SDBC (In This Case It Stands For…)

Tyson at SDBC

Tyson at SDBC

San Diego Brewing Company.

A big fat pint of thanks to Tyson and all the fine folks at San Diego Brewing Company for their hospitality this past Saturday. Julie, my fabulous new PubQuest comrade, and I had an event at SDBC to talk about The Geography Of Beer. Here’s the announcement.

We did some brainstorming (she in San Diego, me on the road) to develop a fun and educational format for the attendees, Julie did a terrific job at working with SDBC to set up the event, and voila!

5 Beers, 5 states, education, fun people = Winning Combination. Hope to get back to San Diego soon.

When you educate, you bust myths, you open minds and taste buds, and therefore can realize more people enjoying your beers.

Let us know when you’d like to host your own Geography Of Beer – it’s one service we do to help serve the beer community.

Oh – and if you live anywhere close to San Diego, be sure to take in San Diego Beer Week.

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Stone Brewing Event

Taste of Five States: The Geography of Craft Beer
When: Sun, November 1, 12pm – 1pm

Where: Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

Description: Geography is a lot of fun when beer is involved! Join us at our outside bar and firepit area for five samples of delicious craft brews and some awesome beer and geography education. The tasting and discussion will be led by Julie Wartell of PubQuest fame, and Ginger Johnson, founder of Women Enjoying Beer. Everyone is welcome and no advance notice is necessary! Bring $12 with you to get your beer tasters and your very own special beer map..

The breweries we will be sampling:
Alaska – Alaskan Brewing Co.
California – Stone Brewing Co.
Colorado – Oskar Blues
Delaware – Dogfish Head
Oregon – Deschutes Brewery

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San Diego Brewing Event

Do you like beer?
Do you enjoy learning and talking about it?

Well, come to San Diego Brewing on Saturday, October 31 at 2 pm to enjoy Taste of Five States: The Geography of Craft Beer. Generously hosted at San Diego Brewing and presented by Julie Wartell,  PubQuest <> and Ginger Johnson, WomenEnjoyingBeer, <>  you’ll have a great time learning more about some of our fine American craft beers and where they are from.
For a nominal fee of $8, you will get 5 very tasty beers supplied by San Diego Brewing, a map of these beer locations and will be a lively time well spent.
Impress your beer loving friends with the new knowledge you’ll take away – in fact invite them to come along. The more the merrier. Legal age females & males welcome.
RSVP to by Thursday, Oct. 29.

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Solar System

SNBC solar system

SNBC solar system

“We have our own solar system.”

Ha!! True enough – and said quite innocently and proudly (not arrogantly) by Terence from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

On the tour that Steve helped line up and Terence so generously gave us, we were highly impressed by the fact that the ‘solar system’ they have installed at their brewery provides the huge lions share of their energy needs.

How many other businesses can say the same?

They do it because it’s the right thing to do too. Not to get attention, not to show off. Quite the contrary.

It’s their culture that fits this kind of action and this action that fits their culture.

Beers up to you all SNBC!

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Bridgeport sampler

Bridgeport sampler

We’re at the Bridgeport Brewpub as I type in Portland, Oregon. My Fine Husband is familiar Karl Ockert the brewmaster – who’s been here for some some (if not the original brewer). After we enjoy a tasty lunch (hopefully) we’ll be getting a tour of the brewery by Chris, one of Bridgeport’s brewery staff.

We’ve ordered the sampler of beers, which includes a plethora of tastes and styles. Can’t wait.

As I look around I see Crystal, the baker for the Bakery part of the company (which smells friggin’ amazing as we parked the car). I just went up and introduced myself – she was just featured in the Beer Northwest magazine for their goods (more like goodies). Very friendly, great smile. I told her the recipe they included in the article for Beerimisu was making me salivate! Can’t wait to try it.

Crystal, Baker at Bridgeport

Crystal, Baker at Bridgeport

Anyway, the sampler is here so off I must be! I LOVE their mission – “Every Beer. Every Time.”

Hope you have a really good lunch too.

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Gluten Free Tasting

p1030012Last night our good friend April held a tasting event for several fun lovers in Kirkland WA. Common denominator was gluten free. Got it. Easy to accommodate.


Because there are more and more choices for gluten free beers as well as numerous choices for hard Ciders.

Here’s what we had.

  • Course 1 Redbridge with soft tangy Chevre on a crisp soy rice cracker
  • Course 2Newton’s Folly Draft Cider with fresh Washington Honeycrisp apples, apple smoked garlic cheddar cheese on corn/potato/rice tortilla chips
  • Course 3 –  Fox Barrel Red Currant Cider with fresh spinach and mixed greens salad with local melon, pears and slivered almonds drizzled with Champagne pear Gorgonzola dressing.
  • Course 4Green’s Amber Ale with freshly smoked salmon
  • Course 5 Bard’s Gold with Dagoba dark chocolate

Mmmmmmm…. all tasty, all gluten free, all good.

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For Pete's Sake

Pete in the Pub

Pete in the Pub

Hats off to Pete and the Grand Teton Brewing Crew who provided us with a comprehensive and fun tour last week in Victor, Idaho. Having had their beers several times before, it was fun to see where the magic happens.

They earned a GABF medal (again this year) and were a very friendly beer focused crew. Nice variety of beers, including a certified organic ale and some cellar reserve choices. The dinner table bottles of the cellar reserve make for a really nice beers to give and also to share with friends.

It was a gorgeous crisp day and after Pete (Pub manager, whom Rob graciously set us up with), we headed out to hike. Pete also gave us a good recommendation of a good

Hiking & Good Beer

Hiking & Good Beer

hiking trail close – which we dug into.

A refreshing beer after a 3 hour hike in freshies 12 – 18″ deep to rehydrate, savor and quench is a perfect way to enjoy a day.



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Last night 19 women came together at Snake River for a Women & Beer event. They crammed the room full because they were interested in hearing about beer, talking about it and enoying others’ company.

p1020853We discussed history of women in beer, taste palates, how the micro movement has been a very good thing for craft brewing, how I got where I am (poster child story) and a ton more. Oh – and the tasting was big education for many.

The cozy room SRB provided, the 3 – 5 ounce pours of beer, the interest and then the questions….Questions generally start coming about half to two-thirds of the way into an event. The questions are really engaging, indicate the intelliegence of the female beer drinker and are great fodder for discussion. Plus it helps me continue to learn more so I can better serve.

Last nights group definitely gave me some more good things to think about and educate myself in. Just how I like it.

So cheers to Lenore, Ali, Tori, Jill, Jackie, Ashley and all the others. You made the evening great. As I have always said, the guests make the party.

I’d wager that the patrons who were present last night (everyone) will be trying more different beer from now on.

Thank you for the opportunity to spend upwards of two and a half hours together (originally slated for one and half!).

Thanks to Snake River – Chris for inviting me in and Ali, Sarah and the entire crew for being game and having fun with it. It was indeed my pleasure. Be very glad to come back to Jackson anytime. Preferably when there’s snow on the ground…or when it’s warm…or….

To you readers (brewers and consumer alike) – this is an excellent example of how Women Enjoying Beer educates, informs, provides a forum for discussion, empowers, and in general has a great time authentically and accurately serving the female beer consumer. Call upon me when I may be of service.

All for the love of beer.

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Snaking Through The Country

Snake River Brewing, Jackson WY

Snake River Brewing, Jackson WY

Tonight I get the distinct pleasure and honor of being Snake River Brewing’s guest for a Women & Beer event. If you can make it, still a few hours away, we’ll be upstairs from 530 – 7.

We’ll cover some women in beer history, female tastebuds, some termin-ale-logy and surely random other stuff as it comes up. The audience will be in charge. Plus SRB has kindly offered to give every attendee a few 5 ounce pours from their beer menu (I’ve selected 3 different ones to highlight).

Snake River is truly beer passionate with a tasty complementary food menu, a fun crew and a nice place to enjoy it all. Here are some pictures from the latest festival where I met Chris, who graciously invited me to Jackson. Can you tell they’re having fun?

Chris gave us a grand comprehensive tour yesterday too. I really enjoy tours and it was quite interesting in all kinds of good ways – including tasting some casks they have (sours! mmmm). I find brewers and breweries to be innovative (making things work for them), creative and  inventive. Sometimes you have to be so it serves them well.

Larry enjoying lunch at Snake River

Larry enjoying lunch at Snake River

Having fun and being passionate makes for a winning combination (alright, so they have some good business sense too). Said another way, when you’re having fun pursuing your passion, it’s alllll good.

Tomorrow morning we head for Grand Teton Brewing. Rob & Pete have graciously faciliated a tour. Can’t wait.


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GABF Day 3

p1020824So far, it’s been a jammed packed festival. As always, it’s extremely dynamic, busy and fun. My conundrum is this.

There is SO MUCH information to share that I’ll need to  pass it along, parcel it out gradually. Julia, Jill, Bradley, Chris, Gary, Nancy, Andy, Paul, Charlie, Mark, Erin and all the rest…what an incredibly engaged and amazing group of people.

Media Luncheon, Farm To Table, tasting, meeting, connect, Pints for Prostates, PBS, Siebel, etc. Whew!

So today’s tidbit is this.

The festival increased its floor space by 46% this year. When cruising the first night, Thursday, it felt bigger and we noticed right away.

  • The aisles are wider and more accommodating
  • The congestion in front of the can’t-miss-this-beer booths easier to navigate due to increased space
  • And in general an excellent change

More beers, more space, more revelers, more people enjoying beer.

Having been on the other side of the booth in the past, I’d venture a guess the breweries really appreciated the extra space too.

More soon.

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Bear With Me…

The house is a jumble, although a somewhat empty one (it’s sold though!), plans are laid and we’ll be underway for our Home Free Tour starting Sunday.

Bear with me as my posts will be thin until next week.

Belle & Larry prepping the van for the tour

Belle & Larry prepping the van for the tour

I can tell you I’ll be at the Great American Beer Festival which kicks off next Thursday as well – will you be headed to Denver?? It’s a fantastic time, educational opportunity and terrific place to meet and catch up with a great genre of people.

Thanks for your patience. Hope to see you along the way –


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What "Supporting Your Local Brewery" Means

It means:

  • Employment
  • Community spirit
  • Economic Productivity
  • Locally invested business
  • Complementary businesses in suppliers and vendors
  • Independent entrepreneurial folks
  • Working where you live
  • Choices
  • Fun, engaged people doing good honest business

Go local.

Read this.

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A Very Tasty Style

Reading about sour beers makes my mouth water. They’re one of my favorites – and apparently many people all over are discovering them.

p1020517They’re complex, delicious, surprising, a great food complement, refreshingly different than a lot of other styles, gorgeous in their appropriate glassware and just plan incredible to drink.

Nate apparently agrees.

Next time I to get to California, you can be sure I’ll be looking up Patrick as his brewery specializes Belgians, a very tasty style which is apparently and generally the parent of sours (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

I like to pair a sour with a rich chocolate or fruit dish. Try it today – after all, beer is and remains an affordable luxury.

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Phil It Up

Phil & Larry

Phil & Larry

One of the most crazy fun people I have met and love to run into is Phil.

I had the pleasure of meeting him a number of years back now and saw him at a festival this spring.

What a treat!

Seeing Phil, now having met his equally fun, beer enthusiast wife Mary, and drinking good beer together. Fundraiser, family, and nice weather. Good Combo.

Phil has colorful stories – tells them well – and has a great laugh, positive energy, and is an overall upper. Ask him about some goat stories sometime.

Thanks Phil! Coming for a visit any time soon??

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Coming Right Up!

If ever there was a good idea, this is it. International Brewers Day.

The Oberon Sun is shining on Laura

The Oberon Sun is shining on Laura

See Jay’s blog (he naturally includes women), see the post ala last year’s kickoff, and enjoy a good beer with someone who also enjoys a good beer.

Better yet, include a friend who is hesitant or not as familiar. The best bet is to just try it. A mix and match 6 pack is a terrific way to start (low commitment, good variety you select yourself). A sampler or flight offered at pubs is also a fabulous way to try and learn. (Although this link author totally neglected women.)

Partner good beer with good food and good company and you’ve got a winning combination.

As the old Life Cereal ad extolled, try it – you’ll like it!

p.s. here’s another one coming up…

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Regular Jill's

dalla-fort-worth-airports-askylinkTalking to people comes naturally to me. And for the most part I’m glad to strike up a conversation with another person when opportunity seems ripe.

Take Tara and Aud for example.

I met Tara when I sat down at the Chili’s bar in the Dallas Fort Worth airport a few months back. She was friendly (should be as a tender) and seemed relaxed and glad to be there (she told me she was). She answered my questions (hadn’t had Shiner, why wasn’t the local beer on tap, did she like her work) and made my experience pleasant. Late plane – not a big deal when I can have a beer while waiting.

Aud – met her at the same place. She’s from California – where I was headed – and was relaxed and seemed fine with our informal conversation. Smart, engaged, loves her work, beer enthusiast (likes the Pales).

Information – like great people – is everywhere. You gather it formally or informally. It’s all relevant, all telling, all interesting.

Message today = Good real women exist everywhere and they want good beer.

Who have you talked to lately?

Photo courtesy of Flickr by Jimmy – Lin

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It’s worth the effort.

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria. This is where the classic combination (stereotypical or not) is right on.

I had the distinct and full palate pleasure to enjoying tasty beer with hot tasty pizza a short bit back. Can’t wait to go for more.

What makes it great:

  • Overall experience
  • Happy, knowledgeable server
  • Fresh made, hot flavorful pizza
  • Fun atmosphere – watched part of the Cup playoffs…haven’t done that in years.
  • Quality beer, good variety
  • Beer, pizza & hockey turned on its ear.
  • Good value, clean place

Maybe Jennifer and I can find a good place in Kansas City…I bet we can.

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Do It Right – Or Don't Do It

This could be said for a great many things. I bring it up today remembering a brief interchange with David Walker this past May in San Diego.

“If you’re going to make a chair, make a chair.”

A chair is not a chair...

A chair is not a chair...

Okay – chairs…beer…women…Huh?

The overarching idea I took away from the exchange is that we can relate it to anything. Said another way, if you’re going to put effort into something, make sure the goal and the effort are worth it.

Chairs, beer, widgets. Quality & attention to detail pays off in everything.

Besides, women are paying attention. So are men.

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It's "Women" & "Female", Not "Ladies"

One immediately recognizable constant in the work I do is that women tell me they do not like being called Ladies. It’s old fashioned (in a not so good

What not to do

What not to do

way), fuddy-duddy, feels like a cheezy bar is advertising to get men who’ll troll if they host a “ladies night”.

So don’t do it.

Use Women and/or Females. Not girls (underage, under 12, infantile, condescending), not broads (harsh, cheap), not babes (do I even have to say why??).

Women, Females is accurate – appropriate age connoted, respectful, universal, not insulting to anyone.

Simply relate it to the important females in your life – whether you’re a female or a male. Would you treat them with disrespect? If the answer is no, then turn it about when you advertise and market.

This is really important – pay attention.

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