How On Earth Do You Pick Top Ten?!

May the new year take you to beer Infinium and beyond!

Me? I’d suffocate if I could only pick 1 or 5 or 10 of anything.

Favorite music on a dessert island? Ouch!
Favorite food? Uh-uh.
Favorite beer? Impossible – so many variables… standard answer = the one in front of me.

That said, Christian has done a nice job compiling a wish list here. While most beer is best fresher, there are some that get better with a bit of aging. Doing some quick premeptory research on any beers to see if it’s best fresh or aged will yield the answers you need.

Cheers to a flavorful 2011!

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Beer Dinner Pictures

Thanks to My Gal Kate for these great pictures from our sold out inaugural beer dinner with Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub this past Tuesday (here’s the menu we savored). Hopefully you get the very comfortable, inviting feeling of the wonder of beer, food, and good people all coming together.

Photos by Kate Parks

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Mt. Emily Ale House Visit

Today’s post is courtesy of Kate, my right hand at WEB. She and some of her family had the opportunity to visit Mt. Emily Ale House over the holidays. Read on!
Hi All,

We had our very own brewery tour at Mt Emily Ale House today, with Jerry as our guide. It was such a fun experience, and since Dustin [one of the tourees] is a very serious home brewer, he was especially on cloud 9. I took plenty of photos of tap handles, tanks, whiskey barrels, Jerry with green and yellow hand blown glass of beer. What a very passionate, genuine individual Jerry is!

One of the things we talked about in our conversation was a bit more lighting behind the bar (women like to be able to see everything, especially in a really cool setting like their place)

We even got to see his vault. The brewery building use to be a bank back in the day – early 1900’s I believe – which he has stocked with whiskey barrels waiting for sours to finish fermenting as well as a barley wine.

Just wanted to thank the crew at Mt. Emily Ale house for this hospitable holiday opportunity to get our own educational brew tour as well as a free sample of quality brew.


Kate Parks
Women Enjoying Beer

Photo courtesy Kate Parks

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Inaugural Beer Dinner Menu

Wow! Everyone at last nights inaugural Women Enjoying Beer & Kaleidoscope beer dinner event had a ball. Forty one people came to enjoy, learn, nosh, and savor beer and food together. And that they did!

Wes and the kitchen staff did a stellar number on the 5 courses, Amber and Elle were excellent servers, and our hosts were perfectly lovely. And of course – the guests make the party. Linens on the table, fresh (low profile) flowers accented the elevation of beer to the dinner table, and positive comments aplenty during the evening.

Here’s the menu we reveled in. When we get some pictures ready we’ll post them as well – because you know – a picture is worth a thousand tastes!

Course 1

Southern Oregon Brewing Pinup Porter paired with smoked salmon and caper spread on toasted baguette rounds with lemon juice, cream cheese, Tabasco, fresh cracked pepper and chives

Course 2

Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen paired with Tricolor salad made of mixed greens, walnuts, apples, Gorgonzola cheese, honey vinaigrette and cracked pepper, garnished with a solitary orange section

Course 3

Walkabout Brewing Jabberwocky Strong Ale paired with Cellentani pasta combined with Italian sausage, mushrooms, sauteed onions and garlic topped with Parmesan and basil

Course 4

Ninsaki Quantum Pale Ale partnered with Kaleidoscope’s signature offering – PIZZA! – an elegant pie with hand tossed delicious crust layered with said lightly fried eggplant, mozzarella, marinara topped with Parmesan and fresh basil

Course 5

Wyders Pear Cider – a total surprise for people – paired with an amazing pear simmered in honey, cloves, wine, star anise, and bay leaves, cooled and dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in almonds drizzled with pear syrup.

Incredibly scrumptious!! Many thanks to all who partook and enjoyed. When shall we do this again?

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Thinking of Beer and Food Together

Do your female beer customers know that beer and food go together? That they can complement and contrast? That it’s an easy thing to do, that they can pair beer and food with equal success ‘out’ and at home, economically or splurging?

Extolling beer and food together, highlighting and teaching flavor complementation and pairing will be enormously gratifying and will also help grow your sales.

Even if you think the beer dinner is (almost, maybe getting) passe, be sure to educate your staff and push that education forward to your female customers. All of them surely don’t know about the incredible diversity of the wonderful world of beer coupled with the fabulous universe of foods. And everyone can keep learning, no matter how much they may or may not know right now.

It’s a constant and tasty adventure – invite them all in to partake!

Here’s a video clip of WEB talking about pairing beer and food.

Educating consumers is critical to making your beer that you love and care about so much become that embedded in their thinking with food as well. Educating female consumers is even more earth shattering since they’ve been so long left out of the beer conversation (whether unintentional or not) AND they influence 80% of purchases across the board.

Women are viral sharers. When it comes to food here’s where the three – women, beer and food – combine. Women, beer & food. Stir, serve, repeat, reap.

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Oysters and Stout

Oysters and Stout for the holidays

Some folks have heard that oysters go well with stout. Others may have simply tried it already. Still others may say, “what are you talking about?”

Now I know what ‘they’ are talking about.

We were able to savor this rewarding combination Christmas Eve. It turned out to be a really nice mouthful. The lushness of the oysters is complemented very well by the mouth feel of a solid stout. To be specific, the stout was an oatmeal stout and the oysters were fresh on the half shell.

The key was that the beer was solid, no defects or off flavors nor anything but stout (no coffee, espresso, etc.) and the oysters were on the spot freshly shucked. Fresh + Fresh = Excellence.

What beer and food combination did you really delight in this holiday?

photo courtesy of Mike Sansone



Favorite Beer Books

If I had a Santa like allowance, I’d get lots and lots of books to feed my brain….

Maureen Ogle, Historian and Writer of Ambitious Brew

Here are a few of my favorite beer oriented books, all coincidentally by people I know and like and respect. A great gift this season indeed!

The books the Brewers Association puts out are all good – chock full of helpful information and insight. Michael Jackson’s books are also useful and well done too.

Let us know what your favorite beer oriented book is. You can pick more than one too.And we’d love to hear from consumers and professionals alike – fun to share who reads what and we’ll post the responses we get.

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Happy Holidays from Women Enjoying Beer!

The year end is almost upon us and it’s time we said  THANKS for your support and good will to all beer, women and men.
We see some pretty big things coming up in 2011 and are aiming high to take the momentum you’ve been a big part of building to offer all kinds of tasty and fun and new offerings. A few projects in progress include launching the value packed online WEB Bringing Beer To Life subscription, cooking classes featuring beer and food, and some travel adventures.

For the holidays we wish you well and ask that you help us continue to spread the word, far and worldwide to other beer enthusiasts – women and men alike. Engaging other friends, family and colleagues into the fascinating world of beer is what we’re all about and when you share, we all come out ahead. Thank you for being a part of it!

Plan on joining us at the upcoming events in mind:

WEB & Kaleidoscope event 1.11.11 (women & men), Medford OR

WEB monthly meet up 1.20.11 Boulevard Coffee, Ashland OR

WEB monthly meet up 2.10.11 Salon Isabella, Ashland OR

WEB monthly meet up 3.10.11 Standing Stone Brewing, Ashland OR

What we’d love in our stocking?

  • More engaged women to plug into the beer stream. Names and emails are greatly appreciated and they are always safe and secure. They can contact us here too.
  • Private events for personal fun, business reasons, annual events, and so forth. WEB adds a funtastic twist to a gathering.
  • Speaking opportunities for WEB  to get in front of groups to evangelize, educate and inform. Connections are gratefully received. Clubs & groups of all kinds – we’ll entertain them all!
  • Focus group hosts – easy, simple, and tons of fun. Let us know if you are willing to host one.
  • Your continued support. In addition to the regular events, we’ve got durable and smart Beer Gear available on the site here.

As always tell us what we can do for you, what you’d like to see, and all thoughts you have.

To leave on a festive note, here are a few links to Beer Carols we *ahem* altered for the season and a bonus video about beer & romance.

All our very best and warmest wishes to you and your dear ones May good health, fortune and peace be yours this season.

Ginger, Kate, Mike & Larry

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We Wish You A Hoppy Beverage Beer Carol

As promised, back by, well…ummm…, just back – is a second womanifestation of an erstwhile refashioned holiday beer carol. This one: We Wish You A Hoppy Beverage.

As before, sing along (you most likely know the tune) and share with friends. Like beer, song is meant to be spread around and enjoyed with others.

There you go – another reason to pour and lift a beer in celebration of the season. Cheers!

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Holiday Bonus For Your Consumers

So what are you doing for your consumers this holiday season? Hmmmmm? Not sure? It’s worth the investment even though it’s later in the game right now to think about it and still ‘do’ something.

Time for that Holiday Customer Bonus!

Here are a few somethings you can do to keep enticing, inviting, earning, and keeping your customers happy.

1. Give away free samples of your beer. Perhaps you do this already. It’s a breweries currency. If you do – great. If you don’t why not? Laws notwithstanding, if you’re a brewpub for example, have the brewer carry around samples of the latest seasonal/s to offer patrons during the busiest mealtimes. If you’re a taproom, offer a special holiday price (if possible). If you’re a brewery – advertise the heck out of free tours. The time invested and the product given away during this time of year especially will reap new year rewards. Set an amount to give away and stick to that – don’t break the bank, just give some to entice and thank.

2. Have a drawing, raffle, or otherwise give some goodies away. Old swag to move out? Give it away. New swag to  promote? Give a few pieces of it away to generate “I was the first one to get it” feeling. No swag? Give a brewery follow for the day, a private tasting with the brewer/y staff or owner, a sampler with each premium meal or keg they order. If you distribute, give six packs of your canned beer or bottles. Goodies come in all shapes, sizes, denominations and flavors.

3. Get people to your social media mechanisms by offering exclusive goodies via the Internet. Yes, Virginia, Social Media is not only here to stay – it’s a powerful tool for those who choose to tap into it. Simple is good. Don’t overburden yourself or your staff. Investigate, ask around, and choose 1 or 3 platforms that work for what you want and dig into them. If you don’t know who your “Mayor” is, get online and find out what I’m talking about. There are some extremely adept social media coaches out there too – and no, they aren’t necessarily the talent that designs websites. Hire them to help you find your voice just as you’d hire a plumber to fix your drain. These are two different things just like a lager is not an ale. Make it manageable and it’ll stick.

4. Want to really go big? Start offering a half pint serving of your beer on the regular choice line up. It’s a huge – HUGE – and easy step all breweries, taprooms and restaurants and bars can take to engage more people in your brew. More choice because of smaller servings, more turns since people want to try more, lower commitment to get people to try more of your beers, and so forth. While you’re doing this by the way – get proper glassware for it. You already know the shaker glass is the worst thing for your beer you’ve invested so much in. Give it a glass it deserves.

Ho Ho Ho! Now, off you go – Time to give them their year end bonus. The real bonus here is that you benefit too.

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Oregon Hops Growers Christmas Breakfast

Many thanks to the Oregon Hops Growers for the entirely lovely, tasty, and warm Christmas Breakfast held this past Saturday in Silverton Oregon. Here’s what was great about it.

1. The People. Hops farmers, supporters, brewers, and the entire surrounding community. What warmth, generosity, and genuine down to earth goodness. It just feels nice to be in their company.

2. The Venue. This being our first one, it was terrific. Seven Brides Brewing was the gracious hosts with full attention to the guests. Ken, Jeff and Josiah were all happily on deck to take care of people and the kitchen prepared a hot meal to enjoy. Am looking forward to enjoying more of the tasty 7B beers and seeing their future success.

3. The Possibilities. As far as WEB is concerned, the hops growers are people to emulate. And the possibilities therein for spreading beer education ala hops involvement is huge. We’re already looking forward to our first field trips (to hops growers) this spring and fall.

4. The Community. Silverton seems to be a tight knit we’re-all-in-this-together town. The beautiful poinsettias and Christmas cacti that were given as gifts and the wares given by others involved for door prizes put the icing on the hoppy cake.

5. The Sponsors. What goes around does indeed come around. I had no idea, until we went to our first Oregon hops growers event this past summer that this incredible group of people were ‘out there’. Now, I’m always looking forward to opportunities to interact and see what I can do for them.

So thanks to everyone present for a lovely holiday morning. Peace.

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Where's Your Third Place?

Where’s your third place? The one after your home and workspace, that you really look forward to heading and feel downright welcome, wanted and relaxed?

At Maude's for a Birthday celebration

I’ve had a few before and the search goes on in my new(er) home base. One of my most favorite recent third places is Aunt Maude’s. Another was Granite City (Sioux Falls), yet another ….well, you get the idea.

There may seem to be lots of choice, and it all depends on tastes, atmosphere preference, the others who frequent the joint and the staff and service level.

If you’re a business, who considers your place their third place? What are you doing to attract your regulars and keep them coming back? They will help you survive and thrive. They patronize you, spread the word farther than you could ever do with any tools, and really want you to succeed.

Be sure to treat people right. Whether you’re the consumer being served, the service staff, or the ownership. Taking care of business means taking care of people. Start with a passionate and motivated staff (both of which are your duty to recruit and keep developing) and then infect the patrons with that same enthusiasm, however overt or subtle it is.

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(More) Beer Carols For the Holidays

Get those jingle bells out and warmed up – Here are a few more Beer Carols!!

The first batch came out a few days ago – and if you really like them, send us an email here and we’ll shoot you a complete pdf file for you to use and recklessly share with others beer enthusiasts.

Cheers to beer this holiday

Savoring the Lovliness of Beer (Walkin’ In A Winter Wonderland)

Glasses ring – Are you list’nen?, In the house – dishes glisten.

A beautiful sight – tasty tonight – sitting down to savor life with you.

Gone away, is a stale beer. In my glass, is a fresh beer –

Make no mistake, I cannot wait – savoring the loveliness of beer.

Bubb-l-ing, bubb-l-ing (Caroling, Caroling)

Bubb-l-ing, bubb-l-ing, through the night – yeast is happy eating,

Fer-ment-ing, fer-ment-ing soon to drop – flocculation’s ceasing.

Mighty brew to beer I sing, tasty bev’rage soon to drink –

Please pour, one more – happy hoppy Christmas!

Down At The Brew’ry (Up On The Rooftop)

Down at the brew’ry, brewers sweat – working with their e-quip-ment,

Water and kettles and lots of hose – sure to brew up a beer that’s bold.

Mm! mm! Mm! What kind of brew. Mm – mn – mm – can I share with you-oo –

Down at the brew’ry, lots to do, watching the beer brew for me and you.

Photo courtesy of Mike Sansone

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Beer Carols for the Season

Hoppy Holidays!

Here are a with beer carols WEB has put together (with apologies to the original authors!). The group sang them at last week’s meet up with great enthusiasm.

We Wish You A Hoppy Beverage (We Wish You A Merry Christmas)

We wish you a hoppy bev’rage, we wish you a hoppy bev’rage, we wish you a hoppy bev’rage – and a growler to go!

Good drinking to you, with food and good cheer – we wish you a hoppy bev’rage, and another fresh beer!

We wish you a hoppy bev’rage, we wish you a hoppy bev’rage, we wish you a hoppy bev’rage – and a growler to go!

Jingle Beer (Jingle Bells)

Jingle Beer, Jingle Beer, Jingle all the way – Oh what fun it is to drink, a fresh craft beer today – hey!

Jingle beer, jingle beer, jingle all the way – Oh what fun it is to pair a beer with food today.

Dashing through the store – in an almost open run, With my cart in front – looking for the beer.

Bells at cashier ring, making buyers glad – Looking for that perfect beer to give my mom or dad. OH!

Jingle Beer, jingle beer, jingle all the way – Oh what fun it is to drink a fresh craft beer today – hey!

Jingle beer, jingle beer, jingle all the way – Oh what fun the holidays are, only days away!

Brewer, You Wondrous Brewer (Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer)

Brewer, you wondrous brewer – have you any beer for me?

I have been good this whole year, and I’d like to taste your beer.

Brewer, fantastic brewer – is your beer on tap in draught?

Thinking about it thrills me, makes my mouth start watering.

Tell me please if I can have – one of your fresh beers. If you pour one up for me, you’ll sure bring me to tears.

Brewer, you wondrous brewer – let me tell you once again –

Thanks for this tasty beverage, can’t wait to share it with my friends!

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Hoppy Holidays Event with WEB

Sample glasses for tasting beer

Here’s the menu we enjoyed at last night’s monthly meet up at the Lovely Lithia Springs Resort & Gardens, featuring Taylor’s Sausage and beers from Summit Beverage.

  • Course 1Ninkasi Sleigh’r with Taylor’s BBQ links cooked with home made ketchup
  • Course 2 Dick’s Brewing Best Bitter with Taylor’s Swedish Potato Sausage cooked with olive oil and a bit of sugar
  • Course 3 Anderson Valley Boont Amber with Taylor’s Hot Italian Sausage cooked with fresh garlic, salt & pepper
  • Course 4 Great Divide St. Bridget’s Porter with Taylor’s Smoked Chicken & Apple Sausage simmered in apple ginger jam, cinnamon and cloves

    Engaged revelers and learners at WEB

We sang a beer carol after each course, everyone got to pick a wrapped present and we learned more about the beers, foods, and each other. (Beer carols to be available soon!)

It was so much fun that one of the regulars brought a ditty to share entitled “Beer or Water”. She read it aloud to much uproarious laughter and then on to more beer.

And that, my friends – is what the hokey pokey is all about. Happy, tasty holidays!

Photos by Mike Sansone

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Beery Thanks

As the American holiday of Thanksgiving has passed and we’re onto the end of the year 100 yard dash, I want to make this opportunity opportune in a thankful vein.

Here’s a short list in no particular order of people, breweries, companies and supporters that I want to raise my glass to.

And of course, my family, friends and colleagues far and wide. There are a ton more names and people that I send the thank you vibe out to as well.

Indeed – you’re all what makes WEB fun and worth doing. Cheers!

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