Good Example

Here’s a good story on how beer and food go together. Be informed and plugged into where our drink and food come from.

Annual Soulstice Party at my homeGetting people together is a perfect format for conversation, as well as good beer, to flow.

I grew up in a family that threw dinner parties – from the arrival cocktail and pupu’s (as my mom called them) to dinner to dessert cordials. I learned how to drink (responsibly), entertain (diplomacy) and take care of guests (customer service). Ever grateful for that early experience, it’s a passion that I have continued.

Farms, homes, apartment, backyards. It doesn’t matter where you get together. People don’t come over to judge your home, they come over to see you. What matters is you. (Do your pub guests feel this way?)

So call a few folks today, make it a late summer potluck if you like. The vegetables available right now, in season, are an even bigger reason to dine with others.

Just do it. You’ll be very glad you did.

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Sticking it at State Fairs

Summit BreweryHaving grown up in Minnesota, and currently living in Iowa, the whole  “_(some sort of food)_ on a stick” fair food is very familair. Not that I cruise or loiter at State Fairs, but I can tell you that they are biggies and great for people watching.

So when I read this, it made me laugh! Summit is a favorite brewery of mine – reliable, satisfying and tasty.

And what better reason to visit the local fair than Beer On A Stick.

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Focused On Kansas City

Today is the 2nd day of a series of events in Kansas City for WomenEnjoyingBeer. After an announcement posted on the Brewers Association Forum asking for volunteers, willing breweries and other enthusiasts who may be interested in participating, here we are.

WEB will be collaborating with Boulevard Brewing for a focus group, hosting a private event (tasting pairing/recreational – group of  friends), and collaborating again – this time with Gordon Biersch for a focus group.

Looks to be a fabulous line up!

Deidre with a good beer

Deidre with a good beer

A hearty, glass raised thank you to all who indicated interest, offered to collaborate or help, and enthusiastically are wanting to further the idea of real women drinking beer.

The response speaks to the fact that there are lots of engaged people – professionally and personally – who are interested in women & beer.

Let’s recruit more.

KC is a big beer town in many ways and I am very excited to be there. We’ll be back in fact in September again – so if you missed it this time, get in touch, tell me how you want to work together – business wise or personally.

Look for St. Louis or your city soon as well as men’s focus groups. Tell me what you want and we can make it happen.

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Kansas City, Here I Come

Thanks to all who responded to my request via the Brewers Association daily Forum for interest per upcoming WomenEnjoyingBeer Kansas City activities. I posted that I was looking for people in the KC area to participate in events – focus groups (women & beer), perhaps some recreational events – tastings/pairings, and marketing to women workshops.

The response has been great!

Thanks to Gordon Biersch, Boulevard, Tallgrass, KC Hopps, The Worthog, Jennifer Helber and the others – looking very forward to connecting.

p1020060And there’s still room for more.


  • If you’re an enthusiast, contact me to attend an event.
  • If you’re a brewer or brewery and want to either have your beers highlighted to host an event at your establishment, contact me.
  • If you’re a media person or blogger, I’d be very glad to have you join one of the events and take pictures, etc. Beer makes good news.

All events will be posted directly (by end of week hopefully) on the WEB site too – ‘Events’ page.

Hope to see you in KC soon (July 16th – 18th).

Cheers ~

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Did you get to enjoy Savor this past weekend? Unfortunately I was not there (this beer-foodyear) – hoping to go next year.

Beer awareness and de-demonizing beer is a good battle I plan to continue to help fight.

Beer – just like one bad snowmobiler, one bad teacher or one bad apple – is not the devil. It’s the one ‘baddie’, not the whole group. Over the years people have come to blame beer as a scape goat. Untrue. (Look instead to the corrupt sheepherder.)

Indeed, we all need to take FULL responsibility for our own actions, and the consequences of those actions.

Savor, I believe, is all about raising awareness that beer is a premium, affordable luxury. That, incidentally and happily, helped America grow and thrive.

Hats off, I say! Savor your beer (don’t guzzle or slam it) and you’ll be making progress. Beer is tasty, luscious, refreshing, satiating beverage. Enjoy it as such.

Savor it.

Photo coutesy of Flickr by lendandec14

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One Of The Best

There are umpteen beer festivals every year. And each of them is deserving in their own place, context, reason & season. Many are fundraisers – like the one I just

Enthusiasts at the 2008 GABF

Enthusiasts at the 2008 GABF

attended in Stillwater MN (Ala Rotary). All are great opportunities.

The Great American Beer Festival is one of my personal favorites. Why?

Well, I first went with my boyfriend to the 2003 festival. It was a HUGE eye opener. I had started dating him several months before, he’s a professional brewer so it was a very fun, slightly overwhelming indoctrination of beer. Wow.

Since then, I have attended just about every year, with my Husband (aforementioned boyfriend) and friends. Every time it’s fun, educational, and a terrific place to people watch. The souvenir tasting glasses you receive when you attend are a great reminder when you’re back home, thinking about good beers.

I’d encourage you to attend a variety of festivals this year. The people who put them on are in earnest, the brewers who attend (usually donate their beers) are eager to tell you more about them, and you’ll meet some great folks. Who you’ll most likely see at another festival again.

So if you go, look me up – we’ll enjoy a good beer together. (I’ll also be at the PBS meeting.)


p.s. LOVE the Madison WI festival too…then there’s…

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Hats Off!

A big fat Thanks! to the BA and to Draft for the great photos per the recent Craft

Kate from Harpoon

Kate from Harpoon

Brewers Conference photos. if you’re a BA member they were sent to you. (Now’s a good time to join the BA if you’re not already a member – in the business, supporters, etc.)

It shows that a good time – and hopefully useful time – was had by all. What an incredibly engaged, fun loving, smart, progressive, group of people.

I see several familiar faces – including mine (!) as well as Rebecca, Alex, Dave, Tom, Mary, Steve,  the Cargill Crew to name a few.  Thanks to Harpoon for their gracious Hosting as well as Boston Beer (bummer to have missed the fresh lobster!).

See you in Chicago next year – although hopefully before. Cheers!

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Customer Experience Workshop Offering

The Power Of the Customer Experience

This particular workshop session is designed for individuals & small groups (up to 6-8 per company) – a larger group session made of of lots of different businesses.

Here’s your opportunity to attend, refresh yourself and enjoy the company of other engaged, motivated, smart people who also understand the full value of the Customer Experience.

Call me or email me by Friday May 1st to reserve your seat.

Only $30/per person for some energizing professional continued development. ($25 if you pay in advance by May 1st)

  1. Details:
  2. Location: First National Bank, 405 5th Street, Ames, IA.
  3. Parking: Please park in the street (spaces are plentiful & meters are cheap) to respect  the use of the banks customer parking for First National’s banking customers.
  4. Wednesday May 6th, 9:30 am – 11:00 am. Please be prompt.
  5. RSVP’s needed: due by May 1st; this email address or call 515.450.7757

Thank you very much – Hope to see you the 6th!


The Power Of The Experience
is a participatory workshop offered by Snap!
about the Customer Experience through the vehicle of You

Dynamically Covering:

  1. Good Customer Experiences & Poor Customer Experiences
  2. Handling Less Than Ideal Customer Situations
  3. Applying Techniques & Best Practices
  4. The Effects of practicing Best Practices
  5. The Effects of Poor Practices
  6. Key phrases and words to avoid
  7. Specifics on how to handle Less Than Ideal People situations
  8. How to find or generate an answer to questions you may not have the answers for

Definitions Covered:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Types of Customers
  4. Adopting a Servant Mentality

If you want your dollars to really matter, this is no average workshop. Think of it as the anti-dry-and-boring-workshop workshop.

Just ask Matt Thompson, Dean of Student Services at Southwestern Community College . Snap! was in Creston, IA, home of SWCC early this spring & presented the workshop twice. By the next morning the college president had come by Matt’s office, stating she had heard so many great things about it that she wanted to already plan for the next workshop.

Can you afford not to stay in tune with the best customer experience you can offer?
Call me today to set up a time – let’s talk about it.

P.S. Sharing the cost with others makes your investment stretch even farther. Get a group together – with other businesses, service clubs, organizations, and groups.

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Still On Adrenaline


The Craft Brewers Conference is over for 2009 – and the pulse goes on. What an incredible experience to enjoy the company of so many remarkable people, quaff great beers, eat sea shore fare, and really connect.

Oh – and the fact I got the opportunity to present which was fantastic! “Where’s the Other 50%?! Developing & Serving the Female Craft Beer Enthusiast (Consumer) Market” I’ve gotten positive, specific feedback (more always welcome if you were in the room for it).

So for the moment – whilst I do a bit of catching up, THANK YOU!

Prolific & hearty thanks to all the attendees who were open to meeting, talking, conversing and in general keeping the Craft Beer movement healthy and going forward.

Check out my CBC Special package here. I’ll be putting together another pricing offering – a Guild focused package to help guilds offer more to their membership and further the cause. Inspired by Tom McCormick & Steve Parkes & Heather McClung & Dave Coy.

Call me and tell me how I can be of service in helping your brewery (yours or the local one you support) develop the female craft beer consumer market share.

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Back On The Beer Track


I’ll be getting home from the Craft Brewers Conference today – most likely all revved up from great time spent with engaged switched on people and good beers. And seafood and fresh maritime weather. And lots of walking and laughing. (Little sleep I imagine).

Like Maureen says, “Beer is really good.”

So bear with me as I get back on track in the next day or two. Thanks.

For now, keep in mind – know your market.

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CBC Conference Special

For those of you attending the CBC this coming week, here’s a special deal.

Free Audit Of Your Business per Marketing To Women
Included with the consult of marketing your brand to women and all surrounding consultation services as well as travel, lodging, food & beverage expenses. (We’ll work out details in a letter of agreement.)

The Free Audit is a comprehensive look around your facilities, all areas of your operations and business; discussions with any staff; any and all discussion; synopsis of audit.
The Consultation is the plan of action after the audit has happened. The Consultation fees will be calculated on an hourly or project basis in advance, depending on the size of your facilities and what we specifically agree to work on together.

For example, if you have a smaller brewpub and want that facility to be evaluated and reviewed, then the walk through will be free (audit part) the consultation based on that walk through /audit will be what is charged. The consult includes professional suggestions, recommendations, an organized report of the audit, and follow up and follow through per the audit and consultation.

In essence it’s a buy one (consultation), get one free (audit).

Also – please know there is no nickel and diming. Follow up and follow through are critical elements to your success and I ensure that we take care of all agreed upon punch list items to satisfaction.

This special is available for three full months+ after the 2009 CBC (until end of July 2009). A deposit of most efficient and reasonable calculated travel expenses will be due before my arrival to your place of business (think of earnest money/down payment), the rest due upon completion.

Here’s an extra incentive.

If you pay for all services in full by the end of our on site audit & consultation, take another 10% off the final bill. You can therefore get the free audit AND the free presentation AND an additional 10% of the agreed up on figure, which we establish before I arrive, before I leave. You know how much it will be, you provide the down payment, I provide the full services agreed upon and you have the opportunity to save an additional 10% off the final bill. If you choose to pay after I leave, the balance is due net 10 – cash or check.

One final enticement – When you book the CBC Conference Special, I’ll provide (when on site) a FREE presentation to your group (of your choosing – company/employees/vendors/suppliers/any combination) The Power Of The Customer Experience. This is a $500 value, 1.5 hour engagement as a thank you for utilizing my services. The Power Of The Customer Experience is a refresher and reinforcer which covers best practices, dealing with less than ideal customers, good experiences, bad experiences, the customer is always first and more. It’s a lively, interactive, provocative and entertaining way to provide professional development.

Any referrals are greatly appreciated and also rewarded (case by case basis).

Book it, Dano.

Thank you – Hope to see you in Boston.

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Hats Off To Hops

Here’s to Mark and the crew at Summit for their latest con-hoption. Check it out.

p1020082Mmmmmm…makin’ my mouth water…..need to get some…

Summit was a site of one of my intitial focus groups addressing women & craft beer & marketing to them. I got in touch with Mark, he put me in touch with Carey, and Voila! The gorgeous ratskeller was available to utilize.

Thanks again! Hope to be there again soon (and maybe see you in Boston).

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Beer Wars Follow Up

revere-model-99-8mm-movie-cameraSo who saw it? Beer Wars, that is.

It was shown live in theatres nationwide (400 or something like that) last night at 7 pm. There was a live feed intro by Anat Baron (producer director) and Ben Stein.

The live element was cool & very unfamiliar to most of us around these days.

A raised pint of thanks to Noah at Draft News for posting my comments. Check all the comments out here.

Friend Maureen Ogle was sitting in the live panel afterward (and in the film itself too). Could have listened to the live panel for a while.

Motivates me further to keep the progress of accurately and authentically market craft beer to women moving forward.

Photo courtesy of Flickr by willceau

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You're A Doll

Thanks to Mark Doll for the invite of last week’s World Of Beverages event. It was a seemingly well attended event. (I’ll post pictures when I get resizing photos figured

Tina & Carla from Ge-Angelo's

Tina & Carla from Ge-Angelo's

out in WordPress.)

Why did I go to a primarily industrial beer event?

To hopefully taste new beers (to me). I did find a few – mostly they served what they’re mainstreaming though. I was interested in beers that are out of the norm. Hopeful that using the title “World of Beverages” meant that they were going to offer plenty of non mainstream beers. Not so much.

After all, the fortune cookie I chomped into at the Kiren beer table tells me
“You are about to make a most valuable discovery.

Mark and Julia were on hand so I made sure to greet and meet them both. I had met Mark at fundraiser in the Des Moines area a month + ago. So was pleased to see the invite in my email. Thanks.

Paul was there too – working hard.

Where are the women working for distributors? Why aren’t there more?

Women – step up, get in the game if you want to be heard. You have to speak up first.

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Upcoming Happenings

A few things today:

An Invite = a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) to share and enjoy at my home, April 16th, before the upcoming Beer Wars Movie.
The show, which is a very cool live broadcast from L.A., will be shown in TONS of places nationwide. You can get a full theatre listing online (‘screenings’ button).

Great American Beer Festival 2008

Great American Beer Festival 2008

We’ll be here (central Iowa) from 530 – 630 – the movie starts at 7 pm – to get into the spirit of things.
Women & Men welcome – RSVP to me directly please for full details.
(P.S. – a professional brewer will be on hand at the BYOB as a bonus!)

The Beer Wars Movie event will supplant the next Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) group for April. We’ll be back on schedule with a May 14th  WEB meetup featuring Dave Coy, Brewer of Raccoon River Brewing, location to be determined as we get closer. Dave’s a good guy and an adept brewer who really takes pride in his beer.

Late April will find me in Boston, Mass, USA enjoying & presenting to the Craft Brewers Conference per “Where’s The Other 50%!? Developing and Serving the Female Craft Beer Enthusiast.” WOO HOO!!!

As always, the virality of these invites is important. Please feel very free to forward to any engaged women who enjoy beer, want to learn more about beer, and have fun to doing it. Humble thanks to those who forward them along.

Stay in touch.



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