Marketing Beer To Women Series Starts Today

Why is there a gender issue surrounding marketing beer to women? Because if there wasn’t a need to delineate women as a market share for beer promoters and sellers, we wouldn’t be discussing it.

Marketing is at the core here. And at the core it’s marketing beer to a target audience. When you look at how to market beer or any other product or service, you have to know who your market is and who to reach them. Gender in this instance is the market delineation.

  • Yes, at the core marketing beer to women is about beer.
  • No, it shouldn’t be about gender and in this case it’s the very market that’s being discussed so yes it matters.

Anyone who doesn’t understand this needs to sit down and take a lesson. A Marketer markets – they don’t sell, they don’t manage, they don’t make the product. They bring the product to the market – hence the term ‘Marketer.’ Doing it ad hoc by whoever can/is available/has time is a huge mistake for companies and branding.

Marketing is not a bad thing nor a four letter word. It’s a good component that drives your business forward, no matter what the official business structure is either (for profit, non profit and everything in between). It’s an essential part of any businesses wanting to be successful, whether you sell rockets to NASA or hops the local brewery.

Stay tuned for a lengthy series about marketing beer to women. You’ll gain valuable and usable insight, all based in consumer driven research to develop and serve the female consumer. If you’re a business, promoter or maker of beer, then you’ll want to pay attention. If you’re a consumer help the entire beer community out by speaking up about your beer (host a WEB women + beer focus group).

Part 2 tomorrow: # Universal Women + Beer Truths

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Straight from the Source: Women + Beer

  • “I like the social aspect of meeting people, it’s not necessarily about the beer.”
  • “I like the high it can give.”
  • “I like learning about all the beers and foods together.”
  • “I’m starting to drink beer again so I like the chance to learn about them.”
  • “I like an ice cold beer after a hike.”
  • “I like the carbonation.”
  • “I like how it tastes.”
  • “I like the really dark beers.”
  • ” I didn’t drink beer until I started coming to these events.”

You don't know what women want from beer unless you ask them.

I like, I think, I want, I do, I didn’t…..All of these comments are as fresh as they get: they came from last nights WEB meet up. A room full of women, talking about beer.

Are you doing something like this? Are you offering women’s only events surrounding beer? Talking about beer and food is better than just beer too, by the way.

In the recent lively conversations about women and beer, many ask ‘why should beer be involved in gender discussion’ (to paraphrase)?

I’ll tell you why. Because in this case, women as a gender is the market segment that will help the craft beer community survive and grow, especially in light of the mercurial growth happening right now in the USA.

Ask women what they want, what they like and what they think they want to know about beer. They’ll tell you. And that’s real information anyone who wants to sell or promote beer can use immediately.

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The Alchemy of Widmer at WEB

Last nights menu for the WEB monthly meet up featured Widmer beers. We chose them for a few reasons.

  • WEB is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, as is Widmer
  • They had a really nice line up of beer choices readily available
  • They make a high quality product
  • The brewing manager is a friend and colleague – thanks Doug!

Women enjoying Widmer & food

And glad we were to pick them. Menu of beers and foods planned to match them were spot on, with reactions and comments aplenty. Here’s the menu we created and served:

  1. Citra Blonde with melon ball with Humboldt Fog Chevre garnished with chives and hibiscus powder (this beer has been a favorite of mine this summer as well). Big crowd pleaser!
  2. Hefeweizen with micro greens and Meyer lemon & pink grapefruit vinaigrette on Belgian Endive garnished with toasted sesame seeds, candied grapefruit peel and Hawaiian black sea salt. (Discussion of longevity of Widmer and craft beer and style origination was art of this course)
  3. Falconers IPA with spicy Thai noodles with sweet chili sauce, roasted peanuts and basil
  4. Pitch Black IPA with charcuterie plate: Molinari mild salami, Herbs de Provence pate and English Stilton with Dijon mustard sauce. (The black color of this beer is a great educational opportunity)

Sounds fancy – yet the beers and foods are all within relatively basic available ingredients. Our host (location & food) LOVES beer and food together so it was a really fun and tasty partnering for everyone.

We had a bit of time at the beginning of the evening before we dove in so I also asked all the guests to tell the group one thing they liked about beer….you’ll find out what they said tomorrow.

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Comments from yesterdays "Chick Beer Backlash"

Yesterday we highlighted this beer and just some of the conversation it’s generating (read the comments).

Today we’re sharing a few that came straight to WEB (per our comment post).

  1. “Well said Ginger.  First of all, this seems like a very “dumbed-down” marketing approach towards women, and you’re spot-on with knowing your audience. Secondly, it’s just done in bad taste!  How can someone studying marketing towards women not realize that our aesthetics go far beyond hot pink and negligees…I know that was intended to look as a LBD [little black dress], but it’s obviously designed to look as lingerie. It just blows my mind that all of the well designed artistic packaging in Shazz’s mind doesn’t appeal towards women.  Does she really think women are so flat?  Look at Sierra, Anchor, Brooklyn, New Belgium, Founders, even Pabst! Wonderful design encompassing many different elements and principles of art…not curly cue letters and hot pink.”
  2. “Agree 100%! Chick beer? I’d hate the see what the male counterpart to that would be.”

What do YOU think?

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Chick Beer Backlash

Have you read this yet? Please do – then continue reading.

This article in particular was forwarded to me by a few industry friends (thanks) and I am well aware of the beer and its founder Shazz Lewis.

I rarely comment online since I find the format to be too anonymous to really do any productive good. However, it’s a timely issue and my speciality so this is what I posted in comment:

Beer is beer, true. Marketing is not marketing however. You must know your market – starting with what they want, directly from them (your target market). Women Enjoying Beer is the only business on the planet that does just this. And interestingly enough Shazz called me a several months before the launch to pick my brain – ‘brain’ being the collected and ongoing research of hundreds and thousands of women who have participated in focus groups all across the USA.

Regardless of what she asked of me and I shared with her from these smart and engaged, brand savvy women, she chose to go forward with her dream. Power to her. No power to the idea. Because whether Shazz likes it or not, the beer isn’t about her and what she thinks; it’s about what the market wants and will positively respond to. Right now, it’s mostly negative and for good reason.

When you don’t know your market, when your efforts are misguided, then everything (business) and everyone suffers (customers, people in the company). And if you don’t know your market, you have no business aiming your product in their direction. (ever heard of the Della debacle??)

You MUST know your product AND how to respectfully and properly execute the marketing plan that will see it to successful fruition.

Women everywhere equate pink to Barbie, Victoria Secret and Breast Cancer. As a friend in the beer industry said, why would you want to relate a color (pink) per a deadly disease to your product? And as one person commented already, per the 11 year old – she’s right. Girly in research indicates 12 and under (age wise). No one in the craft/beer community wants to be seen as marketing to underage drinking.

There is no such thing as a women’s beer. Everyone wants the opportunity for flavor, whatever form that may be, and everyone wants to be treated and invited to the product with respect and in a genuine manner. And for the record, not all craft brewers get that either.

Suffice it to say, education is the key. And this is a big mistake and while I wish Shazz well, our research clearly and loudly states that this is insulting, patronizing and headed backwards. Will we see the day when ‘men’s’ beer is marketed in baby blue jockstraps?

Ginger Johnson, founder/operator, Women Enjoying Beer

p.s. I only wish that all the strong opinions out there were also strong enough to be proud and transparently post their real names. If there’s no shame, then there’s nothing to hide. Like my good friend Maureen Ogle states, “Don’t be afraid of your opinions.”



Beer & Donuts: Rethink Your Breakfast Drink

Do you like beer and donuts?

I’ve long been a fan of beer and donuts on a weekend day. A brewing friend, one of the first one I met when I discovered beer, turned me on to it. Moderation is always the key, as it is any time and any time of day you choose to exercise the privileges of drinking alcohol (it’s not a right).

This past weekend was my birthday so for one of those days we went out and got some fresh donuts with a beer in the fridge anxiously awaiting our return. That beer was from our friends at Grand Teton Brewing in Victor ID. They generously send me pre-releases. It’s fun to get them – more importantly it’s helpful in learning more about beer.

The beer that joined the donuts: Wake Up Call Imperial Coffee Porter.

Grand Teton Brewing Wake Up Call Imperial Coffee Porter

Take a guess if the Porter paired nicely with fresh chocolate cake donut and a fresh glazed chocolate frosted donut. Chocolate, like alcohol, is best in moderation too.

The beer aced the donuts – unfortunately the donuts we’re slightly less than fresh. Because the beer was delicious, the day was still saved. Full bodied, appealing flavors, deep opaque color with myriad pairing capabilities.

Changing the way people think about beer starts at home. If you’re in the professional beer world ask yourself:

  • What are my beer habits?
  • Where do I create innovation for the brand/s I make/work with?
  • How can I turn another person onto beer?

Set the example and see it take off. Personally, I’m waiting for the invite to help a brewery throw a stellar tasty and different beer brunch. Women love beer and they really like brunch.

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Alison's Love Of Beer

Bagdad Theatre, cite of the premier

Enjoy this photos from Alison Grayson’s world premier of her documentary, The Love Of Beer. It’s an honor to be in the film and such great company created by such a talented and thoughtful woman.

Look for a screening near you soon – or better yet: make a beer and film trip out of it. Film = education.

Julia Herz, Ginger, Alison Grayson, Lisa Morrison

Celebrate your love of beer today – Cheers!

Ginger & Teri Fahrendorf share a laugh prescreening

Stage call: for all women in the audience involved in beer

Alison and MC Lisa Morrison

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Raft & Craft Guest Feedback

“Hi Ginger,
What fun it was to meet you. You may find it difficult to fathom but, ’til I met you, I had not been a woman who enjoyed beer. Your enthusiastic presentations and food pairings were inspirational, informative and infectious!
Imagine my surprise when I found myself, a woman,…that was not the surprise… who was enjoying beer.
Best of everything in your passionate pursuit!

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Wisconsin Woman Enjoying Beer

Happy Jennifer at GTMW, photo courtesy of John Benninghouse

Cheers to Jennifer!

She had a great time at one of my all time favorite (so far) beer festivals, the Great Taste of the Midwest in Madison Wisconsin USA a week ago.

It’s very well run by the Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild. Having also worked it from the brewery side before, I can tell you unequivocally they are dynamite for serving the brewers who participate. More festivals should take a nod from them.

  • Plentiful, knowledgeable volunteers
  • Nice locale, workable environment
  • Managed capacity, tents to shield from sun and rain
  • Good length and time of day
  • On Gorgeous Lake Monona

WEB’s friend, House of Brews, also is a part of the festival. Another reason for us to love it. Hope to get back there for it next year. Felt a withdrawal of sorts this year….I’ll be okay…I guess….

Cheers also to well run festivals. A well run show benefits the brewers, organizers and goers (most importantly).

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If You Love Beer…

Ginger and Alison Love Beer

…come join us in Portland Oregon today for the world premier of Alison Grayson’s film, The Love Of Beer.

Alison was gracious enough to be our guest on BeerRadio as well – she’s sharp, fun, and plugged in. And darn talented. We’re reallllly curious to see the whole thing and will be in the crowd tonight.  In the interest of full disclosure also, I am apparently in the film too.

If you don’t catch it on 8/20/11, then look for it showing elsewhere and ask for it to be shown at your regional independent film festival.

Cheers to Alison, the love of beer and film ~

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Building Future Market Share

Say you have kids. Do you start saving or planning to save for them when they are in 2nd grade or 11th grade? If you want to go on a big vacation, do you start looking for flights and deals several months in advance or the night before you go?

Develop new female beer market share now, not later

Developing new female market share is something that is a long view effort AND smart and easy to begin executing. In order to help assure your future survival and success, you must look to the future. And women are a huge part of that future success.

Even if your situation is “I can’t make enough beer to meet the current demand” – especially if this is your situation, then you must have the foresight to look ahead. Remember the real estate boom and bust? Every market will have its roller coaster times. Preparing for these times by developing the fans and supporters and buyers of your brand NOW will help you get through the not so hot “how do I make payroll” times.

Beer is not immune to recessive cycles either. Major domestics are still struggling to go back up, imports having dipped are trying to look ahead and the craft market – while growing – needs to be especially cognizant and not arrogant about the current level of success.

The second you take it for granted and don’t look ahead, you’re setting yourself up for a major dip. When you work on building it, you’ll have a much more stable brand and see greater sustainable success. Women* will help you if you start now.

*women influence fully 80% of purchases across all categories, including beer

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Beer Vernacular: Everyday Language, No Jargon

Vernacular – using plain, everyday, ordinary language – is important in developing new market share, in women for sure; and we’ll take a stab that the same holds true for men as well.

Do you know what all these words mean?

When you can describe your goods, products and services with every day language, you’re educating and developing new enthusiasts. And when you’re educating new enthusiasts, you’re building new customers. And then you’re building new customers you are building your brand: The effort you have put much blood, sweat, tears and cash into.

Every day vernacular is a bridge that spans the question “who’s going to buy my beer” question. A rather critical question, yes?

Know that using every day language is not talking down or up for that matter to anyone. When you use terminology that everyone can understand, then your brand can in fact stand out.

Jargon quickly cuts people off so don’t use it with every day consumers. For those who may not know a word or two, they may ask or more often than not they won’t. They don’t want to look stupid or unknowledgeable in front of others and you, the beer professional. When they don’t ask and your don’t offer you’re increasing their likelihood that they won’t return simply because you didn’t figure out ahead of time that every day words are what you need to use.

By all means bring up a word that may not be common – just make sure you define and explain it. Like a spelling bee, use it in a sentence and make sure the audience comprehends the new term. Using new words for people can be very satisfying for both parties: you the giver, are educating in a positive way; and the audience gets to add another word they can use in their pursuit of the beer experience with confidence.

Some beer terms that can usually use defining with consumers include: wort, craft, gravity, mouth feel, body, and ABV (stay away from acronyms as much as possible).

Education is truly the key to progress. For getting more women into beer, for continuing the education curve for everyone who may be interested in your brands, and for yourself. When you recognize that you don’t know it all (no one ever will either) then you set the stage for more success and growth.

And we can all drink to that.

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Seeing The Light: Why Women Matter

Seeing the light can be blinding obvious or yawningly dim. Maybe even in the norm of average daylight or indoor illumination.

The trick is to see what others don’t. Having vision means you are stretching, looking for those darkened nooks and crannies of business opportunity that exist that very few have even considered.

Women and beer fit here.

  • Females make up more than 50% of the global population
  • Women influence fully 80% of all purchases (across category lines)

The planet is in a decline and now is the time to develop brand loyalty – even simply basic beverage loyalty. Check out the latest Gallup poll (last year’s too).

See the light: Women + Beer = brand growth

You think it’s just us preaching this message? If you have any interest or gain in promoting or selling beer, then you better pay attention: Woman are a huge part of the answer.

Most brewers in America aren’t looking that far ahead, as a general rule, because they can’t make enough beer to meet the demand that’s now in play. Why should they develop new market share when they can’t even get past today’s brewing schedule?!

Why? Because when it does register, it’s going to hit hard and dramatically. Now is the time to get women engaged in beer, not in a few years even. Remember that planet thing? That’s not going to get significantly better anytime soon. You best get into the research and strategy NOW of getting women into your brand. To expect something means to put a serious and concerted effort forth.

When you’re ready, as a few enlightened souls have been, WEB is here to help. It’s simply a focused knowledgeable effort that’s needed – just like recipe development or equipment planning. WEB is the industry leader in marketing craft beer to women.

What are you waiting for? Someone else to take a share point?

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The Social Aspect of Women and Beer

What do you love about beer? Is it a ‘who’? A ‘what’? A ‘when’?

Social interation is important for women and beer. Photo by Kate Parks

One thing that seems to universally resonate with beer people is other beer people. Beer is a social libation that people tend to gather round, regardless of if they partake or not. You don’t need to drink it to enjoy it.

Let’s think about the ‘who’ for a moment. Who do you want to be around (or not) when you are enjoying beer?

Women universally want a social component to their beer experiences.* And when we say ‘component’ it means that the woman may be a serious social interactor or a quiet observer (just as a man can be). The crux is this: Women want to have some sort of social facet to the participation.

Social interaction is part of quality of life to many, it’s something people crave or want in whatever measure they want it in for themselves, and beer can provide that opportunity.

Keep both eyes wide open for social opportunity for female beer consumers, however novice or advanced their knowledge is. Opportunity abounds for those paying attention.

*based in female beer consumer research 1/09 – present/ongoing by Women Enjoying Beer

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Another Example of "Still Not Getting It"

Recent email conversation:

Thanks for the email! I appreciate your comment regarding women. In fact, our name comes from an often-quoted Egyptian proverb which reads “The mouth of the perfectly happy man is filled with beer.” For us, the reference to “man” is gender neutral. We have a huge affinity for the women of craft beer and have many, many female fans and colleagues, including some of the ladies from The Women of Craft Beer. We would like to have more women contributors to our site.
Our site is definitely not just for men 🙂 … it’s for anyone who loves craft beer.”

WEB’s research based reply:

“Hi so and so –
Appreciate the conversation.
Obviously you do what you want/choose to – it’s all well and good that it’s an ‘old saying – nonetheless, it’s exclusive; just as if the saying were “perfectly happy woman”. I can tell you (free insight) that to women, ‘men’ is not gender neutral this day and age, regardless of what you intend it to be. Ultimately it’s up to the consumer( not us) to decide what’s acceptable. WEB is a consumer research driven company hence a rethinking for many is in order to really attract and get to women via beer. Do with it what you wish.
I’d invite you to visit our site at your convenience to learn more about WEB and how we may be at your service.
Best to you – if you’ll be at GABF, please feel free to come by our booth. It’d be a treat to meet.
Cheers –

Yes, Houston, the beer community still has a big problem. Are you part of the problem (however unintended) or the solution?

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Saucy Sisters and Beer Menu

Last night we had (yet) another fun and palate expanding beer and food pairing, this time at Redrock Italian Eatery. In specific we paired 4 Saucy Sister sauces and dippers with beers.

Mmmmmmm…it was a great opportunity to play with the acidity of vinegar, tomatoes, and also the highly fragrant and noticeable fresh garlic and cheeses.

Tasty tortelinni photo by Kate K Parks


  1. Laurelwood Red with house made pizza dough breadballs with Saucy Sister Marinara. This marinara is on the savory side, as opposed to many marinara sauces that are sweet (read – lots of sugar).
  2. Ninkasi Total Domination IPA with fresh tri color cheese tortellini and Saucy Sister Creamy Pesto. The pesto is sans pine nuts, add buttermilk and mayo – WOW to the creaminess and particularly great combo here.
  3. SOB Porter with grilled chicken bites and Saucy Sister Balsamic Vinaigrette. The richness and mellow acidity of the balsamic was fantastic with the robust smooth porter.
  4. Widmer Hefeweizen with pesto bruschetta – sliced lightly toasted bread with diced tomatoes, black olive and parmesan. While this was an okay pairing, it paled by comparison to the others.

Play with your beer and food together. We were happy to hear from the attendees of some eye opening – especially the porter with the balsamic.

Cheers to hitting the beer and sauce together.

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Who's In Your Beer Community

Enthusiastic and curious female consumers are a big part of our beer universe

When you think about the people in the beer community, who springs to mind? More specifically, who do you find in your very own beer universe? Who is it that you like, do business with, must and want to associate with in relation to beer?

  • Is it the brewer in your town? Is it the bartender at your favorite taphouse/brewpub/bar/restaurant?
  • Is it the distributor who takes good care of your beer?
  • Is it the customer who sends you cool links and notices your progress?
  • Is it you partner/parent/spouse/sibling who supports you and listens to you?
  • Is it the fan who simply likes to stay in touch?

Our beer community in this country is very broad and far reaching. It’s deep and thoughtful, unseasoned and young, mature and knowledgeable.

We have so many remarkable people in some many areas of the beer community that I’d be hard pressed to exclude anyone who really enjoys engaging in beer, whether they drink it or not – sans snobs and arrogant people.

Our weekly live BeerRadio program is part of my community for example. It’s something I’ve created to get to talk with people all over about their relationship with beer. We get good feedback and can utilize the (archived) shows for years to come. When you converse, you build community. When you converse, you also get to learn, share and help each other out.

If you’re enjoying the beer community around you, be sure to let people know as much. Say thank you, invite them for a beer, and see what you can do for them. Support your local beer community.

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Walking The Beer Art Walk

Beer & Art go well together

Beer is truly a universal beverage. Art lovers love beer – did you know that?

Last week found WEB at a local gallery during the monthly First Friday art walk. Like some other communities around the world, the local gallery association encourages the members to host once a month Art Walks from gallery to gallery. It’s a moving casual  cocktail and noshing see each other get some mild exercise kind of event. And usually lots of fun, though not overly revenue bearing for the galleries.

Enter: enlightened gallery owner and manager. I got a call from a connection wherein the manager told me she and the owner wanted to change up their art walk a bit and perhaps offer beer instead of wine.

It may seem like a minor change to some, a small decision, yet it was a smart step for them. They felt like they wanted to do something different while still fitting the bill.

Results: A smash! These kinds of events, especially in communities like mine, engender repeat participants – and exactly who you are after in marketing any product or good, beer or art. Getting people to return to see again, consider, think, buy and support is what it’s all about.

The gallery manager and owner were very easy to work with, we made it smooth and seamless for them and they have a successful sales night. We served a beer, incidentally, from a brand new brewer which was aged in wine barrels from a local winery too. It was an easy thing to ‘sell’ since the patrons were accustomed to wine. Almost everyone who approached the table to get a small to sip tried it. There were a few hold outs for wine – less than a hand full out of a few hundred people.

And I firmly believe (partially based on focus group input) we had more participation simply because it was different. I’ve had women in focus groups flat out state that if the art walks offered beer, they’d go. Proof positive happened.

New art show, new beverage, new smiles. Beer and art bring people together. We love them both and we’re hoping to get back to do it again.

Think outside the frame.

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Beer Dinner Party

easy, clever decorations for a beer dinner party

One great grassroots way to educate and entertain – I call it edutainment – is to have a beer dinner party.

This past Friday night found me at a hosts doing just that: she hired Women Enjoying Beer to throw a beer dinner party for 15. We worked with her in the menu planning, space layout, time lines, and diets. Once Friday night arrived, all she had to do was sit back and relax.

Suffice it to say the guests and hosts all had a tasty time. Our hosts have a wonderful home – and guess what: any home is ideal. Guests come to enjoy the evening and are not overly concerned with if you dusted or not. Everybody likes to be invited to a party – Just do it in other words!

Common denominator: dietary guidelines were gluten free (with a few exceptions) and no wheat. WEB finds that guidelines are liberating, not restrictive. Once you know what’s off the table, you have hundreds if not thousands of combination choices.

Happy beer dinner party guests

Here’s the menu we developed and served.

  1. Salsa 1 (flagolet beans, fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime, olive oil, red bell pepper) & Salsa 2 (fresh pineapple, jalapeno, Anaheim, fresh mint, tangelos, oranges) with yellow and blue corn chips. Served with Spire Hard Apple Cider & mixed beer (also small selection of AVBC, Maui, Santa Cruz).
  2. Warm polenta w/bacon ends, Fuji apple sprinkled with chopped pecans, drizzled w/maple syrup on top or fresh chopped spinach. Served with New Grist sorghum & rice beer.
  3. Pork roast with short slivered steamed carrots, steamed green beans w/dollop of hosts honey(had black licorice and molasses notes – incredible!). Served with Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider.
  4. Lucky lemon surprise (light frozen dessert, family cookbook) topped with fresh berries (lemon juice, zest, blueberries, raspberries). Served with lemongrass coconut milk sake.


Get creative to keep the innovation flowing. Don’t get stuck in the “stout & blue cheese only” pattern (although it’s a great place to start).

Play with your beer and food.

Note to breweries: Do you know of independent contractors that you can reach out to to repeat this scenario? It’s good for consumers, your beer and long range business.

Many thanks as well to my helper, Kari (R on picture).

Great guest, terrific hosts, superb help, tasty beverage and food = success.

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Fresh Air Makes Fresh Beer Taste Better

Do you have the facilities to serve your beer out of doors? Because if you can find any way possible (and legal) DO IT!

Fresh air + fresh beer = great combo!

Women love to enjoy their beer in the fresh air. Why?

1. In some areas of the country, sitting outside is limited (although no reason it has to be) so outside time is highly prized and actively pursued. Patios, decks, and the like. Get creative and find even a small space where people can enjoy beer al fresco.

2. Fresh beer deserves a fresh air environment. A light breeze, a misty rain – if the space is protected, and attractive or inviting walls/plants/etc.

3. Beer Season seems to run from Memorial Day to Labor Day – summer for many Americans. Capitalize on it be highlighting your outdoor space.

4. If you have truly fresh untainted or smelly air in your area, host women’s tasting events outside. Double whammy! An event would fill fast and will be worth repeating (WEB is hosting one in September, S OR).

Of course, it goes (almost) without saying that you supply or make available fresh food too. I’ll say it just in case. Involve a food cart with fresh fare, great fresh cheeses and fruit are always in order too.

Suffice it to say: WEB encourages all makers and servers of fresh beer to bust the myth that ‘pub food’ has to be greasy. That’s unacceptable. Change the model for fresh food – just as craft brewers have changed the expectation for fresh beer.

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