What do you enjoy your beer with?

How about some invigorating white water?

Women Enjoying Beer has been graciously and enthusiastically invited by Joy Henkle, White Water Warehouse to be along on a very special, first ever for them (and WEB) Oregon Craft Beer Trip.

WOO HOO! Get that life preserver on because here comes a literal boatload of fun!!!

This trip is scheduled for July 18 – 20th, includes comfy lodge overnight accommodations, tasty food, plenty of (free) fresh air and craft beer, and surely dynamite company.

Rogue river raft trip with White Water Warehouse

And the guests always make the party.

That’s you – women and men welcome. Register. Today.

We’ll be featuring the high quality beers from Ninkasi – YEA!  – as well for our two nights of pre-dinner beer and food pairing tasting.

Ninkasi was a generous partner earlier this year for a WEB meet up, much to the delight of the attendees. Thanks to Nicole, James, Jamie, and the entire crew in Eugene (Congrats on the expansion progress by the way).

There are a finite number of spots so reserve today by getting in touch with Joy here.

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4 Responses to “Beer and White Water”

  1. Priscilla Hunter

    Can’t make it this time :(, I’ll be in Norway for the new mother & grandson (& all those other needy Norwegian relations) :). I’ll look for this trip the next time though, because this sounds superb!

  2. karen j

    Sounds great — sign me up if it’s free…otherwise, please post a price.

  3. Ginger

    Karen – The link is in the very last line of the post – contact Joy as she is handling all arrangements as White Water Warehouse is the host company. That’s why no price is listed. Cheers – Ginger

  4. Joy Henkle

    Ginger, so much fun working with you! Thanks for your excellent energy and your craft beer contacts have really shaped this trip into a world-class event. We at Whitewater Warehouse raise our glasses to you! Go here for more details on this one-of-a-kind Oregon trip: http://www.whitewaterwarehouse.com/special-adventures/oregon-craft-beer-trip.aspx


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