Dinner With Rhonda

What a delightful way to share a warm summer evening.

Rhonda, Matt, Larry, Ginger

My Fine Husband and I had the pleasure of dining with friend and colleague Rhonda Kallman, co-founder of Sam Adams (retired) and founder of New Century Brewing Company, and her husband Matt recently. Since we were in Massachusetts a few weeks ago, it worked out to connect.

I admire Rhonda for her persistence, unflagging belief, and direct style (with a smile). So glad we could get together in her home turf.

Sitting outside, enjoying her beer Edison with fresh seafood, laughing and talking with a very good server taking care of us made for a great night.

Get together with friends often. Savor these experiences.

It’s a big part of what makes the world go round.

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3 C's

3 C’s of Craft Beer, ala – one of my favorites (sharp, in the know, professional, etc.) – Julia. I’ll extrapolate the 3 C’s with some of my own meanings.

Complement – what goes well together?

Contrast – what really strikes a chord being different?

Cut – what can help make a pathway through (perhaps a hoppy beer through greasy foods)?

Sure – we could wheel of more starts-with-a-C words. How about clarity, color, content, context, carbonation, commodity, craft cleanliness, community, commitment.

Any others you care to share?

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Fathers, Fathers Everywhere…

Cheers to all Dads, Fathers, Pops, Pas, Daddies, Daddy-os, and father figures. Uncles, Grandpas, Granddads, Grampys, and so on.

Be sure to tell them, like you tell the Mom’s of the planet, what they mean to you at opportune times.

Happy Father’s Day!

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What To Do

Ready for a great trip on the Rogue?

Well, one answer is to enjoy it (was there a question of what to do with your time??). Period.

  • Work – if it’s enjoyable absolutely qualifies.
  • Recreation – yes.
  • Solitude – whatever works for you.

One thing that makes life and all the people in it fun for me is to be adventurous. Joy is one of those people who have swooped in and made it that much more engaging and fun. She is her name.

We’re throwing this trip for all adventure goers – fresh air enthusiasts, livers, and doers. You can get details here.

We’d love to meet you and enjoy the adventure together.

p.s. great beer included

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Beer and White Water

What do you enjoy your beer with?

How about some invigorating white water?

Women Enjoying Beer has been graciously and enthusiastically invited by Joy Henkle, White Water Warehouse to be along on a very special, first ever for them (and WEB) Oregon Craft Beer Trip.

WOO HOO! Get that life preserver on because here comes a literal boatload of fun!!!

This trip is scheduled for July 18 – 20th, includes comfy lodge overnight accommodations, tasty food, plenty of (free) fresh air and craft beer, and surely dynamite company.

Rogue river raft trip with White Water Warehouse

And the guests always make the party.

That’s you – women and men welcome. Register. Today.

We’ll be featuring the high quality beers from Ninkasi – YEA!  – as well for our two nights of pre-dinner beer and food pairing tasting.

Ninkasi was a generous partner earlier this year for a WEB meet up, much to the delight of the attendees. Thanks to Nicole, James, Jamie, and the entire crew in Eugene (Congrats on the expansion progress by the way).

There are a finite number of spots so reserve today by getting in touch with Joy here.



Up & Coming Fabulous Events

1. Monthly Women Enjoying Beer meet up – June 10th, Thursday (usually the 2nd Thursday of the month), 7 – 830 pm. Join us at Standing Stone for 4 different beers from a variety of breweries. Full details here.

2. How about a White Water Rafting Trip with Beer?!? Joy Henkle of White Water Warehouse has graciously invited me to join one of their fantastic trips. You can join us for a tremendous experience July 18 – 20. Contact Joy here to get details and make your reservations.

This is a first effort on a beautiful collaboration of a first class outdoor experience complemented by world class beer. We’ll do beer tastings intentionally & carefully paired with tasty foods the two nights we are out.

Rafting and beer – what an incredible combination! For those of you who have asked for trips, here’s your first opportunity.

3. July 8th – Full on Mexican Beer & Food dinner for our monthly meet up. We’ll have a delicious summery Mexican beers paired with courses of freshly prepared Mexican Food, by a Mexican chef.

Mmmmmmm! Is your mouth watering yet??

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Russian River

Vinnie & Larry

Hats off to Vinnie and Natalie for their very high quality and tremendously tasty beers. Here’s a great article to tell you more of why I love (yes, this is not just plain old like) Russian River.

Maybe there’s a name in there, Vinnie – like Adoration?

Heads up to all you who follow WEB:

Russian River graciously afforded WEB a case of the barrel aged beers to have at a future event. I’m all aflutter in figuring out how to feature these incredible beers…surely an idea or two will pop into my head.

Requests? Speak up.

With beer like this, it’s worth not Russ’ian.

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Happy Mother's Day!

my mom and me

Cheers to mom’s throughout the ages today for all they have contributed to our world at large.

Did you know…that women has and continue to play a very large role in brewing? There’s tons of history out there about it. Investigate – with a good beer of course.

Here’s one article to get you started.

Enjoy a beer with a female friend today – mom or no – to celebrate.

p.s. The Mother of all Beer Week’s cometh…

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Short Clip

Cathy & I at the Houston Flying Saucer

Many thanks to Ronnie and the Houston Chronicle for this clip filmed last November in Houston at the Flying Saucer.

Cathy was very happy to share her thoughts about what she wants from her beer.

What do you want from your beer?

Message today – speak up about what you like, what you don’t care for, and what you want from your beer. There’s such an enormous selection that I guarantee (yes, guarantee) the beer community can find a beer you’d like.

Education’ll do that to a person. Keep the skull open. Be a geek, not a snob.

Thanks again Ronnie!

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Home Brewers Celebrate


Here’s a good look at the American Homebrewers Association. Today we can all celebrate all things home brewing, with the modern movement pushed forward by Charlie.

Many professional brewers got into the fray by starting first as home brewers. Alex is one and there are tons of others out there.

As a business, be sure to include the home brewing community in the conversation about beer.

They feed, support, push, drink and want to be involved.

So cheers to all you home brewers (we have a regular in our monthly meet ups as well – keep it up Sue!).

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Rebecca (l) Crannog Ales, BC, Canada

North America has…how many breweries? (check PubQuest for an accurate number).

We need to remember that our friendly border to the north of the US of A has a thriving and growing beer scene as well.

So pints up to Rebecca, Michele, and all the others. Here’s a video of their solidarity.

One question – where are the females in brewing in Canada in this piece? I know they’re there.

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Women In Beer

Darcy schooling me at Rubicon

Hats off – glasses up – to Darcy and the Rubicon crew for their event this weekend.  If you’re in their neighborhood, go visit.

Go visit regardless of when you can get there.

Darcy reached out to me while traveling the country. We weren’t quite able to make it work, so we finally connected in February. It was great to enjoy their beers, her company, walk around and see the brewery and in general continue to absorb more of the brewing community.

Have a terrific day Darcy – hope to lift one with you (again) soon.

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Mixed Company

Ginger and Julie last fall at Stone Brewing

This Saturday will mark the first mixed company WEB event – a Geography of Beer collaboration with Julie Wartell of PubQuest. Here are the details.

Julie and I collaborated last October on our Home Free Tour with two Southern California breweries with much success.


Yes, we had a nice crowds at each place, Stone and San Diego Brewing, who had come to find out about the geography of 5 different beers from 5 different United States. Julie maps out beer on the site – in fact, you can get a custom map made for your travels. Check out the site here.

Looking forward to talking about the geography of our beer again this weekend.

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Great Friends

Doug, Steve & Larry

Doug, Steve & Larry

Here we are – about 3400 of us (record year) – at the Craft Brewers Conference. Breathe it in – it feels GREAT!

It’s the annual craft beer industry gathering – full of seminars, conversations, great people, quality beer, opportunity and fun.

Last year I had the pleasure of addressing the group ala What About The Other 50%?! Developing And Serving The Female Beer Enthusiast. It’s fun to hear from people at the conference this year, whom I met last year, commenting on having attended my session.

The BA does a super job at picking presenters and I did not make the pool of speakers this year. Sigh. Nonetheless, I’ll try again next year. And I did get a media pass – which means I have tons to share to help spread the education forward (and for which I am very grateful).

So onto another big day of learning, meeting, reconnecting and building new relationships.

Cheers from Chicago!

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Windy's Good

streets of Chicago

streets of Chicago

Here I am  – in the Windy City – otherwise known as Chicago, Illinois, USA. Why?

The Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo happens Wednesday night through Saturday pm with the cherry on top being the World Beer Cup awards announced at the Gala Saturday night.

Already ran across – or rather intersected on the sidewalk – Bob Pease, Chris Pryor, (saw Paul Gatza) as well as the fabulous Simon and Roger, Alex, Stephen….who else? Well, there will be lots of opportunity to see all the fine folk of the brewing community.

There will be some we’ll miss – Jennifer, Rebecca, Rebecca (yes, two different ones), Brian, Rhonda, and others.

So I best get some good sleep tonight as the Briess malt plant tour leaves the city at 630 am, returns around 1030 tomorrow night.

Tough job, I know….

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Sensory Science

p1040688Sensory Science plays a big part in our beer experiences.

How the beer smells, how it swirls, how it tastes – all over our mouth, and what it looks like.

Truly, there is a great deal of science behind it. Ask Rebecca Newman, Jennifer Helber, Jeri Kustelski – to name a few of the very knowledgeable and respected beer sensory scientists.

When’s the last time you smelled your beer? When’s the last time you swished it all over inside your mouth before swallowing? When’s the last time you held it up to the light or drank it with your eyes closed to not see the color first?

Experiment with your senses and your beer. It’s very enlightening in so many ways.

Educating yourself will increase your knowledge and appreciation for the affordable luxury in the glass.

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Cheers To Larry

p1030883Today the post is dedicated to my Fine Husband, Larry.

It was at a beer dinner (on a date headed South) that I first met him several years back. It’s his birthday today – so if you know him – or even if you don’t – send him some birthday wishes here.

Lucky am I.

Cheers Larry!

ox gcj

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p1040423Here are some smell oriented sensory words to share. Teri Fahrendorf was kind enough to leave them with me after she shared them with the audience at a recent WEB meet-up.

Think about some of these when you smell and drink your beer.

Specific Keywords:

spicy, cloves, banana, grapefruit, pineapple green apples, garlic, onions, bready, roasty, coffee, chocolate, musty, earthy, cardboard, plastic, pine trees, resins, wet dog, barnyard, copper pennies, caramel, toffee, smokey, ashes, bacon, campfire, smoked sausage, burnt toast, butterscotch, movie popcorn, Cheetos, crayons, rotten eggs, burnt matches, bandaids, bactine, rubbing alcohol, solvent, bubblegum, vanilla, winey, woody, whiskey or bourbon barrels, green grass, hay, straw, floral.

Thanks Teri – the guests found the information you shared helpful and interesting.

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Beer & Cheese

beer & cheese in Kansas City MO

beer & cheese in Kansas City MO

What a delicious, lush, pungent, tasty, and fun combination – Beer & Cheese.

For those of you who have been pairing for many years, superb! For those new into the fray, congrats and welcome.

Cheese and Beer. Beer and Cheese. Full flavors. Lighter flavors. Colors, smells, and appearance.

Here are some of my favorite ideas in pairing beer with cheese. I suggest you also talk to others about what they like – enthusiasts are always glad to share.

  • Crisp IPA with Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Add in season grapefruit for an extra flavor explosion.
  • Barleywine or full bodied Stout with Blue Cheese.
  • Scottish or Brown Ale with a nutty cheese.
  • Hefeweizen of American Wheat with a creamy Chevre on a simple cracker.

Is your mouth watering yet??

Sebbie’s a fabulous resource here…

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