Water The Focus at 2012 Umpqua Brew Fest

Actually, it’s the whole reason for the fest to begin with. To recognize and raise awareness, conservation and responsibility around water. I think it’s a perfect fit since beer is 95% + water in its make up.

We’re very glad to be part of this festival again this year, which happens Saturday October 20th. Save the date and plan to be in lovely Roseburg, Oregon for the festival that day. Come join us at the stage for Beer EduTainment as well at 3:15 in the Brew Shed.

I invite you check out their site for good reading, helpful if not disturbing information about water in the world, and get full fest details.

Suffice it to say today that if you enjoy beer, we must all be aware and take action to conserve water. Here are a few things I do each day to consider doing yourself, all for the Planet:

1. Capture all liquids you’re not using in the kitchen – pasta waters, any water used to steam or boil food, and rinse waters (put a bucket or pan underneath to catch it). Use this wonderful nutritionally enhanced ‘water’ to feed and hydrate plants of all sorts; compost it if nothing else. For flavored water i.e. veggies, it’s terrific soup starter and stock to use in cooking.

2. If it takes more than 5 seconds to get hot water for your shower, bath and sinks, capture that with a simple pitcher or bucket. We do this since it takes about a minute to get hot water for the shower. It’s incredible and a good lesson haw much water we thoughtlessly send down the drain while “waiting” for what we want. Be conservative, not wasteful. Use this water to flush toilets, hydrate gardens and water plants.

3. Turn off and remove irrigation and switch to rain capturement. It’s easy to start, economical and it’s better than not doing anything. Place simple handled buckets at the end of downspouts, redirect downspouts to collect rain in barrels, and make sure you only have native plants that can handle low moisture environments.

4. Reduce first. Think before you turn on the ‘drink’. Intelligent reduction coupled with thoughtful use and reuse is the key here.

Cheers to clean water – may we help improve the planet instead of drinking it dry.

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Inspiring: Marcy Westerling

The variety of inspiration that public broadcasting supplies is a never-ending amazement to me, both radio and television.

On a recent road trip, I was fortunate to get public radio almost the whole trip by car – 4.5 hours. The segment that inspires this post today was an interview of Marcy Westerling.

Here are three gems I noted.

  • “Statistics are a backdrop. We’re all our own people.”
  • She talked about frustration of what we have control over and improving the quality of life.
  • “Don’t you dare limit me.”

This isn’t going to do her justice – so listen for yourself.

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Labor Day Thanks 2012

My sincere thanks today those who labor for Women Enjoying Beer….

1. My Fine Husband – while he isn’t an ’employee’, there’s no denying his unflagging support, listening, input, and pride. Our girls (canine supervisors & comic relief) are also a big part of keeping it all real.

2. Mike Sansone, long time friend, coach and all things online advisor and consultant. Mike’s unflagging support, both professional and personal, are ultra appreciated and humbling.

3. Emily Engdahl, WEB Events Development and friend. Emily’s talents and intelligence has been a huge addition to our progress and my enjoyment this year. She’s Emcredible.

4. Kat Blaisdell, WEB Local Events Calendar Coordinator and friend. Kat’s the meow and I’m thankful to have her self motivation, smarts and passion on board.

5. Meghan, Shauna, Sarah, Diane, Caitlin, Jenica, John, Carson, Lisa, Rob, James, Marti, Chris, Charlie and so many others who have and continue to support and contribute: Heartfelt thanks! Every effort adds, adds up and moves us forward in our mission: To shift culture through research and education.

Thank you!

To all our Facebook followers, Twitter followers, website commentors & readers, festival and events supporters, professional friends, media and press support, and family: THANK YOU.

Finally today, with great heaps of gratitude, thank you to the female and male consumers who talk with us, participate in research development unselfishly, tell us “Right On!” over and over again, and let us represent what you want and think about beer. It’s always a day maker to meet you – keep the love coming.

Cheers & a very happy holiday to all ~

Ginger, Founder, Women Enjoying Beer

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Malt of the Earth People

Annette of Throwback Brewery (l) & Bernadette of Breiss (r)

As a fan of beer, ice cream and cool summer refreshments, I want to give a pints up today to one of the maltsters in America. Briess Malting has been around for a while and the entire team is quality, quality driven and the kind of people I like to hang out with.

Bernadette is my main line of communication. Every chance I get to see here it makes my day! She’s super helpful, always has time to talk, and is the ‘Salt of the Earth’ – or shall I say ‘Malt of the Earth’ – kind of person we all romantically envision as our friend.

In the vein of offering more education, please treat yourself to this page and read up about malt. What it is, where it comes from, and where it’s used in our modern lives.

In fact, make a malted beer shake then settle in to read all about it. YUM!

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“Sharing’s Exploding”

One of the people I look up and read about is Sheryl Sandberg, of Facebook.

It’s not because she works at Facebook. That’s irrelevant, although it may make her more of a public figure.

I seek her out as she has a clear passion that she can communicate forward and intrigues me with the way she looks at the world, what she shares and some of her vision. She’s inspiring, realistic, thoughtful, direct, and sharp. Watch this.

She’s the one who stated the afore mentioned title “Sharing’s Exploding.” She’s right of course. Just look around at the technology and socialization of media in all forms. Like she states, “It’s easier to fish where the fish are” (read: know your market)

Sharing allows businesses to connect with customers, and customers to connect with the businesses they’re curious about. It’s marketing at its truest. People investigate choices before engaging.

Social media has always been around. We’ve simply given it a name and have labeled certain practices as ‘social media’: twitter, Facebook, websites, blogs, and the like.

The telegraph, the telephone and front stoop have long been tools for engaging socially.

Do you know what you’re sharing, do you know what you need to share and what can stay private? Do you have help in looking at a plan to best execute and maintain your avenues of sharedom? Do you know what women want to know, how they want to get that information, and what they don’t want?

Talk to the women you encounter about their relationship with beer. We specialize in the research of women and beer. If you care about her and your success in the future, call us. We can help in a big way.

I’m looking forward to meeting Sheryl. Beers on me. I have a feeling we’d get along swimmingly. (It might be a good luck sign that we’re exactly 1 day and 1 year apart in age…)

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Beer and Neighborhoods Go Together

Beer and neighborhoods go well together. This Saturday’s Fremont Fest is testimony to that. Let me expound.

Portland Oregon is a very neighborhood oriented city. Old established neighborhoods, ‘new’ neighborhoods, re-invigorated neighborhoods, and everything in between. It’s one thing I find endearing and very friendly about it. And there’s a lot of ownership to it when you talk to people and find out where they live.

Sure there’s some good-natured smack talk, yet overall it’s all a pride of where they all come from.

Emily (l) & Ginger(r) at the gracious and gorgeous Goschie Farm last summer

So it’s with pleasure that we return to Fremont Fest this weekend, one of the rare non beer focused fests we attend. We do this because Emily, our fine WEB Events Developer, who happens to live in Portland, suggested it last year, when we didn’t know each other very well.

She was right, as she usually is, and it was a happy success. Being able to be right in the middle of someone’s neighborhood, being part of an event people are taking pride in and participating actively within was and is very rewarding. The people we talked with and questions we answered were engaging and fun all around.

Beer is family and neighborhood oriented. Always has been. Read your herstory of how this remarkable country developed and you’ll clearly see how multi generational events are of value to our society.

If you’re in Portland this weekend, come find out bright orange WEB tent and say hello (we’ll have special entry coupons to pass out for next weekends’ Bite of Oregon too!)

Like Emily states, welcome – we’re glad you’re here!

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WEB & Olympics: In Case You Thought Respecting Women Didn’t Matter

Read this. It’s a perfect example of WHY Women Enjoying Beer is around.

Cheers to sharp woman, Ms. Zoe Smith, 2012 Olympian

To shatter myths, like the fine and well spoken Ms. Smith stated.

To get people rethinking what roles a particular gender should take (answer: whatever they want that they’re capable of!).

To reinforce that YES – the beer community also needs this assistance in the form of our expertise and qualitative research findings to help the entire community progress, from consumer to brewer to importer to distributor to grower to manufacturer to…

Cheers to Zoe! We give a toss about respect, going after and accomplishing your dreams based on your guts and talents alone, not to be judged by empty headed critics.

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Raft & Craft 2012 Beer & Food Pairing Menu

Cheers to all the fine guests, guides and lodge crews for another fun & tasty Raft and Craft trip. ROW Adventures, just voted 2012 Worlds best Tour Operator by Travel + Leisure Magazine, and WEB partnered up again to deliver a memorable trip down the gorgeous Rogue River. Jamie Floyd, co-founder and founding brewer of Ninkasi Brewing was part of the trip as well, providing plentiful Ninkasi beers to pair with the foods presented each night.

The goal of the trip is to offer a singular experience, with an emphasis on beer and food together. As promised, the menu is below for all to enjoy.

Consider one of the many spectacular trips ROW offers. They’re very well done, all bias aside, with an eye on detail, safety and optimum guest experience. So glad to be a part of it.

Evening 1:

  • Radiant (fresh seasonal) with Un Mondo sausage
  • Oatis Oatmeal Stout with Annie’s graham cookies and chocolate covered almonds
  • Tricerahops Double IPA with raw Rumiano sharp cheddar cheese and walnuts

Evening 2:

  • Total Domination IPA with fresh grapefruit and wasabi peas
  • Maiden the Shade (seasonal) with Kettle brand chips – sea salt and sea salt & pepper
  • Believer Double Red with Denmark’s Finest (creamy) Havarti cheese and pecans


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WEB’s Mead-up Menu

Sarah at the hives early this spring

This month we varied a theme and featured meads as our beverage exploration. We did this for a few reasons:

1. I’ve recently had the pleasure to meet and be getting to know a bee specialist, Sarah – BeerGirl.org. She’s passionate about bees, beekeeping, and helping others see the extraordinary wonder and function of bees in our world. Sarah’s a fun and interesting guest presenter. Plus she can help anyone with bee questions since she’s also a consultant.

2. Meads are also fermented beverages, single ingredient (usually) from honey. When you talk about flavors and choices, mead can be another one to bring up – especially for gluten-free palates.

3. We met at a lovely florist shop, Enchanted Florist, that buys organic flowers from a local organic flower grower. Each guest received a small pollinator plant with their entrance this time to further endorse how critical bees are to our lives.

Education involves shining the light on a wide range of direct and related topics to beer. Here’s the menu we enjoyed as well.

  1. Blue cheese drizzled with honey on crackers with Mountain Meadows Sierra Nectar Wildflower Natural Honeywine (another name for mead)
  2. Jalapeno Honey Mustard Slaw with Mountain Meadows Honeymoon Nectar Sweet Mead
  3. Mead Cocktail: SSBC Stout & Honeyrun Proprietors Reserve Blackberry Honeywine = “Black Forest Cake” ala Redstone Meadery

The buzz is all about flavor and being educated on how much bees bring to life.

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The Value Of Consultants

The great thing about consultants is you hire them, they do the work you’ve charged them with, you pay them and they leave.

So says Dr. Michael Lewis – and he’s right, as he many times is. Dr. Lewis stated this sentiment at the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference. I made it intentional that I attended Dr. Lewis’ talk as he’s highly knowledgeable based on decades of experience, his information is always a great learning opportunity for me, and he’s quite entertaining.

When he talked about consultants, I all but stood up to applaud. There aren’t that many of us in the beer community and WEB is for sure the only one doing what we do. Anywhere on the planet for that matter. The small constituency of qualified consulting professionals that directly support the beer community has been incredibly fortifying and reinforcing for me. People like Sam Merritt, JB Shireman, Lucy Saunders, Mike Kallenberger, Scott Webber, and David Kapral. Marti Barletta has been open armed and super helpful and generous in her collegiality as well. I always want to meet and know more since we also can help each other out within the consulting ranks; sharing best practices, information exchange that helps us better serve the industry, and provide professional support.

Consultants serve a true purpose. They have focused information and expertise you can immediately apply. They are creative, innovative, flexible, and eager to help. They are solid value for what you are seeking out. They can see the forest and the trees, which not all business owners, operators and investors can when they’re in the thick of executing their passion and goals. We provide a neutral and reasoned perspective, bringing knowledge outside of the existing talent pool that greatly contributes to the successes you’re aiming for.

Hiring consultants for the job at hand is a smart move. See them as an available choice, just as you would staff. Before they were employees they obviously were not and there’s a reason for why they are now. Some were in fact consulting, and the rest were great choices (hopefully since you hired them). Seek them out, ask the consultants you do know for referrals since we all specialize in different areas.

Like Dr. Lewis stated, don’t view consultants as vendors. View them as colleagues. Bring them in to help you out. Do not ask them to work for free – you don’t. You’ll be glad you did.

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Color in Beer

Color in beer naturally comes from the ingredients. It goes to follow then, that if you change the color you change the virtue of the beer. So says the highly knowledgeable John Mallett of Bell’s Brewing in Kalamazoo Michigan.

John Mallett stirring it up for his SAVOR salon

When John was giving his salon at SAVOR recently, he indicated just that sentiment: when you change the color, you change the virtue. I think that’s a good way to educate about color in beer. FYI – Salon title = Fade to Black: The Effect Dark Color has on Food and Beverage.

Beer has many virtues, one of which happens to be the first thing we generally notice: color. Because we notice it first, we can also be a premature beer racist. We call it ‘beer racism‘ if you decide to judge the beer by its color BEFORE the you give the beer the opportunity to give you all it’s got, on all fronts.

Sam of Dogfish tells people to ‘not be afraid of the dark’ – another good way to think about it. Martha – if you see this – he’s right. You should have at least courtesy sipped his beers on your show.

Try all the beers you can. If you use any kind of color descriptor, make sure it’s only explaining color. Since color does not automatically mean this or that. It means color has been imparted by the ingredients in the recipe. Yes, it can lead to some general patterns YET dark is just dark to start. Light is the same way.

There’s always way more than meets the eye. Let your taste buds lead the charge in enjoying beer with you eyes closed for good measure.

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Perpetuating the Village Brewer

Well dressed Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge (flanking Ginger) at SAVOR 2012

The third of the 3 Salon’s Ginger moderated at SAVOR 2012 last weekend featured the fast growing Ninkasi Brewing beers with tasty cheeses.

Founders Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge shared engaging insight on how Ninkasi came to be, how they two of them connected to found this NW juggernaut and why the Village Brewer idea is so important to our American communities. 

Rest assured, the beers we enjoyed perpetuated a delicious session: Radiant Ale, Helles, and Helles Belles among them.

Be sure to savor your beers, wherever you may be. Pairing them with food is even more rewarding and an ideal scenario to strengthen and create friendships. Cheers!

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SAVORING Oregon Beer & Cheese

If you were able to attend SAVOR last weekend, you’d know it was a tastebud heaven focused on American beer & matching foods. Delicious is what we’d call it!

Happy and accomplished brewers Larry of Standing Stone (l) and Matt of Oakshire(r) at SAVOR Salon 2012

Ginger had the pleasure of moderating a few Salons, added value special sessions, Friday night. As promised to the crowd, here’s the menu of the early session Friday June 8th.

Perfect opportunity to keep the elevation of beer moving forward. Ideal flavor exploration opportunity. Stunning setting (National Building Museum).

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More Ground to Break: Inaugural Women + Beer Advance

Women Enjoying Beer, an independent, consumer based research and education company based in Ashland, Oregon will host an inaugural Women + Beer Advance this August 2 – 4 at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford, Oregon.

This event offers an educational opportunity for women to advance their enthusiasm for beer, build connections with other women who enjoy beer, and to have fun while learning more about beer.

Tapping into their love of beer, Ginger Johnson and guest speakers will create a collaborative conference celebrating beer in all forms. Guests include Lisa Morrison (The Beer Goddess), an appearance by Julia Herz (Brewers Association), and a screening of The Love of Beer with documentary filmmaker Alison Grayson.

The Women + Beer Advance kicks off on Thursday evening, August 2, with a Beer:30 social (location pending).  On Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4, attendees will experience a wide range of social activities and educational seminars including Beer & Food Pairings, Recipes for Cooking with Beer, the Economics of Beer, Beer Tasting Exploration, a discourse on ingredients and how they are used to create beer, and a pub walk.

Premium and Regular pricing information is available here.

Join Ginger Johnson and the crew of Women Enjoying Beer at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford for these enlightening sessions.

Early registration is available through June 15 and regular registration up to the opening of the event at http://uneven-goat.flywheelsites.com/events/.

For further information please contact Ginger Johnson in Ashland, Oregon at Ginger@WomenEnjoyingBeer.com  or 515-450-7757 or Emily Engdahl in Portland, Oregon at Emily@WomenEnjoyingBeer.com  or 503-502-1689. To place it on a local calendar contact Kat Blaisdell at Kat@WomenEnjoyingBeer.com

This press release and other media information can be found at WomenEnjoyingBeer.com/media-kit/

Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) is in the business of developing and serving the female beer consumer.  WEB partners with the beer industry to help it grow by authentically and accurately marketing to the female beer enthusiast.  WEB also works with women directly to encourage their beer enthusiasm.  WEB does this work through marketing, focus groups, workshops, and events.  For more information about Women Enjoying Beer and its focus on prime opportunities, please visit WomenEnjoyingBeer.com or Facebook.com/WomenEnjoyingBeer

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CBC 2012 Testimonial

Hi Ginger –

I had the pleasure of attending your seminar at the CBC last week.  I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed that seminar more than any other I attended!  You are truly a dynamic speaker who is passionate about beer and getting women to be passionate about it too.

Thanks again for sharing your joy and enthusiasm.”

Laina McFerren

Founder, Co-Owner

Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Co.

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Exploded View of the IBLP, Part 6: People

Today’s explosion of your Individual Beer Learning Plan (IBLP) focuses on People.

People: The most critical item in your IBLP, starting with you!

Besides the commitment you make to your self, who will you contact? Will they be available or interested in helping you learn? How will you approach them respectfully and mindful of their already full schedules?

Cheers to helpful beer people

Who will you call, email or otherwise meet to help you into and through the process? How will you choose people to tap into, connect with, or otherwise ask for help?

How will you make sure to thank and show appreciation to those who help you out? It’s very important that you execute timely appreciation to those who do help you out.

Yes, it may be good for the whole industry and beer community. No they aren’t obligated to help. Yes, most beer community people are happy to – if not eager – help other interested parties into the education fray. And everyone’s busy.

Be grateful in your pursuit and the beer universe will reward you nicely.

Part 1: Topics

Part 2: Tools

Part 3: Location

Part 4: Plan

Part 5: Budget

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Glassware Studio And Beer


gorgeous hand blown Gathering Glass globes

Gathering Glass hosted the Women Enjoying Beer Monthly meet-up last night with a full house in attendance. Keith and Scott, the studio owners and operators, were very welcoming helpful and glad to enjoy tasting the beers and foods on the menu.

A little background: We met at a glass blowing studio because Keith and Scott generously donated 30 hand blown ornaments for a fundraising festival we were part of last year. Bringing almost 30 women to the studio to learn about them, beer glassware and do our usual tasting of 4 beers + foods was a natural fit.

LOTS of questions were asked, most we were able to cram in, some will wait until next time. There’s so much to share about beer and to have a unique host location spurs even more curiosity, which is a big part of learning.

There’s never a lack of engagement, questions, and fun at these events. If you’re a business that could benefit from a lively group of women visiting to learn about beer on a regular basis, call us. We can help you set it up for success from the start.

If you’re a female consumer who enjoys learning about beer, seek these opportunities out. We realize there are still too few to satisfy and recognize (with full respect) that women want to know more about beer. That said, ask your local establishments to put them on. Smart businesses will react.

There's Moylan's in that glass!

Here’s the menu we enjoyed:

Moylan’s generously provided beer (Thanks so much!) for the evening and we mapped out the 4 choices. As far as food went, we suggested some things from the strolling “pick the goodies you want” selection and encouraged them to mix, match and discover as well.

Beers tasted:

  • Tipperary Pale Ale
  • Dragoon’s Dry Irish Stout
  • Ryan Sullivan’s Imperial Stout
  • Old Blarney Barleywine

Having both a ‘regular’ stout and an imperial was a particular bonus. We had one after the other and attendees could experience them very close together, which is an effective learning technique.

Foods available:

Mixed nuts, yogurt covered raisins, mission figs, black licorice bites, (dried) veggie chips, animal cookies, dried cranberries, dark chocolate malted milk balls, Wasabi peas, fresh french bread, and cheeses (medium cheddar, Monterey jack, Cojack, provolone).

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3 More At Swig & Stitch

Swig & Stitch is the brainchild of business person, Sandi Globus, Fabric of Vision. Last night was another great session of Sandi teaching useful sewing techniques around specific projects. Interspersed in the lessons by Sandi I lead attendees through 3 different beer and food tastings and pairings.

The goal is fun and useful education for all. And the monthly events succeed smashingly! Our host is very happy to have us, it’s a perfect spot and every month we’re getting ‘veterans’ and newbies.

Here’s the menu we explored (all beers on draught):

  • Guinness with roasted garlic humus and fresh carrots, celery, and slivered french bread
  • Lindeman’s Framboise with fresh sliced Bartlett pears, Granny Smith apples and red grapes
  • Boneyard’s Hop Venom with lightly deep-fried fresh jalapeno slices (YUM!)

Exploration and consideration are the names of this game. Go exploring yourself and discover tasty things. Doing it with friends is even better.

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With a Nod to Marti Barletta

I’d be remiss if I neglected to thank Marti Barletta before the month was over. She’s been supportive and receptive and helpful. Marti is THEE one I go to for learning more about marketing to women.

Allow me to expound.

Marti’s book, Marketing To Women, was one of the first books I bought when I launched Women Enjoying Beer. It was fascinating, eye-opening and affirming all at once. I was no longer a lone voice in the woods – although there are still too few people who seriously even begin to understand the value, sustainability and loyal customers women can be. And the beer community at large is still in need of knowing – hence, why we keep forging ahead.

I was grateful to ‘find’ someone else in this forest of specializing in marketing to women.

Her second book, Prime Time Women, is equally helpful and “YES!” style.  In it, she talks very clearly and plainly about the fact that women in their prime time years are one of the markets for any marketer and hence business to pursue.

You can find her books here – and I recommend you buy them. I rarely give so strong of an endorsement. Marti’s due that, with a vigorous nod.

Today I want to thank her sincerely. Keep it up, Marti! Can’t wait to enjoy a beer with you again.

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Welcome to Emily Engdahl

We’re thrilled and ecstatic (yes, really!!!) to have Emily Engdahl onboard with Women Enjoying Beer. Suffice it to say Emily’s fire, diplomacy and great enthusiasm for beer and education are a beerfect fit all around.

She’s dug into the landscape of WEB Events Development StormTrooper with great energy and zest. We’re extremely grateful and happy. Thanks for joining the business of changing culture, research, and education for WEB, Emily.

photo by Sara Szatmary

Here’s a bit more about her:

    Emily Engdahl joins WEB with 13 years of experience managing a small business dedicated to the elderly and mentally ill.
    In addition to her wide range of event coordination, conflict resolution, mediation, organizational and financial management skills, Emily’s communication and marketing experience couple with her love of beer and community for a dynamic and enthusiastic addition to our team.
    Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Emily is an avid artist, writer, and voracious reader who enjoys homebrewing, plotting her mini-farm, freelance graphic design, and making people laugh.

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