31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #25

As per the previous post – social responsibility – let’s get to Fiscal Responsibility for Facet #25.

Being fiscally responsible resonates large and loud with women. Here’s why.

Alarm for women = fiscal irresponsibility

Many women are heads of households. We already know they control and determine 80 – 85% of all purchases in the USA. They want to make good fiscal decisions themselves. And they want to support businesses who run financially sound operations.

When they shop and therefore when they are in the market to buy beer (on or off sale) they will be much more likely to support businesses they know to be fiscally responsible. If they know the company is sound and in the black, consumer confidence goes up and stays up. When they hear or feel like things are shaky – weeelllll…they may just divert their attention and dollars to a company they do know to be sound. Or at least one they have not heard is running in the red.

How do you communicate this in a tasteful manner? Talk about it on your site (yes, you must have a site…that is managed and monitored on a regular basis…). Share with them, as is appropriate, different things you do with your dollars, causes you support, money you’ve given to the community WHILE running an in-the-black business. As long as you are tactful and not boastful, sharing the general state of your financial situation is a big positive to women consumers.

Fiscal responsibility runs at the surface for women. No matter their income levels, women want to buy with confidence. Knowing your beer brand is solid goes a long way towards her continued and future purchases.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #24

We’re up to number 24 in our series. Seem like a lot? One primary reason is that women and their relationship with beer has not been properly explored starting with her first. Hence a lot of ground to cover.

Today #24 is social responsibility of your beer business. 

Is your beer business socially responsible? Do you share that with your market and use it to attract potential new market share in women?

As long as:

  • You’re authentically socially active and responsible
  • You’re not exercising self aggrandizement for the sheer sake of marketing
  • This factor is actually adding value to your communities

Then utilize and advertise this part of your business model.

If you’re only doing it because you think it’s what ‘you should do‘ and it’s really just a ploy, don’t do it. Women can smell a phony campaign a mile away and the damage done in falseness herein is foolish and relatively permanent.

Authenticity and transparency here is critical to women.

Doing the socially responsible right thing and sharing it with your market share – especially women, is good for all.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #23

Swag. Schwag, Goodies. Tchotchkes. Promotional products.

Whatever you call them, how do women perceive and receive goodies (my favorite term)? Goodies should, by the whole intent, be items a recipient wants to get.

Goodies from a business perspective should be smart, related to the brands and durable. Get the most bang for your bucks and efforts and do the least amount of damage to the planet in the process.

From the female beer enthusiasts perspective here are some considerations as you consider goodies to give away:

  • Is it useful?
  • It is creative or unique – will I get this item from yet another brewery/distributor/bar? (yawn!)
  • Is it made with sustainability in mind?
  • Is it durable? (disposable never really ‘goes away’ – it just clutters up our planet)
  • How does it relate to the brand?
  • Is it relevant to me?
  • Is it a female fit or is it a unisex or men’s size (no women’s?? WRONG move….)

Giving away goodies can be a very positive reinforcer. Make sure you’re putting thought into how it relates to your brand, it’s usefulness to her, and its long term value and durability.

The world does not need any more foam – koozies or otherwise. Make it make sense to her and your beer.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #22

Did you see the gorgeous luminous new moon in the early morning sky today? I never tire of marveling at the moon and its phases and beauty.

Excellent should be consistent

That’s exactly the kind of experience women want with their beer: to feel like every time that beer arrives, is served to them, they find it in the store, it’s given to them as a gift – every time it’s exciting. Building a consistently exciting or at least pleasing feeling every time she engages with that specific beer is key for getting her into enjoying your beer. And your key to successfully promoting and selling it to her.

If it falters, if the tap lines are dirty, if the flavors are off, if it’s been mistreated and she has an experience she is NOT counting on, then it’s a point against that beer. Do you want to take than chance? The answer here is no. Don’t insult the highly intelligent human that she is with a poor product. And a bad product reflects negatively on the entire professional beer community.

Constancy to purpose is important to her, as it should be for every brewer who brews the same style of beer repeatedly. We’re not talking about subtleties that naturally occur with regular and normal aging. We’re talking the foundation of the flavors and quality.

Get that right – give her the smile every time via your beer – and you’ll both be successful.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #21

What’s the reward or incentive for women to engage in your beer?

Like it or not, everything we do has needs some sort of incentive or reward. We’re creatures of affinity – we want to do what we want to do. And when we do those things, we like to:

  1. Feel good about doing it
  2. Feel good about having done it
  3. Want recognition for it
  4. Want to repeat it
  5. Want to share it
  6. Want internal reinforcement to do it again (see #1)
  7. Want to get external reinforcement to do it again

…and the list goes on.

Rewards for supporters = Important

Women also like to share the whole deal forward – they want to tell everyone who they think cares about their reward and will want them to also enjoy it. Double whammy…exponential really when you consider she outpaces him in social media (which is HUGE when done right).

We’re human. And humans like positive reinforcement. So what do your beers and brands do for the woman who participates? The one who buys it every week and either does or doesn’t drink it (or drink much of it)? She needs to be rewarded somehow.

What of the woman who is so loyal to a brand, particular label or brewery that she’s a raving fan and provides the kind of grassroots marketing that you simple can’t hire anyone else to accomplish?

Reward women for participating in making your brand happen. Simple to complex, free, inexpensive or over the top. Just make sure she knows you want to reward here, that you actually do so, and then repeat the process. Over and over and over. That’s what brand building is all about. Successful repetition, with constant evaluation and tweaking.

Women are your answer.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #20

How do you present your beer to women? Bearing in mind that the experience and value are huge factors of women and their relationship with beer, let’s cover presentation for facet #20.

Here are some rules to follow:

1. All beers should be served in beer clean glassware. Unclean glassware negates the gorgeous (and education laden opportunity of ) lacing. Once you teach women about lacing, an indicator of healthy beer and clean glasses, they are looking for it.

2. All beers should be served in appropriate glassware. Please please please get rid of your tapered pints, don’t order more. If you’re a brewery or pub and you use them, while we understand economics factor in, do you skimp on quality of ingredients for the beer itself? Then don’t get crappy glassware. Plus it’s too heavy for many – some men as well as some women.

3. Appropriate glassware helps elevate beer to where it should be seen: with

A tulip glass suits this Grand Teton Holiday Ale

respect, high regard and no pretension. A beautiful beer poured well in a proper glass will make her night. And make you money.

4. If the glass has a logo or label of any kind, place the glass with the design facing her, gently set down so as to retain the head on the beer and greet her as such. If it’s your logo, you’ve paid for it to be on there, right? Then put it right in front of her every time to reinforce the brand.

5. Any spilled beer or dribbles need to be wiped up immediately with a clean towel. Careless spillage sends a bigger message than you think.

Presentation matters, especially to the more educated female beer consumer. You can easily meet and exceed her expectations with presentations done right.

Now, go find some women and practice.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #18

Women like to partake of beer outdoors. Facet 18 will expound on this finding.

Maybe it’s a ‘duh’ for some brands, especially those who are in outdoor heavy areas of the world: Mountains, coasts, and other places automatically associated with the outdoors. If this idea evokes an ‘aha!’moment for you instead, then get to it.

The moniker of “great” per outdoors is no accident. So don’t make the accident of not figuring out a way for women to enjoy your beer out of doors.

Welcome them to Mother Nature with a simple patio – it doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be nice, clean and reasonably comfortable. Furniture that’s easy to sit in, a flat surface for solid footing, shade if the blazing sun is involved, sunshine if it’s a cool climate. What you’re doing here is facilitating the experience with a suitable venue for her.

A great many people who enjoy beer also enjoy the out of doors, in some capacity. Women are no exception here. Get your beer out of doors and women will happily enjoy it there. Leave it in and lessen your potential to cement positive experiences and therefore the memories of your brand with her life.

p.s. Canned beer is a growing part of getting your beer brand in her hand out of doors

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #17

Do you know how to communicate with women? Communication is Facet 17 – although it should perhaps prioritarily be number one.

Do you know what women want? Communicate with them and find out.

Communication makes the world go round. It lubricates relationships, facilitates good deeds, and is directly tied to women and their relationship with beer.

Ask yourself and your brand, very specifically:

Do you know how the women who do or want to or who may have a potential drive to support your brand want to be communicated with?

If you don’t, start asking.

Talk with women, solicit information from them on this very thing. How, when, where, frequency and how much. Women will tell you how often, in what format, and with which vehicles they wish to hear from you and about your beers.

The old saw of not knowing what the heck women want is only true if you don’t ask them.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #16

Today’s Facet is part of the previous 2 posts, based on the Three Universal Truths of Women and Beer. Facet #16 is the Value part of beer for women.

Value for women = experience = time happily and well spent


1. Women value their time. Make their purchasing of your beers easy, simple and fun. There’s huge time-well-spent value in that.

2. Women value their experiences. Women are heard pressed for leisure time, especially if they are the primary household caregivers. Make their experience well worth it and they’ll value it highly.  It’s what our memory tells us, drives us to repeat exbeeriences, or share them with others. There’s value in experiences.

3. Women value their dollars. Women are hard workers and still inexcusably are paid less than men, dollar for dollar. Regardless – they want the money they do spend to be worth it. Whether it’s a ‘cheap’ beer at a ballpark (classic example for a reason) or a $$ dinner table bottle with friends. Dollar for dollar, their dollars need to equal money well spent. There’s value in their monetary investment.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #15

Facet #15 is Social value for women that beer brings to life.

social aspect = important for women and beer

We’ve talked about Facet #14 – education – many times along with the social component. And we’ll keep hitting it because it’s so foundational for women.

Women want a social aspect to their beer experience. Whether it’s quietly enjoying a beer by themselves somewhere they want to be in their own quiet sphere (social can be solo) or a noisy music thumping scenario where beer is part of the whole experiential juggernaut.

Let women decide how social they want their exbeerience. Ask women what they want for social surroundings, if she wants to involve you, and then give it to her. This is easy stuff, people.

We’re giving you the only inside track of available qualitative psychographic information on women and their relationship with beer. It’s up to you to do something with it. They’re waiting.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #14

We’ve talked about the next 3 facets several times. We’ll hit them again since they are the only universal commonalities WEB has isolated per our research* thus far (*qualitative, psychographic research).

Facet #14 is that women want education with their beer.

Education is beer mission critical

Education for women on their beer is critical.

  1. An educated consumer is a consumer any business wants, especially when it comes to a ‘new’ kind of consumer – one previously either totally unfamiliar with the brand or product category, or simply one that has not been included in the conversation (women fit both here).
  2. An educated seller is what the female consumer wants, right Sam? I’ll answer that slightly rhetorical yet absolutely true statement. YES. Women want sellers of goods and services to know what the heck they are talking about. They want honesty and tact, diplomacy and truth.
  3. Offering women’s only beer education is powerful for women and for sellers, be they breweries, distributors, or retailers. Agree with it or not, it’s a proven fact that single gender groups learn differently if not more effectively in single gender settings. In fact we’re not even asking you to like it – we’re telling you it’s so. 

Education is mission critical. You have loads of ideas from this site alone. Now go do something with this information. Women everywhere will thank you with their wallets.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #13

Women and Beer Facet #13 is No Color Needed (or wanted).

Beer is beer. Beer is not pink, it’s not baby blue, or any other color.

And it’s not about marketing a beer expressly made for women to women. That’s tooooootally off base and complete bunk. Here are a couple doozies that stink (1 and 2).

We had yet another contact by a student involved in a group marketing project. This group chose to market beer to women.

Right off the bat I told them: Beer isn’t about gender. And marketing is about knowing your market. One facet of this that came up in our conversation was the color issue. No pinkification – it’s insulting, totally misguided and usually is quite a pandering move by the driving company. Unless you’re Barbie, Victoria’s Secret or Susan G. Komen, or you’re doing an authentic collaboration with the aforementioned, leave the pink alone.

Beer is about flavor, not color. In one way, it’s that simple.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #12

Knowing your market is facet #12.The very first step in successfully marketing to women is recognizing that women are in fact different than men.

Chuckle at the seemingly obvious if you wish. Answer this then: why do so many breweries and beer brands still not acknowledge this fact and do something about it?

One question we get asked with regularity is “why should women be marketed to differently than men” per beer? We’re here to etch this in your mind: you have to know your market. The answer is “because they are different!”

Know your female market

Women respond in their own ways, have their own reasons for buying into different beer brands, have their reasons for purchasing – or not purchasing – a brand of anything, and overall make decisions differently than men.

Just as you wouldn’t market tampons to men or elder care to teens, you can’t successfully market beer to women with a male target in mind. They are different and therefore should be approached and respected for as much.

Yes, it’s about the beer AND you have to nod your head to her buying power.

When you market your beers to women, you have to start with her first. That’s why we are a research company. It drives the education which is the true key to any progress.

Know that women are their own market and address selling and promoting your beers to her, starting with her first, and you’ll see success.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #11

What’s on tap is Facet #11.

  • What beers do you offer to your female (and male) consumers?
  • Is it a broad range of styles, flavors, and alcohol levels?
  • Is it narrow and stylistically tight?
  • Does it vary greatly or stay within specific boundaries?

What beers you choose to offer will help either attract or repel women. And it’s important to know what you are all about: what beers or kinds of beers do you want to be known for.

  • Are you a barrel house – and so only offer barrel aged beers
  • Are you a one brewery house – and so only offer that breweries beers
  • Are you a multi tap location – and offer oodles of different beers all over the map

What beers do you offer?

Whatever it is you choose to be, be consistent. Even if you choose to vary the beers all the time, consistently do just that. Constancy to purpose is important to her so she knows who you are, what to expect and what to look forward to.

Disappointing customers by being out of a signature beer may happen – however, it’s not god to be out of a standard (seasonals or specialties are different). Have a close substitute available if this does happen. She wants a level of dependability in her establishments. Indeed, consistency is what builds or destroys brands.

Your beer selection can be something she is happy to depend on. Encourage here to depend on you.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #9

Taking her money should be easy for her. Since she spends 80+% of American dollars it should be simple and enjoyable for her to pay you for your beer.

Gladly accept the currency you do – making it very clear what you do in fact accept.

  • Cash is queen – we’ll assume everyone takes cash. And if we’re wrong, you should.
  • Checks – up to you (we certainly do). We’re amazed at how many people still carry a checkbook, especially women who carry purses. There’s room and it’s still an option for many. We gladly take them because if a check is convenient for her, it’s convenient for us.
  • Credit cards – pretty ubiquitous; they’re everywhere. Usually a great choice.
  • Debit cards – really no different from a check, simply with the electronic transfer vs. paper payment.
  • If you only take cash, be very sure anyone on the serving or sales side is up front and tells her this right away. “Just so you know, we’re glad to accept cash as payment – sorry, no plastic or checks.” Get it out of the way so there’s no awkward moment.

However you do it don’t you dare charge an extra fee for her to use a credit card. Since when does the merchant dictate how the consumer should spend!? This is seriously offensive. Build credit card costs into your business model. Charging an extra fee for her to use a method to buy something from you and support your business is backasswards.

Make it easy, make it acceptable, and smile while you’re doing it. ALWAYS with a thank you.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #8

Economics lessons rarely include the everyday idea: how do I budget my enjoyment of beer into my life?

What's the economic proposition of your beer for women?

While most women perhaps don’t think that specifically (although I know some do have a beer budget!), it’s important nonetheless to recognize that:

  • With women the spenders of 80+% of all dollars in the USA…
  • With females being 50+% of the global population…
  • With THOUSANDS of beers out there…

…one needs to be cognizant of the beer budget for women.

One great thing is many beers are highly affordable per volume proposition. A six-pack of bottles or cans is a very economical way to fully enjoy many ounces of flavor, share and repeat.

Look at how your beers are priced, including the pricing per packaging with her in mind. She makes the purchases, even though she may not always even drink it. She’s still in charge (or cash or check).

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #7

Facet 7 is One on One Interactions per women and beer. This has a few facets in and unto itself.

1. One on One interaction of a woman and her beer. Very personal, no external conversation need take place.

photo by Kate Parks

2. One on One interaction of a woman and her beer seller. Whether it be at the store, pub, or bar. She wants to have some sort of relationship with the seller to build her knowledge of beer.

3. One on One interaction of a woman and a brewery. Whether she’s a regular or a one time visitor, she wants to feel good about the interactions that transpire on the production of the beer.

4. One on One interactions with a woman and the people she’s enjoying beer with. Who are they, did she choose them, did they choose her, does she want to stay or go?

It all starts and ends with #1. Always remember: it’s about her, not you or your brand. Start and end with her.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #6

In honor of the 31 days of December, we’re running this series – 31 facets of Women and Beer. Today’s facet builds on yesterday (Recruitment) to Retention.

Do you know how to market beer to women?

Retention is what you need to stay in business. If you can retain your clientele after you’ve recruited them, then you’ve got a good start. It’s a start because recruiting and retaining are forever ongoing.

And while the word ‘forever’ can feel daunting or tiring, it’s really quite easy to make it part of your mission. Keep in mind:

  • American women make 80+% of all purchases. They’re waiting to make the choices based on how those products are marketed, the quality of them, and what they hear from their friends.
  • Females make up more than 50% of the global population. There are women everywhere!
  • The opportunity to successfully market beer to women is huge.

If you really want to sell beer to people who will become your best marketers (free word of mouth), then get to it – learn how to market to women. Because I guarantee you they are ready willing and able – if not all actually aware that they’ll like beer and all it has to offer yet. (here’s one of many posts on Education)

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #5

  • What are you doing to recruit women to your brand?
  • Are the images you use diplomatic and respectful?
  • Do you integrate appropriate intelligent humor?
  • Are the women in the images actual customers for your brand?
  • Do they look like a bad stereotype and an unrealistic plastic version of a woman?
  • Would you put your own mother’s face into the female images you choose to use?
  • Would your Grandma respond positively to the images you use to market your beer brands?

Photo: Kate Parks

Recruiting happens with every single interaction. Recruiting women has to be done authentically, constantly and respectfully. Marketing means to know your market. If you don’t take time to get to know women, you have no reason to market to them and they have no reason to engage.

If your beer brand/s can stand on their own quality merits then that’s what you need to market to women (and men). There is no reason to sexify or pinkify or otherwise disrespect women if your beer is a high quality product.

Tired of the same old same old? Women are per beer marketing and the opportunity right now is ripe. Don’t let it spoil.

Know who you are recruiting, know how to do it and then do it.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #4

To continue on the Canned Beer theme, today we’re expounding on yesterday’s post: Facet #4 is Canned Beer and Sustainability.

Watch out for light!

Women want products from companies that exercise and actively practice sustainability. No green washers need apply.

Canned beer is a big move in the right marketing beer to women direction. Bottles are unsafe and not allowed into most parks and in other outdoor venues where they may shatter or otherwise break, potentially causing damage to the environment, a person or other animal, or equipment. Either way, bottles are dicey companions. Kegs are cumbersome and heavy.

Cans are also very light and for anyone who has camped with the “pack it in, pack it out” in place knows that cans are not only lighter weight, since they’re crushable and still recyclable, they’re very muscle friendly.

Women like products that are kind to Mother Nature. Canned beer is one of those products. Consider canning your beer, changing over from glass bottles to aluminum cans, and in general promote this sustainable step.

We can all enjoy more beer for longer when we take care of the planet first. Women agree.

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