Last night found Kate & I at a local establishment presenting Herstory: Women In Brewing. The event last night had a twist – it’s a German (Bavarian) themed restaurant and bar in a very well restored old school.

The proprietors have been great partners in the past and last night was another example of a service business offering events above and beyond their norm for guest experience and education.

We’re always glad to work with the Frau Kemmling crew: it’s a nicely appointed place, comfortable, the staff is accommodating, the food tasty, the beer fresh and well poured.

Consumer events = good

The Herstory presentation is one we have given before, and will surely present again. It’s an overview of how women have forever been involved in brewing. It’s suitable to just about all audiences as herstory/history seems to be of interest to a diverse population. Knowing of the heritage of the Frau, we customized it to include female German information too.

Offering education for all audiences is key to progress. When consumers are educated, they come back more often asking for more. When professionals are educated, they know how to better serve the consumers. And around turns the wheel of craft beer.

As the industry leader in marketing craft beer to women, we will keep reaching out to places to host events wherein the consumer is offered enlightenment. We’ll keep reaching out to businesses who totally or partially rely on beer sales to help them survive and thrive.

  • If you’re a consumer, ask for education – the more specific the better. Want to have women’s only events? Ask for them. Want to learn about beer styles? Ask for it.
  • If you’re a professional, offer it up to your consumers. Don’t wait for them to ask.

And as always, WEB is available to help guide all interested parties to success with events. Get in touch with us here to help. It’s one of our areas of expertise based services.

Cheers to American Craft Beer Week (Day 2)!

Photo by Kate K Parks

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