Brick House And Great People

Cheers at the Brickskeller!!

Cheers at the Brickskeller!!

Here’s a glass lift to all who came out to the Brickskeller this past Wednesday night for some beers and respite from rainy DC weather. It was warm and beery inside.

Jonathon – it’s in big part your doing – thanks! Can’t wait to collaborate more.

Greg, Lindy, Charlie, Christian, Martin, Tammy, Bruce, Larry, Erin, and Rachel and Bill. What a fun group of beer enthusiasts.

One thing that continues to be remarkable in a very fun way is how diverse beer drinkers are, how open to trying ‘new’ beers most of them are (great to be around beer geeks, not beer snobs), and the lively conversation that invariably accompanies the quaffing.

p.s. here’s the 10 Questions again Martin – for any woman to answer…

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Here’s to just one of the many hosts on our trip that we met when we pulled the van up to her home.

Host Sharon in Georgia - cheers friend!

Host Sharon in Georgia - cheers friend!

She had been online one day, found WEB, and proceeded to reach out and offer her home as a place to stay on the tour. A fun email conversation ensured and voila! She welcomed us into her home – sight unseen – with open arms (literally).

And you know what? It was as if we’d all known each other for a while. Beer brings people together in a variety of ways.

She told us her friends were shocked that she’d invite total strangers into her home. *gasp!*

Like Sharon said though, for all we knew she could be the axe murderer (not the other way around). Good point.

So heartfelt thanks to Sharon, Claire, Mark & Leslie, Rebecca, Julie, and all the rest who have opened their doors to us. It’s indicative of the quality of people that are involved with beer.

Once we land our door is wide open for all of you – even if we have yet to meet.

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My Favorite Jamaican

Julia, Larry and Horace at Terrapin

Julia, Larry and Horace at Terrapin

Thanks to Horace and the Terrapin crew for letting us come by last week. As one of the many breweries we have visited so far on this trip, it was an extra special stop.

I’ve known Horace for several years so it was an added treat to spend time with a familiar friend along the way.

We all had some good conversation, good beers (Trappeze anyone!? Aaron understands service), tasty cheese, a good night sleep, and an interesting tour.

And having spent zero time in Georgia before, we were really enjoying the landscape.

Thanks Horace – be ready for another visit sooner than later.

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Houston & Ronnie

Ronnie & I

Ronnie & I

Ronnie Crocker’s a beer lover.

He’s also an editor at the Houston Chronicle, a blogger and a really good man. We met at this years GABF at the media luncheon and have kept the conversation going.

We were in Houston this past week ala our trip and he was terrific in setting up a fun beer gathering at the Flying Saucer, as well as giving us a tour of his fine paper. We even got to meet his boss (who we’re fans of) and some others who apparently could not make one event and who wanted to meet when we came though (very cool Anita and Nikki!).

He’s indicative of people who are intelligently engaged in beer. Smart, fun, responsible, thoughtful, forward thinking.

Cathy telling me her 10 Answers in Houston

Cathy telling me her 10 Answers in Houston

Already looking forward to the next time as Houston clearly has a lot of beer enthusiasts – many of who I did not get to meet this one time (Donna, Iris, TallyK, etc.).

Thanks also to Jake the FS’s GM. Will take you up on your offer sooner than later, Jake.

Cheers to Houston!

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Beautiful Beer Deserves Beautiful Photos

A big hearty thanks to George for these incredible, lovely, delicious photos. Check them out here.

p1030147They’re from one of several educational employee sessions WEB partnered with at Standing Stone Brewing Company. Alex and Danielle run a good ship and realize that constancy to purpose with reinforcement and refreshment is critical to continued success and growth. Throw in happiness and satisfaction factor and you’ve got a no fail. What a great crew.

George, next time I’m in Ashland, beers on me – and bring that fabulous wife of yours too.

(I understand he plays a mean guitar as well….)

Good beer, good people good business, good music.

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Veterans Day

p1030037Be sure to thank and celebrate our veterans and current military personnel today. Shake a hand, thank them for their service, buy them a beer.

No matter where you stand on politics, veterans have supported this incredible country of ours – made it great, kept it free.

And I doubt many can argue with wanting freedom.

My humblest thanks (my Dad included).

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Breweries, Breweries Everywhere…

Four Peaks, Tempe AZ

Four Peaks, Tempe AZ

…And lots of spots to drink (beer).

That seems to be an easy mantra on this trip. Here’s a shot of the fine staff working at Four Peaks Brewing in Tempe Arizona. A big thanks to Andy and Ted who gave us a full tour and tasty beers as well as delicious lunch while we were in town.


Breweries = engaged = share information (+) = fun people to support and talk with.

Support your local brewery. The paybacks within your community will be well worth it, whether you drink beer or not.

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Beer & Fire(Stone Walker)

Friday found us winding our way towards Southern California. A couple goals for the days travel being to visit the Firestone Walker Brewery in Paso Robles and then get to San Diego for the weekend.

Mission more than accomplished thanks to gracious hosts.

Jamie with some wonderfully happy aging casks of beer

Jamie with some wonderfully happy aging casks of beer

First stop = Paso Robles. Jamie was on hand to give us a tour. Very friendly, plenty of interesting information about the brewery and business and then – of course – the tasting room. Mmmmm… Many thanks Jamie.

Next stop = David invited us to dinner at their place in Buellton. We didn’t know they had a location in Buellton so it was a genuine treat to enjoy the great environment of the brewpub with David. Engaging conversation about beer et al, a very tasty (and healthy) dinner and a few really yummy beers. Once again, many thanks!

One supposition that proved true for FW – their passion for making great beers translates into a great food experience as well. While you’d think that always goes to follow, it ain’t necessarily so (queue the music please).

Like David says, “If you’re going to build a chair, build a chair.”

In any event, one more effusive thanks to David, Jamie, and the Firestone Walker crew for a terrific day surrounded by quality beer.

Last stop = San Diego. Midnight. Zzzzzzzzzzz….

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SDBC (In This Case It Stands For…)

Tyson at SDBC

Tyson at SDBC

San Diego Brewing Company.

A big fat pint of thanks to Tyson and all the fine folks at San Diego Brewing Company for their hospitality this past Saturday. Julie, my fabulous new PubQuest comrade, and I had an event at SDBC to talk about The Geography Of Beer. Here’s the announcement.

We did some brainstorming (she in San Diego, me on the road) to develop a fun and educational format for the attendees, Julie did a terrific job at working with SDBC to set up the event, and voila!

5 Beers, 5 states, education, fun people = Winning Combination. Hope to get back to San Diego soon.

When you educate, you bust myths, you open minds and taste buds, and therefore can realize more people enjoying your beers.

Let us know when you’d like to host your own Geography Of Beer – it’s one service we do to help serve the beer community.

Oh – and if you live anywhere close to San Diego, be sure to take in San Diego Beer Week.

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Thanks Ronnie!

Me before an educational event at Snake River Brewing - thanks Chris!

Me before an educational event at Snake River Brewing - thanks Chris!

A big shout out of thanks to Ronnie for generating some great conversation ala his blog. Read it here.

Clearly, some of the readers who commented get it. Clearly others do not. I’ll chime in in a few days…after more conversation has been had.

For the moment:

  • 1. What I’m accomplishing is authentically and accurately helping develop a market share for an intelligent market who is receptive and listening.
  • 2. If you read my blog at all, you know WEB is not about gender when it all boils down. If you’re getting that out of it, you should reread posts and pages. Do you criticize out Rick Lyke for marketing beer to men for his purpose??
  • 3. Conversation is the key to progress. I for one love the conversation that has been generated so far. Keep it coming!

Thanks Ronnie – see you Houston soon for a beer to two.

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Cheese & Beer

Good looking crew

Good looking crew

What a great combination!

I had the distinct honor to be a part of a special fun ceremony in Ashland with Standing Stone and Rogue Creamery in the last week or so.

As the one with a camera I was, by default, the official photographer. Call Standing Stone to inquire about their forward thinking bike program.

Thanks to Rogue – the whole smashing crew – and Standing Stone.

Roll on!!

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Jim & Hops

Larry & Jim at Roy Farms

Larry & Jim at Roy Farms

Here I am thanking yet another person who has been gracious and hospitable during the trip.

Today’s post is in appreciation of Jim Boyd, Roy Farms, Moxee Washington (love to live in Moxee, yes??). I met Jim a few years ago via my Fine Husband at a professional conference (most likely the GABF or CBC).

Jim is a very engaged, sharp, and beer passionate person. So I’d say Roy Farms is fortunate to have him. He gave Larry and me a full tour of their farms, imparted tons of information, and what a hour well spent it was.

Here are just a few things I learned.

1. Hops is a member of the cannibis family.

2. There’s low trellis hops in additon to the traditional tall vine varieties you maybe familiar with.

3. You only want female plants (no renegade males please!)

4. Hops go from field to safely packaged in an extremely short time frame (well under 24 hours).

low trellis hops

low trellis hops

He shared way more than I will both remember and plan to share here today. Summed up, it was a great example of education shared to better the entire beer community.

Thanks Jim (the apples were tasty too!).

p.s. here’s another very cool thing they did this year.

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Standing Amazed

p1030175An enormous and humble THANKS to Alex, Danielle and the entire crew at Standing Stone Brewing Company for their hospitality, attention and good humor. They invited me to come to beautiful Ashland, OR last weekend on the trip to do some work together.

The crew, lead by Alex & Danielle, was very receptive, open, had great questions and in general it was a smashing success (ask them – they’re honest folks).

We covered:

1. The Customer Experience – customer service refresher & reinforcement; development of a Customer Service Committee (brilliant idea)

Sustainability wheel at Standing Stone

Sustainability wheel at Standing Stone

2. Beer – Women & Beer (educational beer dinner for female staffers and a few select guests only), Beer education for the whole company (FOH & BOH with a professional brew master as well), and a Beer Advisory Panel.

3. Long range planning

The facility is quite lovely, a comfortable size and has generous outside seating. Their sustainability practices are many and pride in what they do shows.

Are they perfect? No. Do they know that? Yes. That is exactly why Alex invited me in. To help the upward curve – to better serve the customer and in doing so, they better serve themselves.

The original Win -Win.

My stetson tips to Alex, Danielle, Diane, Rachel, Matt, Ashley, Michael, Anna, Javier, Carlos, Alberto, Erik, Adam, Alicia, Lindsey, Alison, Mike, Tim, Andy, Melza, Jeff, Ken, Rob, Karen, Don, Thomas, Meg, Sophie, and the rest. Hope to see you all again soon.



The Delicious Story

Jody with a few good beers

Jody with a few good beers

A big shout out of THANKS! to Sherry and David for having me on their inaugural show yesterday, The Delicious Story. It was a pleasure to be at their service – such fun engaged people.

Take a listen here.

Be patient – they had some technical difficulties (really) with this first show…after the first 10-15 minutes of ads, we get into it.

Tune in – tell them what you think (tell me what you think). Have a good beer close by to enjoy while listening.


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Gluten Free Tasting

p1030012Last night our good friend April held a tasting event for several fun lovers in Kirkland WA. Common denominator was gluten free. Got it. Easy to accommodate.


Because there are more and more choices for gluten free beers as well as numerous choices for hard Ciders.

Here’s what we had.

  • Course 1 Redbridge with soft tangy Chevre on a crisp soy rice cracker
  • Course 2Newton’s Folly Draft Cider with fresh Washington Honeycrisp apples, apple smoked garlic cheddar cheese on corn/potato/rice tortilla chips
  • Course 3 –  Fox Barrel Red Currant Cider with fresh spinach and mixed greens salad with local melon, pears and slivered almonds drizzled with Champagne pear Gorgonzola dressing.
  • Course 4Green’s Amber Ale with freshly smoked salmon
  • Course 5 Bard’s Gold with Dagoba dark chocolate

Mmmmmmm…. all tasty, all gluten free, all good.

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Home Brew in Washington

We’re staying with established friends and new friends along the route. Right now we’re in Wenatchee WA with one of my college roommates and her fine family. The first night we got in her husband plied us (willingly ) with his remarkable home brews. Mmmmmm….

p1020937Last night again….okay, if you must twist my arm.

The great thing about these beers is that they taste great (well made) and they’re served in the proper glass.

I think the crowning glory is that they are savored with friends, as they should be. The good food we’ve been eating is also an added complement.


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Last night 19 women came together at Snake River for a Women & Beer event. They crammed the room full because they were interested in hearing about beer, talking about it and enoying others’ company.

p1020853We discussed history of women in beer, taste palates, how the micro movement has been a very good thing for craft brewing, how I got where I am (poster child story) and a ton more. Oh – and the tasting was big education for many.

The cozy room SRB provided, the 3 – 5 ounce pours of beer, the interest and then the questions….Questions generally start coming about half to two-thirds of the way into an event. The questions are really engaging, indicate the intelliegence of the female beer drinker and are great fodder for discussion. Plus it helps me continue to learn more so I can better serve.

Last nights group definitely gave me some more good things to think about and educate myself in. Just how I like it.

So cheers to Lenore, Ali, Tori, Jill, Jackie, Ashley and all the others. You made the evening great. As I have always said, the guests make the party.

I’d wager that the patrons who were present last night (everyone) will be trying more different beer from now on.

Thank you for the opportunity to spend upwards of two and a half hours together (originally slated for one and half!).

Thanks to Snake River – Chris for inviting me in and Ali, Sarah and the entire crew for being game and having fun with it. It was indeed my pleasure. Be very glad to come back to Jackson anytime. Preferably when there’s snow on the ground…or when it’s warm…or….

To you readers (brewers and consumer alike) – this is an excellent example of how Women Enjoying Beer educates, informs, provides a forum for discussion, empowers, and in general has a great time authentically and accurately serving the female beer consumer. Call upon me when I may be of service.

All for the love of beer.

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Boulder, Avery and Great Women

C.V. and I at Avery tonight

C.V. and me at Avery tonight

Colorado looks great to me! Terrific beer, great people and mountains. Really I could die happy now (although I’d like to be around a bit longer).

We met up with C.V. at Avery per his shout out per the tour. He showed us all the amazing casks, happily maturing (my mouth is watering…). Brett’s are some of my absolute favorite beers…so lush, varied, flavorful and down right delicious.  Wine drinkers would definitely enjoy these kinds of beers. C.V. let us sample what we wanted and we tried 5 beers total. They’re in the throes of the GABF and all the ensuing robust enthusiastic traffic ala Beer.

A big thanks to him for his hospitality and the beers. See you again in Denver.

Also – what else – good women drinking beer.  Leah’s a home brewer with a beer entered in the Pro-Am competition at the GABF. We got to talk to her and Denise, both really engaged, happy beer drinkers. They live in Louisville and definitely enjoy thier beers

Denise, Leah & I at Avery

Denise, Leah & me at Avery

and all the flavors the vast range of beers have to offer.

In fact she’ll tap into a batch or two of beers that, once again, made my mouth water. Denise and Leah – be sure to get in touch when you’ll be tapping them. It’d surely be worth the trip to Kentucky.

Note: With the GABF fully on there was a really good mix of genders at the Avery Taproom enjoying beer. Keep in mind, beer is genderless; it’s about an opportunity more than anything.

After all, it’s all for the love of beer.

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