Are you stagnating in your idea swirl? Do you want a boost of creativity in getting women excited about your beer? Here are a few to get the juices flowing today – use them as you wish.

  1. Surprise her with a birthday party. Every time you hear of a patron with a pending birthday, be at the ready to help celebrate her. Have some hats on hand and a small birthday gift to give out.
  2. Even if it’s not her birthday, throw her an unbirthday party – the White Rabbit was onto something.
  3. Keep some kazoos or a drum or whatever kind of basic instruments available to play to rev things up. Sing a few silly songs that everyone knows – be they camp songs, beer songs or simple ditties we all know. Crowd singing gets everyone smiling.
  4. Randomly give female patrons a free beer.
  5. Randomly give out a free goodie she will like and use (FYI – if you have shirts to give, make SURE you carry them in women’s fit & sizes – they’re not men and you don’t give men women’s shirts)
  6. Surprise her with a gratis plate of snacks to complement the beer she’s enjoying.
  7. Take her picture and post it (with her permission of course) on your site as the chosen Patron of the Day; great blog/twitter/facebook fodder. People like to see themselves in publications.
  8. Give her the best seat in the house with a sign saying as much.

Fun, economical and slightly goofy customer recognition moves like these engender fun, encourage repeat business from her, and will give everyone something to talk about. And that means they’ll be talking about your brand.

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