are ever changing, and the layers of flavors are second to none.

Call to register today – as this event will surely sell out soon! See you then, there ~

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Twisted Tastes With Beer & Food

Of the many flavorful going-ons during next 2 weeks, the Great American Beer Festival, Denver Beer Fest, and Women Enjoying Beer all have much afoot.

One we’re highlighting today is Twisted Tastes – WEB is partnering with Twisted Pine Brewing in Boulder Colorado to temp, enlighten, and teach about beer and food together.

Twisted Pine Brewery

Celine Cooper, Twisted Pine’s Events Coordinator, tells us this:

“Here at Twisted Pine we seek to drive innovation and experimentation in our brewing process while taking care of our community and environment. We deliver a refined, unpasteurized product to our friends and neighbors while serving our community and utilizing ethical business practices. After all, brewing isn’t rocket science- its something far more important.”

Cheers to that I say! This event is open to flavor loving women and men. Get your tickets here – now’s a good time since it’s sure to sell out.

BONUS: We’ll be drawing 2 names of paid registrants (for the 10/13 event) next Monday to win General Admission GABF Tickets!! If you’re after great flavor, register by 10/7 to join us for the Twisted Tastes AND be in the running for tickets (2 sets of 2 will be given away by WEB). Winners will be notified by phone 10/8 and must confirm within 24 hours or the tickets will be given away to someone else.

I’m especially looking forward to the course that features Billy’s Chilies (thanks to Justin for the heads up on this beer).

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