Maybe you already know of Darcy Quinn and Rubicon (and friends). Teri was good enough to connect us – thanks (she’s good at that).

Here’s an excerpt from an email I just got from Darcy (she signed off on being blogged).

I am the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Rubicon Brewing Company, a co-worker (great friend) and I started the Women in Brewing simply because we love beer.

We just celebrated or 3rd Annual WOMEN IN BREWING event back in late April.

The Women in Brewing is an event to bring recognition to Women in the Brewing industry while raising $ and awareness for Sacramento’s local Women and Family abuse charity, WEAVE (

We invite (female) brewers to our event – held at the Rubicon- to showcase some of their special recipe(s) and hard to find brews.

Some of the (women) make the journey to the Rubicon to hang out and chat with event goers and enjoy a day in the sun with their fellow Brewsters.

This event is not a competition nor is it a “brewfest”, it is a regular day at the Rubicon Brewing Company pub, we just have some fabulous “brewed by women” beer on tap to taste in sample – goblet – pint.

We are not able to serve Homebrew beer due to ABC and State laws, but the RUBICON does hold an annual brewer for a day competition where homebrewers are able to submit their beer for tasting by our brewers, owner and beer lovers… the winner then gets to brew her(/his) recipe on our system…lotttts of fun.

Cheers to Women in the Brewing Industry,


Authenticity rings true here.

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Phil It Up

Phil & Larry

Phil & Larry

One of the most crazy fun people I have met and love to run into is Phil.

I had the pleasure of meeting him a number of years back now and saw him at a festival this spring.

What a treat!

Seeing Phil, now having met his equally fun, beer enthusiast wife Mary, and drinking good beer together. Fundraiser, family, and nice weather. Good Combo.

Phil has colorful stories – tells them well – and has a great laugh, positive energy, and is an overall upper. Ask him about some goat stories sometime.

Thanks Phil! Coming for a visit any time soon??

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Parke It

Enlightened folks are numerous…at the same time, unenlightened folks are just as numerous.

If you’re a brewery or brewer,

  • How do you go about enlightening consumers?
  • How do you teach them, offer them education to enjoy your beers & learn about them?
  • Appreciate them in moderation?
  • Come back for more?
  • Spread the word?

One enlightened folk who I really like is Steve Parkes. Not only does he have a great smile and common sense, he’s sharp, tuned in and switched on to the relationship of women and beer.

“There’s been a lot of talk over the years I’ve been in the industry (26 and counting) about how to lure women into the fold of regular beer drinkers… Of course my wife enjoys beer but she knows exactly what she likes and is not likely to fall for gimmicks.”

Gimmicks be damned. It’s not about gimmicks. It’s about authenticity and accuracy, asking women what they want – just as you’d ask any target market if you know what the heck you’re doing to get the answers you need (not just the ones you want).

Smart women, smart man. I can’t wait to join you both for a beer –


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odell-brewing-company-2Beers up to Corkie, Doug, Wynne & the entire crew – they continue to set a solid example of best practices.

Focus group input repeatedly tells me that women like businesses who display authentic responsibility – social, environmental, ethical. This fits.

I only wish I could get their beers when I live. SIGH. Guess I’ll have to chalk that up as a reason to travel to them…even if I have to wait for the Great American Beer Festival this September (I’ll be in Denver again for it this year.)

The great thing about that is Colorado is jam packed with great beers.

Photo courtesy of Flickr by HeroJH

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The Mirrored Window

The Mirrored Window is an excellent resource if you’re into focus groups – conducting them specifically. Judith Langer is passionate about what she does and shares it well in this book.

Good read with a good beer.

Thanks Judith!

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California Small Brewers Association

If you’re a ‘small brewer’ and are located in California perhaps we’ll have the pleasure of meeting up at the CSBA meeting this next Tuesday, May 19th.

The honor of presenting at one of their semi annual meeting has been given to me by the group and their Executive Director, Tom McCormick. A big thank you for the opportunity to be of service to the industry that I am passionate about.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones who will hopefully become familiar.

Call upon me when I may be of service to your guild, organization, business and group to address accurate and authentic marketing of craft/beer to female consumers. It’s an enormously undertapped market segment (gender is the incidental identifier) and a huge business opportunity.

How is your beer and brand relevent to women?

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And the Winner IS…

(Steve is on the right side)

(Steve is on the right side)

Humbling company, that’s one way to describe it.

Last week at the Craft Brewers Conference, some incredible people were recognized amongst their peers for their contributions in different ways. Hats off to them – pints up!

The great thing about many in the industry is that they’re making a daily difference. Plus they’re making great beer. Mmmmmmmm…

How are you making a difference?

Photo courtesy of Flickr by elwynor

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You're A Doll

Thanks to Mark Doll for the invite of last week’s World Of Beverages event. It was a seemingly well attended event. (I’ll post pictures when I get resizing photos figured

Tina & Carla from Ge-Angelo's

Tina & Carla from Ge-Angelo's

out in WordPress.)

Why did I go to a primarily industrial beer event?

To hopefully taste new beers (to me). I did find a few – mostly they served what they’re mainstreaming though. I was interested in beers that are out of the norm. Hopeful that using the title “World of Beverages” meant that they were going to offer plenty of non mainstream beers. Not so much.

After all, the fortune cookie I chomped into at the Kiren beer table tells me
“You are about to make a most valuable discovery.

Mark and Julia were on hand so I made sure to greet and meet them both. I had met Mark at fundraiser in the Des Moines area a month + ago. So was pleased to see the invite in my email. Thanks.

Paul was there too – working hard.

Where are the women working for distributors? Why aren’t there more?

Women – step up, get in the game if you want to be heard. You have to speak up first.

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