Do you enjoy flavorful beers – I mean reeeeaaaaaaly chock full of changing flavors as they roll into your mouth, across your lips, onto your tongue, around your mouth, and then finally down your throat?

Then you MUST join us Tuesday 10/9 at The Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Cafe for our event ‘Thank The Saints!’ It’s the delicious kick off event for GABF week at The Cheeky Monk and we’re stoked to be there to help edutain guests and enjoy a number of very delicious Belgian Beers.

As a style, Belgians are a go-to for me. My introduction to Belgian beers happened in Montana at the Harvest Moon Brewing in Belt, outside of Great Falls. They make a “Beltian White” which was perfect after a day of skiing at the local hill, Showdown, with friends.

The funny thing is that when I started learning about beers a few years later, I thought the style was ‘Beltian’, not ‘Belgian’. The only joke was the clever name and I was educated shortly thereafter by a friend in the brewing business.

I like them because they are incredibly flexible with pairing with foods, they are ever changing, and the layers of flavors are second to none.

Call to register today – as this event will surely sell out soon! See you then, there ~

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