31+ Women To Celebrate on International Women’s Day

Do you know 31 females that you can celebrate?

I can think of dozens, all for different reasons, in many different facets of familiarity.Some I know well, some less so, some not yet (and would like to share a beer with for sure).

Here are some I celebrate today, International Women’s Day, in no particular order, with plenty more where these came from….

Is that more than 31?? So what…I could go on.

Now you – go on. Make your own list.

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8th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival 1st Ever Chocolate & Beer Session

now...where's my beer?

Come visit us this weekend at the Oregon Chocolate Festival in Ashland OR. It’s the tasty brainchild of Karolina at the gracious and hospitable Ashland Springs Hotel.

We get the express pleasure of giving the first ever Beer & Chocolate tasting session. Karolina was super excited about the idea so we’re thrilled to get to enlighten on the wonderful flavor experience of beer and chocolate together. YUM!!

The Festival starts with a special dinner Friday 3/2, runs 11 – 3 both Saturday and Sunday 3/3 & 3/4. We’ll be there the entire time, with the Beer & Chocolate session at 1 pm Sunday.  You need to register in advance and the sessions are open to women and men – and tickets are selling nicely.

Cheers to Beer & Chocolate!

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Sensory Terms

It's fun and educational to hang with Jamie

Jamie Floyd has good sense. Ninkasi is the Eugene brewery that he co-founded. Jamie invited me to be part of a sensory Game (as he calls it) a few weeks ago. It was great! And I learned a few more things about beer.

Since I love words, here are a few I wanted to encourage everyone to use – Businesses: teach these to consumers, one at a time. Consumers: learn them, seek out brewery folk to help you get to know them well.

  • Retro Nasal
  • Thresholds
  • Shadow Spots
  • Gram-Negative

Vocabulary is a very fun and effective way to get more consumers deeper into beer – all beer. Education truly is the core of progress.

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March Is Women’s HerStory Month

Celebrating IWD at Louie's 2011

Find and highlight 31 reasons to celebrate Women’s Herstory Month – it starts today!!

And International Women’s Day is Thursday March 8th. Show women they matter by making a big deal out of it.

  • 31 Women and females you know and care about
  • 31 Influential female figures in your world
  • 31 Attributes women bring to the world
  • 31 Female homebrewers
  • 31 Female professional brewers
  • 31 Female beer professionals
  • 31 Women

You can do it. Women are doing it everyday.

p.s. International Men’s Day = November 19th

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Ninkasi Sensory Exercise

Jamie FLoyd leading the sensory exercise at Ninkasi

Jamie Floyd, co founder, founding brewer of Ninkasi and beer friend & colleague generously invited WEB guests to their sensory lab Thursday. We gladly took him up on it because we know Jamie to be not only passionate about beer – he’s super smart about it too.

The ten of us who took advantage of the exercise walked out with more beer knowledge than when we started. And with an interesting lesson lodged in our brains, we’re all the smarter and happier for it.

Sensory is a big part of beer and keeping the flavors of brands as we know them using the science of sensory. I think it’s something that many beer enjoyers have no idea happens.

When you come across an opportunity to offer sensory exercises to consumers – do it! When you come across the opportunity to take one as a consumer – take it!

Educating consumers is one of the smartest ways to help your brand survive and thrive. Get them involved and they’ll help the breweries out.


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With A Nod To Marty Jones & Helen Reddy

Okay – my apologies. I’d posted this – I thought – and yet the ghost in the machine somehow got a hold of it…

Marty letting 'er rip!

SO – with no further adieu, here’s the ‘Nod’, as it were. Many thanks to the talented, fun and sharp Marty Jones for the intro song per a workshop at Wynkoop Brewing Company on marketing beer to women.

I am woman hear me road in numbers too big to ignore / When I’m shopping for fine beer in your store / But your marketing and ads are aimed at dudes and dads / Ignoring customers without gonads

Oh yes I’m a wife and I’ve drank beer all my life / Yes I’ll pay the price if you offer beer that’s nice  / If I want to, I can buy anything / I’m employed, I have a Mastercard / I am woman!

I am woman see me drink In numbers larger than you think / And I know too much to go back an’ pretend / Please don’t suggest Cabernet when the one drink I crave / Is a Rail Yard Ale and glass of B3K

Oh yes, I have breasts but I don’t want the wine list / Two X chromosomes and I buy the beer for home / So please tell me about your beer stash / I want hops I want some flavor / I have taste and an MBA / I have expendable income I am WOOOOOOOO MAN!!!!

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American Hop Convention

Goschie Farms

An open letter of thanks to Ann George and the Hop Community that was present at the American Hop Convention last week. It was my honor to get to give the banquet talk. Mixed crowd of farmers, brokers, brewers and more engaged folks, all for the pursuit of hops.

I’ll be posting the talk soon, which will be accessible to anyone who wants to download it.

Cheers to the growers, producers, breeders, researchers, and brewers who are ensuring high quality hops for our delicious beer.  Thank you.

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Swig & Stitch Menu

Thanks to the engaged guests, hospitable host (38 Central) and terrific collaborators for another successful Swig & Stitch last night.

I’m honored to be part of this successful and enlightening regular event with Fabric of Vision. WEB is involved to bring more beer to life.

As I promised to the guests, here’s the menu we enjoyed.

All these beers were enjoyed with a plateful of yummy goodies:

  • Aged cheddar, hard Italian salami, head cheese, sopressatta, sesame cracker, grilled roulade (eggplant & roasted red pepper), Italian olive, candied walnuts, almonds

Cheers & see you all next month!

See – beer goes with everything.


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Beer Diplomacy

Cheers today to those who are diplomatic, practice diplomacy and exercise class and tact in the beer community.

Cheers to beer diplomacy

I want to take the time today to highlight a few that are on our “Beer Diplomats” list. We don’t pick favorites – we simply like to highlight those thoughts, ideas, progressions and people who make for a welcoming beer community environment.

To me and to Women Enjoying Beer, these folks exemplify being open-minded, charitable, progressive, smart, savvy and fun to be with and learn from.

These people are never arrogant, self-righteous, pompous or otherwise the antithesis to what we believe the beer community can, should and (for the most part) is.

  1. Lisa Morrison. She’s positive, well versed, smart, open-minded, and classy.
  2. Jay Brookston. His sense of the big picture, broad range of interests (like this post), and thoughtfulness speak highly of him.
  3. Julia Herz. Energy personified, passion, spunk, and intelligence.
  4. Kim Jordan. Mindful, savvy, sharp, and connected to her crew and Mother Earth.
  5. Steven Pauwels. World view, classy, dedicated, engaging, and fun to talk with.

This is the first group that immediately jump to mind. There are thankfully hundreds of remarkable people in the beer community – from the most beginning consumer to the most experienced professional.

Pints up to all –

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Festival Enhancement: Invite Women Enjoying Beer

Our New Years glass is up to those who see the value of having WEB at their events and festivals. A few of those individuals include: Chris Crabb, Chewie Burgess, Steve Bahr, Patti Araas, Tasha Butz, Gayle Chisholm, Mary Ridderbusch, Hilary Kemmling, Stevie Caldarola, Nancy Johnson, Eriel Hoffmeier, James Book, Kristen Muraro, Ken McMullin, Lucy Saunders, Bradley Latham. I am most likely forgetting some. Know we’re grateful for everyone who’s in this arena.


They see WEB as a contributor, as the educators we are, as the researchers that we are – all feeding the beer community. And they’d be right. Thank you to them.

Educated consumers are good consumers for everyone. We’re your specialists to call for all kinds of crowds: female, male, mixed.

As marketing specialists as well, we can help advise and guide, augment and make your efforts go further with many previous successful past events to drawn on.

Even if you have staff members that do this planning, bringing in a fresh perspective and burst of energy can help them refresh, rethink and plan for an even more successful event.

For those who are looking to enhance their beer focused events, WEB is an excellent choice. We’ll speak, teach, conduct crowd pleasing tastings & pairings, and further enlighten the world about the incredible and simply amazing beverage we know as beer. The enthusiasm we bring and positive energy, diplomacy and good humor is worth every penny.

Find out what some have said about having WEB involved.

One Festival at a time.

When you’re interested in talking to us about how we can enhance your success, call soon – 2012 is filling up fast!

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Beer (And…) Womanifesto Decree

It occured to me early this morning that I never published the Decree I wrote and then delivered in honor of the Beer for Boobs Brunch 2011 (during GABF & Denver Beer Fest time).

The remarkable, smart, gracious, thoughtful and classy Stevie Caldarola of Ladies of Craft Beer and Freshcraft hosted this beerific benefit brunch. The hosts were great with it, the crowd participated and gave us a round of applause afterward.

Enjoy the decree this New Years day ~

Beer For Boobs Womanifesto, this 30th day of September 2011


We, the Women of the United States, in Order to maintain a healthy body, establish self examination, ensure comfortable clothing, provide for the common good health, promote the general Welfare of breasts everywhere, and remain proud of our chests and ourselves and our gender, and establish a more perfect Boobion, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Boob For Brunch America:

Article 1: All boobs deserve proper care and maintenance to ensure healthy adventures in the world at large

Article 2: All boob hosts are to be proud of their boobs and the boobs of others for as long as they are able to do so.

Article 3: I take it as my personal mission to support all boobs everywhere and also support the care and treatment of boobs less fortunate

Article 4: I will not stand by and let anyone malign any boobs for any reason. They are all deserving of respect and good will.

Article 5: I will respect and protect the boobs of myself, my family and my friends as needed and called upon to do.

Article 6: I will support the good health of boobs the world over, as a Goodwill Boob Ambassador, exercising diplomacy and Advocacy.

Ginger & Stevie with the Booby Prize, 2011

So with the above to be true, I hereby bequeath Stevie Caldarola the 2011 Beer For Boobs Booby Prize award for her efforts in extolling the boob virtues we are all here to support. [custom decorated bra]

Everyone raise your right hand and repeat after me:

“I _____,

Do swear to uphold and extol

The rights of healthy boobs everywhere.

I promise to be

Available to those in need

When they call upon me to help.“


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Festival of (Beer) Tree

We recently participated for the first time ever in the Festival of Trees. Suffice it to say – we’ll do it again!

Generous donors, happy buyer (live auction item), and fun reactions from all walks of the crowds. It’s living permanently now here.

Special thanks to my friend and supporter Eileen for setting it all up with me. Another special thanks to my colleague Kari for helping us get into the event in the first place!

Enjoy these pictures and cheers to a safe, tasty and peaceful holiday ~

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What Makes a Beer Community Healthy?

Inclusion is important

Making sure all members of it are invited to the conversation, invited to share a beer with no preconceived notions or expectations. This includes:

  • Consumers at every level of beer interest and knowledge
  • Brewers and brewery professionals
  • Vendors and suppliers, growers and manufacturers
  • Distributors of all kinds of beer (like the flavors or not, it’s still beer)
  • Retailers, both on premise and off premise
  • Ancillary partners like festival organizers and other supporters

They are all links on the chain that makes the pull successful: quality beer that everyone can safely enjoy. Break a link or leave one out and the chain is weaker for it.

Maintain the chain, keep pulling.

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Gathering Great People

A shout out today to the recent donors of goods and for their generous support of WEB. Let me explain.

WEB is in business, like many others are, and we all need to make a living. We rarely ask for donations of any kind from anyone – rather, we talk with people and their businesses, find out where they are at and if there’s a complement between the entities.

Nick Matt and other panelists at a CBC in recent years has really stuck with me. It was to the effect that breweries get asked constantly for donations of beer for this, that and everything else. While some requestors are gracious and understanding, more often than not requestors have no idea what a beer oriented business may be about. They are very focused on getting what they want for their fundraising, auction, and raffles.

Gathering Glass Studio

This isn’t to malign – it’s to enlighten: every organization that has a literal or virtual door is a target for a donation request. Having been with other companies before founding WEB I know well what the front line is like – to get asked and asked and asked.

And I tell you what. When I was growing up I had to raise money to pay for my marching band trips, Girl Scout events and the like. I’ve been on the knuckle side of the door-to-dooring and calling those who knew our family. I’m done asking.

So it’s with particular gratitude that I’m thanking those who have blown us away with the donations they’ve chosen to make to WEB for an upcoming community oriented benefit. We approached them to simply find out IF they donate, what they do (if they do) and how it works. All came back with generous contributions to make this long standing community event fruitful.

Women notice and appreciate those who give back, provide support and make things happen.

Supporting your local causes usually means asking for donations. We’re grateful this holiday season for their unhesitating generosity. Thank you.

  1. Gathering Glass Studio – 24 (5 different designs) orange hand blown glass ornaments + one 22 ounce mug
  2. Brewery Supply and Rastal – 24 gorgeous stemmed beer goblets
  3. Briess Malting – beautiful jars of different roasted malted barleys
  4. Summit Beverage Distributors – 3 boxes of fun beer swag including women’s shirts, beer signs and coasters, glassware and other goodies
  5. Standing Stone Brewing Company – a beer tasting for 6 and several water bottles (our theme is WEB with an emphasis on the 4 ingredients of beer)
  6. Brewers Publications – 2 terrific beer books from their great line up
  7. Lallemand yeast – Cascade Wine Services
  8. Indie Hops – plentiful samples of whole cone hops and fragrant pellet hops
  9. All About Beer magazine – multiple subscriptions to this good monthly beer read
  10. Lisa Morrison, The Beer Goddess – for a copy of her mouth watering new beer guide book
  11. Fabric of Vision – provided us a nice discount on the few fabric oriented items we purchased to decorate
  12. Alpha Beta Hops – beautiful Cascade hop bines

I’d also thank some intrepid helpers: Kari, my events & festival development colleague; Eileen, good friend and huge WEB supporter, and Paige, with Jackson County Master Recycling program to help me clearstream this event.

Rest assured I’ll write a follow up post on the results of the event, with pictures.

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Finding Your Fit In The Beer Community

How do you find your fit?

Do you answer an ad for an opening? Do you inquire with friends and colleagues? Do you surf the net? Do you do methodical or haphazard exploration on the things you are keen on? Do you work yourself into the place you want to be? Do you make things happen or do you sit back and expect something to happen?

Most beer interested people I know work on making it happen. Industry isn’t built on apathy and the beer community in these United States is abuzz and full of intelligent, driven, passionate folks who have found their fit or are making their own mold.

Ginger & Burc of The Beer Authority in Seattle. He's found a good fit (and is very happy!).

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and befriend or at least becolleague hundreds of people in the beer community. From the most novice consumer enthusiast to the can’t-tell-you-enough home brewer, from the beginning professional brewer to the thoughtful supplier, from the hometown distributor to the always smiling retailer, from the down to earth grower to the rubber boot wearing cellar person.

Finding the fit in your community, your vocation, your service and yourself is something that should make us happy and satisfied. Starting with happy makes a lot of other things happen and possible. And people like to be around happy people.

If you haven’t quite found your fit, keep working at it. Ask for help, pull up your bootstraps, don’t wait from someone else to make it happen. And take full responsibility; our country also wasn’t built on the poor-me philosophy and it’s appalling and inappropriate when other people play the blame game. Know when to jump at change, when to fold your cards and move on, and how to recognize opportunity. Learn also to realize when you are happy and that it can sometimes be enough for the time being.

Cheers today to people that inspire, help you find your fit, and make you and the people around you happy.

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What I've Learned About Women and Beer (Lately): Part 2

Per yesterdays start on What I’ve Learned About Women and Beer (Lately), allow me to keep expounding.

I’ve learned – or it’s finally sunk in – that many many women like to hang out with other women only at times. The support that is the ‘female group’ is powerful. This is not news to many – but it is newer for me and I find it flat out remarkable.

I’ll not attempt to explain why because I’m still new to it. Suffice it to say, it’s got a dynamic all its own and I can see how the businesses that authentically pursue female only groups and organizations will most definitely see success.

Do you see how important proper marketing of beer to women is?

I have also found that it’s a very empathetic group to vent to and with. Within that venting, there is an overwhelming amount of support and ideation to assist the women in the center of it all.  Women selflessly give of themselves and want to genuinely help another woman, seemingly almost without exception. While I already know women can give of themselves in a really large way, it’s simply a new dynamic to me to be surrounding by an entire group of women only and be totally unjudged and the one they all want to rally around to help.

I’ll wrap up with this thought: Women, in support and in friendship with other women, enjoy beer. At one of the gatherings I hosted last week I felt moved to finally open a delicious bottle of Imperial Stout from good friend and colleague, Steven Pauwels of Boulevard Brewing. The group of 12 were blown away by this beer. Especially since I whipped up (literally) a fresh lush chocolate cake with which it was offered.

Moments of silence followed…until everyone was so enamoured…I even witnessed a good female friend whom I’ve NEVER seen drink much less enjoy a beer, proclaim it was downright tasty and she’d drink it again.

Proof positive that the power of women and beer is not only already here, it’s ready to take off. Talk to women, listen to them, cater to them (with respect), and they’ll reward you ten-fold.

As for me, I’ll repeat the impromptu inviting of female friends over for beer, cheese and cake. I suggest you do the same.

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Alison's Love Of Beer

Bagdad Theatre, cite of the premier

Enjoy this photos from Alison Grayson’s world premier of her documentary, The Love Of Beer. It’s an honor to be in the film and such great company created by such a talented and thoughtful woman.

Look for a screening near you soon – or better yet: make a beer and film trip out of it. Film = education.

Julia Herz, Ginger, Alison Grayson, Lisa Morrison

Celebrate your love of beer today – Cheers!

Ginger & Teri Fahrendorf share a laugh prescreening

Stage call: for all women in the audience involved in beer

Alison and MC Lisa Morrison

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Raft & Craft Guest Feedback

“Hi Ginger,
What fun it was to meet you. You may find it difficult to fathom but, ’til I met you, I had not been a woman who enjoyed beer. Your enthusiastic presentations and food pairings were inspirational, informative and infectious!
Imagine my surprise when I found myself, a woman,…that was not the surprise… who was enjoying beer.
Best of everything in your passionate pursuit!

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