Labor Day Thanks 2012

My sincere thanks today those who labor for Women Enjoying Beer….

1. My Fine Husband – while he isn’t an ’employee’, there’s no denying his unflagging support, listening, input, and pride. Our girls (canine supervisors & comic relief) are also a big part of keeping it all real.

2. Mike Sansone, long time friend, coach and all things online advisor and consultant. Mike’s unflagging support, both professional and personal, are ultra appreciated and humbling.

3. Emily Engdahl, WEB Events Development and friend. Emily’s talents and intelligence has been a huge addition to our progress and my enjoyment this year. She’s Emcredible.

4. Kat Blaisdell, WEB Local Events Calendar Coordinator and friend. Kat’s the meow and I’m thankful to have her self motivation, smarts and passion on board.

5. Meghan, Shauna, Sarah, Diane, Caitlin, Jenica, John, Carson, Lisa, Rob, James, Marti, Chris, Charlie and so many others who have and continue to support and contribute: Heartfelt thanks! Every effort adds, adds up and moves us forward in our mission: To shift culture through research and education.

Thank you!

To all our Facebook followers, Twitter followers, website commentors & readers, festival and events supporters, professional friends, media and press support, and family: THANK YOU.

Finally today, with great heaps of gratitude, thank you to the female and male consumers who talk with us, participate in research development unselfishly, tell us “Right On!” over and over again, and let us represent what you want and think about beer. It’s always a day maker to meet you – keep the love coming.

Cheers & a very happy holiday to all ~

Ginger, Founder, Women Enjoying Beer

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Toast to Beer

Cheers to people like George, enjoying beer!

Here’s the toast we gave at the Bite of Oregon Chef Stage sessions we lead earlier this month.

“Here’s to beer, wherever you may find it –

Here’s to those who make it, serve it, and write about it –

Here’s to friends known and future with who to enjoy it with –

And here’s to you America – for the freedom and opportunity to make, explore, and savor beer in our communities – Cheers!”

Make up your own toasts at opportune times, from the hip is good, to celebrate beer.

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WEB & The Bite Of Oregon

Last weekend found us with a cast of thousands of food & beverage enthusiasts at the Bite Of Oregon. What a treat!

It’s a celebration of the culinary delights in both liquid and solid form that Oregon can call its own. Being the 29th year of the event, and the 40th anniversary of Special Olympics Oregon (SOOR) which the event benefits, I can tell you it was a pleasure to see it all come together.

We partnered with the SOOR to bring more beer to life. Specifically to help them connect with beer people: professionals, media and consumers. It was a super fun way to support and be involved in the effort – the crew we worked with was beerific too! Laura, Patty, Bjorn, Katie and the whole crew. Not to mention the other myriad workers, volunteers, vendors, and guests. We even had the pleasure of meeting one athlete who visited our booth. I loved finding out that roller skating is an Olympic event!

To recap, we were on the Chef’s Stage to edutain 3 times:

Saturday brought about ‘Got Beer?’ and ‘Good for what Ales you’ sessions. We helped the gathered audience get to know their beer, learning how to smell and taste it, talked about a variety of facets with terrific guest enthusiasts and professionals from the area, and extolled the virtues of beer.

Guest Enthusiasts

Emily, taking good care of the visitors to the WEB booth at The Bite Of Oregon 2012

We also had energetic audience members partner with the guests we invited, which added to the beery fun and learning. Thanks to Kris, Michelle, Christina, Shelley, Janey, and Buck for joining us on stage!

Sunday presented the finals of the “Think Outside The Pint” cooking with beer contest. As contestants Keri Bishop and Chelsea Miller took the stage and prepared their beer centric recipes, the audience was edutained by more guest judges.

Guests for this session were Sarah Barba of Fort George Brewery, David Schultz of Sysco, and Sam Reed of The Hop and Vine.

We appreciate everyone’s contributions in making the stage edutainment a success including the dishwasher Mikey, stage sound Jake, and stage area monitors Ruth and MaryAnn.

We’ll post the finalists’ recipes and lots of photos in the days to come.

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Malt of the Earth People

Annette of Throwback Brewery (l) & Bernadette of Breiss (r)

As a fan of beer, ice cream and cool summer refreshments, I want to give a pints up today to one of the maltsters in America. Briess Malting has been around for a while and the entire team is quality, quality driven and the kind of people I like to hang out with.

Bernadette is my main line of communication. Every chance I get to see here it makes my day! She’s super helpful, always has time to talk, and is the ‘Salt of the Earth’ – or shall I say ‘Malt of the Earth’ – kind of person we all romantically envision as our friend.

In the vein of offering more education, please treat yourself to this page and read up about malt. What it is, where it comes from, and where it’s used in our modern lives.

In fact, make a malted beer shake then settle in to read all about it. YUM!

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WEB & Olympics: In Case You Thought Respecting Women Didn’t Matter

Read this. It’s a perfect example of WHY Women Enjoying Beer is around.

Cheers to sharp woman, Ms. Zoe Smith, 2012 Olympian

To shatter myths, like the fine and well spoken Ms. Smith stated.

To get people rethinking what roles a particular gender should take (answer: whatever they want that they’re capable of!).

To reinforce that YES – the beer community also needs this assistance in the form of our expertise and qualitative research findings to help the entire community progress, from consumer to brewer to importer to distributor to grower to manufacturer to…

Cheers to Zoe! We give a toss about respect, going after and accomplishing your dreams based on your guts and talents alone, not to be judged by empty headed critics.

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Think Outside The Pint

Help Emily & I make the contest a tasty success!

Do you think outside the pint? Do you cook with beer?

If you do, you’re in good and growing company. Having been on live TV recently with a local station on cooking with beer, I can tell you people are interested. We all have to eat, so make it fun and tasty. Adding beer to the ingredient list is a beerific way to utilize beer you may not drink otherwise. Think: end of the growler, flat, remains of a keg. AND it still has loads of flavor to offer.

We’re working with the Bite to help bring more beer community members to the contest table. So here’s your charge: Submit a recipe that uses beer as an ingredient. The link to do so is right here. It’s easy and quick and you get to also submit a picture so have fun with it!

Special Olympics/Bite Of Oregon Crew - great people, changing lives

It’s not a skills or knowledge based competition: it’s designed to be fun and get people involved in cooking with beer, all towards a great cause: Special Olympics Oregon. Being that it’s the 40th year is a big benchmark too. Helps us make the event even greater!

Submit today!!! (the due date was actually over the weekend and we’ll take more submissions this week)

What a tasty and effective way to further integrate beer into our lives, celebrating in moderation and with your community, creating opportunity for more of us all over.

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Women + Beer Advance: Postponed

We’ve put the inaugural Women + Beer Advance on hold.

Being culture shifters, ground breakers and change agents is a lot of plowing new territory. While some may see the vision, more do not and need to be lead to it. Constantly. And the message delivered over and over and over. Thank you to those who get it.

Have you seen the light yet of women + beer?

We will reschedule the event, most likely in early 2013 so be on the look out. Our sincere thanks to the professionals who were supporters:

Briess Malting, New Belgium Brewing, Dogfish Head Brewing, Roy Farms, Hop Union, Ninkasi, 4 Daughters Irish Pub, Beerworks, Alamo Brewing, Lisa Morrison, Brewers Association, Larry Chase, Rogue Creamery, Alison Grayson, and GALS. As well as the registrants who now ‘get’ to wait for the rescheduling.

We’re not looking for sympathy, we don’t want “so sorry”. We want participants who want to shift culture with us. People who are willing, ready and able to dig in with this vision of changing culture through the vehicle of beer, for the whole of humanity. We understand the daily realities, budgets and limitations. That said, there are always ways to innovate and make things possible.

Some people think Women Enjoying Beer is only about women and beer. Or as some tactless and thoughtless and trying-to-be-funny people think “chicks drinking beer”. It has never been about that nor will it ever be. Anyone who takes 5 minutes to really try to find out what we’re about will understand that.

We have specialized in Women and Beer because it is totally new territory. We’re always moving uphill, never resting because there’s so much to do to level and equalize the participation of women in beer. Women at festivals get it – as do many men who visit us in fest venues as well.

The much more global message were sending out is this:

If we use women and beer to bring more people of all genders to the table to talk about something as universal and basic as beer, we can make progress in so many other ways as well. Beer is social, it brings people together. You don’t have to drink beer to enjoy it. The healthy economy driving sustainable multigenerational roots of beer is what brings people together.

Biergarten anyone? Look at it through that lens and you’ll see how what WEB does – research, education, marketing – can in fact change the world for the better.

We’ll settle for no less. Why should you?

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Perpetuating the Village Brewer

Well dressed Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge (flanking Ginger) at SAVOR 2012

The third of the 3 Salon’s Ginger moderated at SAVOR 2012 last weekend featured the fast growing Ninkasi Brewing beers with tasty cheeses.

Founders Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge shared engaging insight on how Ninkasi came to be, how they two of them connected to found this NW juggernaut and why the Village Brewer idea is so important to our American communities. 

Rest assured, the beers we enjoyed perpetuated a delicious session: Radiant Ale, Helles, and Helles Belles among them.

Be sure to savor your beers, wherever you may be. Pairing them with food is even more rewarding and an ideal scenario to strengthen and create friendships. Cheers!

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Allagash and Cowgirls

SAVOR 2012 brought the singular opportunity for American’s to truly relish in the incredible flavors of beer and food together. If you like beer, hopefully you also see the enormous value and potential of putting food with your beer. You create different flavors when the two are mingling in your mouth, which is a huge part of the fun exploration.

Rob, Ginger, and Adam savoring the moment

Ginger of WEB moderated 3 Salons this year – the 2nd of the 3 featuring Rob Tod of Allagash Brewing and Adam Smith of Cowgirl Creamery matching (you guessed it!) beer and cheese.

We lead the group through a very tasty flight of 5 high quality beers and cheeses. Rob and Adam shared insights on what making cheese and involves, how they got into what they do respectively and in general had a totally delicious time around the all American beverage of beer.

Support your local brewer and your local cheese maker. What a fantastic way to get to know each other and build compassion, diplomacy, and goodwill.

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SAVORING Oregon Beer & Cheese

If you were able to attend SAVOR last weekend, you’d know it was a tastebud heaven focused on American beer & matching foods. Delicious is what we’d call it!

Happy and accomplished brewers Larry of Standing Stone (l) and Matt of Oakshire(r) at SAVOR Salon 2012

Ginger had the pleasure of moderating a few Salons, added value special sessions, Friday night. As promised to the crowd, here’s the menu of the early session Friday June 8th.

Perfect opportunity to keep the elevation of beer moving forward. Ideal flavor exploration opportunity. Stunning setting (National Building Museum).

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Press & Media Inquiries & Guidelines for the Women + Beer Advance, 8/2 – 4/2012

We appreciate inquiries for media and press access to the Advance. Let me outline how it works for curious parties.

1. The Women + Beer Advance is a totally new idea, focusing on the female beer consumer, concentrated on education with premium special guests to enhance and increase value.
2. The Advance will be a singular opportunity for any media and press members to cover something completely fresh and innovative; hence a high value for you as well.
3. We’d need to know: How your presence serves the female consumer. Respect, education and women is what this Advance is about. We’d also need to know the numbers of the publications you’d be writing for to consider granting a reduced entrance: how many Twitter followers, Facebook followers/fans, web numbers, emails distribution list size and geographic area you cover.
4. We’re prepared to offer slightly reduced rate of the Early Bird pricing til 6/15 right now (Premium reg $325, regular $275): Premium = $275, regular $250. These will go up reciprocally 6/15.
5. We’d have a signed agreement of coverage in known and useful publications (online as well as offline possible) that benefit WEB and the consumers we’re serving. We’d also require previewing intended published materials directly related to the Advance to ensure accuracy as we’ve had some people be unfortunately sloppy and not careful enough (not editing). We’re not inferring anyone in particular is careless, yet most likely we simply have no track record of work. Guests of course have our highest priority and we’d have guidelines in place for any press interactions, including permission for images.
6. We’re plowing new ground here and not following any previous or existing model. That’s what we do and it’s working. Hundreds and thousands of women all across the country are responding and telling us, in no uncertain terms, that they’re glad we’re here to speak up for the Every Woman.
7. This is not a ‘regular’ anything (festival, events, dinner. etc.) hence the value is still high for press and media as is it for the other ‘regular attendees’. If anything it’s higher since this is how press and media can in turn help make their living.
8. All attendees come on their own dime. The Advance will include a few meals, yet all costs are theirs to cover (meals, room, drive/fly, parking).

In a nutshell: If someone would like to reap all the benefits of the knowledge and experiences the Advance offers, there has to be some give; hence our expectations.

These guidelines are what we’d expect in return for a reduced entrance price. Know we don’t discount anything ever so this would already be exceptional. If you’d like to entertain this offer for, let me know.

Cheers –


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What is Beer30?

Beer30 brings people together

WEB’s definition of Beer30:

  • Gathering with other people you want to hang out with, gathering over beer
  • Celebrating friendship, camaraderie, and community using the vehicle of the universal beverage of beer
  • Utilizing the fresh beers available to locals, pubs, taprooms, restaurants and garages all over the world to get people to gather and commune
  • Impromptu spontaneous beer30’s are best as they are pure examples of “Hey, let’s enjoy a beer together!”

Time to plot and throw your own beer30, whether at home, business after work, or at your place of beer business. Don’t Wait!! People are thirsty to get together around beer.

Cheers to spontaneous combeerstion, aka Beer30 ~

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More Ground to Break: Inaugural Women + Beer Advance

Women Enjoying Beer, an independent, consumer based research and education company based in Ashland, Oregon will host an inaugural Women + Beer Advance this August 2 – 4 at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford, Oregon.

This event offers an educational opportunity for women to advance their enthusiasm for beer, build connections with other women who enjoy beer, and to have fun while learning more about beer.

Tapping into their love of beer, Ginger Johnson and guest speakers will create a collaborative conference celebrating beer in all forms. Guests include Lisa Morrison (The Beer Goddess), an appearance by Julia Herz (Brewers Association), and a screening of The Love of Beer with documentary filmmaker Alison Grayson.

The Women + Beer Advance kicks off on Thursday evening, August 2, with a Beer:30 social (location pending).  On Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4, attendees will experience a wide range of social activities and educational seminars including Beer & Food Pairings, Recipes for Cooking with Beer, the Economics of Beer, Beer Tasting Exploration, a discourse on ingredients and how they are used to create beer, and a pub walk.

Premium and Regular pricing information is available here.

Join Ginger Johnson and the crew of Women Enjoying Beer at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford for these enlightening sessions.

Early registration is available through June 15 and regular registration up to the opening of the event at

For further information please contact Ginger Johnson in Ashland, Oregon at  or 515-450-7757 or Emily Engdahl in Portland, Oregon at  or 503-502-1689. To place it on a local calendar contact Kat Blaisdell at

This press release and other media information can be found at

Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) is in the business of developing and serving the female beer consumer.  WEB partners with the beer industry to help it grow by authentically and accurately marketing to the female beer enthusiast.  WEB also works with women directly to encourage their beer enthusiasm.  WEB does this work through marketing, focus groups, workshops, and events.  For more information about Women Enjoying Beer and its focus on prime opportunities, please visit or

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A Few More Statistics

A few of the incredible professional beer community members

Because we study and gather qualitative psychographic data, it’s interesting to read quantitative stats. Fascinating!

  • As of March 2012, there were 1,989 operating breweries in the USA.
  • American small and independent breweries provide well over 100,000 jobs. Think of the end number when you add the large brewery employees!
  • The small and independent breweries produced somewhere in the range of 11.47 million barrels in 2011.
  • Over 4000 beers were entered in the 2012 World Beer Cup competition, which included 95 styles from 56 countries judged by 215 from 29 countries.

To celebrate our American Beer landscape, look for festivals, events and other beer related goings on. WEB is involved in many focused on fun education. If you’ll be at SAVOR June 8 & 9 2012 in Washington DC, be sure to look for us there.

Stats courtesy of Brewers Association

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Glassware Studio And Beer


gorgeous hand blown Gathering Glass globes

Gathering Glass hosted the Women Enjoying Beer Monthly meet-up last night with a full house in attendance. Keith and Scott, the studio owners and operators, were very welcoming helpful and glad to enjoy tasting the beers and foods on the menu.

A little background: We met at a glass blowing studio because Keith and Scott generously donated 30 hand blown ornaments for a fundraising festival we were part of last year. Bringing almost 30 women to the studio to learn about them, beer glassware and do our usual tasting of 4 beers + foods was a natural fit.

LOTS of questions were asked, most we were able to cram in, some will wait until next time. There’s so much to share about beer and to have a unique host location spurs even more curiosity, which is a big part of learning.

There’s never a lack of engagement, questions, and fun at these events. If you’re a business that could benefit from a lively group of women visiting to learn about beer on a regular basis, call us. We can help you set it up for success from the start.

If you’re a female consumer who enjoys learning about beer, seek these opportunities out. We realize there are still too few to satisfy and recognize (with full respect) that women want to know more about beer. That said, ask your local establishments to put them on. Smart businesses will react.

There's Moylan's in that glass!

Here’s the menu we enjoyed:

Moylan’s generously provided beer (Thanks so much!) for the evening and we mapped out the 4 choices. As far as food went, we suggested some things from the strolling “pick the goodies you want” selection and encouraged them to mix, match and discover as well.

Beers tasted:

  • Tipperary Pale Ale
  • Dragoon’s Dry Irish Stout
  • Ryan Sullivan’s Imperial Stout
  • Old Blarney Barleywine

Having both a ‘regular’ stout and an imperial was a particular bonus. We had one after the other and attendees could experience them very close together, which is an effective learning technique.

Foods available:

Mixed nuts, yogurt covered raisins, mission figs, black licorice bites, (dried) veggie chips, animal cookies, dried cranberries, dark chocolate malted milk balls, Wasabi peas, fresh french bread, and cheeses (medium cheddar, Monterey jack, Cojack, provolone).

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Welcome to Emily Engdahl

We’re thrilled and ecstatic (yes, really!!!) to have Emily Engdahl onboard with Women Enjoying Beer. Suffice it to say Emily’s fire, diplomacy and great enthusiasm for beer and education are a beerfect fit all around.

She’s dug into the landscape of WEB Events Development StormTrooper with great energy and zest. We’re extremely grateful and happy. Thanks for joining the business of changing culture, research, and education for WEB, Emily.

photo by Sara Szatmary

Here’s a bit more about her:

    Emily Engdahl joins WEB with 13 years of experience managing a small business dedicated to the elderly and mentally ill.
    In addition to her wide range of event coordination, conflict resolution, mediation, organizational and financial management skills, Emily’s communication and marketing experience couple with her love of beer and community for a dynamic and enthusiastic addition to our team.
    Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Emily is an avid artist, writer, and voracious reader who enjoys homebrewing, plotting her mini-farm, freelance graphic design, and making people laugh.

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31+ Women To Celebrate on International Women’s Day

Do you know 31 females that you can celebrate?

I can think of dozens, all for different reasons, in many different facets of familiarity.Some I know well, some less so, some not yet (and would like to share a beer with for sure).

Here are some I celebrate today, International Women’s Day, in no particular order, with plenty more where these came from….

Is that more than 31?? So what…I could go on.

Now you – go on. Make your own list.

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Oregon Chocolate Festival: 1st Ever Beer & Chocolate Pairing

Women Enjoying Beer presented the first ever Beer & Chocolate pairing session at the 8th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival held last weekend in Ashland, OR. Our gracious and enthusiastic hosts, lead by the famazing Karolina, made being a presenter and vendor easy and fun.

Thanks to the guests who enjoyed an hour’s worth of lively tasting, conversating and questions. We featured 3 flavorful West coast beers matched with 3 delicious local chocolate makers.

Judging by the enthusiasm of the attendees I’d say we had a big success on our taste buds.

Many thanks to the generous supply of beer from the brewers and Lark’s Restaurant in the Hotel as well as the chocolate companies. The Hotel staff and volunteers from SOU were a big help as well.

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March Is Women’s HerStory Month

Celebrating IWD at Louie's 2011

Find and highlight 31 reasons to celebrate Women’s Herstory Month – it starts today!!

And International Women’s Day is Thursday March 8th. Show women they matter by making a big deal out of it.

  • 31 Women and females you know and care about
  • 31 Influential female figures in your world
  • 31 Attributes women bring to the world
  • 31 Female homebrewers
  • 31 Female professional brewers
  • 31 Female beer professionals
  • 31 Women

You can do it. Women are doing it everyday.

p.s. International Men’s Day = November 19th

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Febrewary WEB Meet Up Menu

Last night we used our monthly WEB meet up to celebrate our 3rd anniversary, albeit a few months later than actual date. Really though, not a big deal.

Happy Anniversary!

What is a big deal is that after 3 + years of Women Enjoying Beer progress, it’s encouraging to still see new women in the community where I live ‘discover’ WEB and want to be part of it. More importantly they want to come back. And bring friends.

Here’s the menu we featured to celebrate last night:

This time I didn’t tell the group what their beers were before partaking, which lent a fun twist to the discovery. Without being about to put any preconceived brand notions on what was in their glass, they were more open-minded (although they’re pretty good about it as it is).

The groups always have Veterans and Rookies. So the combination of seasoned participants mingled with newbies is just as good as sampling new beer for WEB. We consistently hear the same discoveries, aha moments and the same patterns, every time.

Onward into year 4.

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