Cheers today to those who are diplomatic, practice diplomacy and exercise class and tact in the beer community.

Cheers to beer diplomacy

I want to take the time today to highlight a few that are on our “Beer Diplomats” list. We don’t pick favorites – we simply like to highlight those thoughts, ideas, progressions and people who make for a welcoming beer community environment.

To me and to Women Enjoying Beer, these folks exemplify being open-minded, charitable, progressive, smart, savvy and fun to be with and learn from.

These people are never arrogant, self-righteous, pompous or otherwise the antithesis to what we believe the beer community can, should and (for the most part) is.

  1. Lisa Morrison. She’s positive, well versed, smart, open-minded, and classy.
  2. Jay Brookston. His sense of the big picture, broad range of interests (like this post), and thoughtfulness speak highly of him.
  3. Julia Herz. Energy personified, passion, spunk, and intelligence.
  4. Kim Jordan. Mindful, savvy, sharp, and connected to her crew and Mother Earth.
  5. Steven Pauwels. World view, classy, dedicated, engaging, and fun to talk with.

This is the first group that immediately jump to mind. There are thankfully hundreds of remarkable people in the beer community – from the most beginning consumer to the most experienced professional.

Pints up to all –

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