How do you find your fit?

Do you answer an ad for an opening? Do you inquire with friends and colleagues? Do you surf the net? Do you do methodical or haphazard exploration on the things you are keen on? Do you work yourself into the place you want to be? Do you make things happen or do you sit back and expect something to happen?

Most beer interested people I know work on making it happen. Industry isn’t built on apathy and the beer community in these United States is abuzz and full of intelligent, driven, passionate folks who have found their fit or are making their own mold.

Ginger & Burc of The Beer Authority in Seattle. He's found a good fit (and is very happy!).

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and befriend or at least becolleague hundreds of people in the beer community. From the most novice consumer enthusiast to the can’t-tell-you-enough home brewer, from the beginning professional brewer to the thoughtful supplier, from the hometown distributor to the always smiling retailer, from the down to earth grower to the rubber boot wearing cellar person.

Finding the fit in your community, your vocation, your service and yourself is something that should make us happy and satisfied. Starting with happy makes a lot of other things happen and possible. And people like to be around happy people.

If you haven’t quite found your fit, keep working at it. Ask for help, pull up your bootstraps, don’t wait from someone else to make it happen. And take full responsibility; our country also wasn’t built on the poor-me philosophy and it’s appalling and inappropriate when other people play the blame game. Know when to jump at change, when to fold your cards and move on, and how to recognize opportunity. Learn also to realize when you are happy and that it can sometimes be enough for the time being.

Cheers today to people that inspire, help you find your fit, and make you and the people around you happy.

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