With a nod and a pint to the inspiration of beer, the incredible Julia and this Craftbeer.com post, WEB decided to also encourage people to wax rhapsodic about beer. Here’s the invite that we posted.

ode to beautiful beer

Today I’m very hoppy to announce that Jeanne Core is our fine winner! In fact she’s a beer poet overachiever – she sent in two great pieces for us to enjoy.


ever tranquil brew / forgotten am i within / thy shimmering drop

another beer haiku…

joyful golden sip / oh beguiling infusion / delight me always

Many thanks to Jeanne for her contributions, as they delight us to be sure! Watch for Jeanne to be making a continued positive impact in our beer community in the years to come.

May all your beers be delicious and inspirational too ~

p.s. a nice compilation by Jay Brooks too – read more beer poetry here

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