…that there was a special pavilion inside the Colorado Convention Center that was a representation of the first event in 1982? It was full of photos, 80’s music and the names of the breweries from that event. Very clever way to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

2011 GABF - Festival hall

…that every year there is a Pro-Am competition? Accomplished home brewers all over the states compete to brew their recipes with a professional brewer on commercial equipment and enter the Pro-Am competition. It’s got to be very hard to judge since the entries in the Pro-Am are all over the stylistic map.

…that there were beers from 13 different states highlighted at the state brewers guilds booths? Guilds are a smart way to put the power of everyone together to represent the beer community.

…that Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was a founder of Wynkoop, then mayor of Denver and now serves the greater populous AND the beer community. He showed his support at a few events – including the GABF Awards Ceremony and the BA Media Luncheon.

Watch for more insight on what was the 2011 GABF coming up. As a brewer you can use the festival to perpetuate brand enthusiasm and involvement – festival goers were from all over the USA as well as some terrific international guests. As a consumer, enjoy the stories of the festival and plan to go next year. It’s a bucket list (if not addicting & repeat worthy) event.

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