A shout out today to the recent donors of goods and for their generous support of WEB. Let me explain.

WEB is in business, like many others are, and we all need to make a living. We rarely ask for donations of any kind from anyone – rather, we talk with people and their businesses, find out where they are at and if there’s a complement between the entities.

Nick Matt and other panelists at a CBC in recent years has really stuck with me. It was to the effect that breweries get asked constantly for donations of beer for this, that and everything else. While some requestors are gracious and understanding, more often than not requestors have no idea what a beer oriented business may be about. They are very focused on getting what they want for their fundraising, auction, and raffles.

Gathering Glass Studio

This isn’t to malign – it’s to enlighten: every organization that has a literal or virtual door is a target for a donation request. Having been with other companies before founding WEB I know well what the front line is like – to get asked and asked and asked.

And I tell you what. When I was growing up I had to raise money to pay for my marching band trips, Girl Scout events and the like. I’ve been on the knuckle side of the door-to-dooring and calling those who knew our family. I’m done asking.

So it’s with particular gratitude that I’m thanking those who have blown us away with the donations they’ve chosen to make to WEB for an upcoming community oriented benefit. We approached them to simply find out IF they donate, what they do (if they do) and how it works. All came back with generous contributions to make this long standing community event fruitful.

Women notice and appreciate those who give back, provide support and make things happen.

Supporting your local causes usually means asking for donations. We’re grateful this holiday season for their unhesitating generosity. Thank you.

  1. Gathering Glass Studio – 24 (5 different designs) orange hand blown glass ornaments + one 22 ounce mug
  2. Brewery Supply and Rastal – 24 gorgeous stemmed beer goblets
  3. Briess Malting – beautiful jars of different roasted malted barleys
  4. Summit Beverage Distributors – 3 boxes of fun beer swag including women’s shirts, beer signs and coasters, glassware and other goodies
  5. Standing Stone Brewing Company – a beer tasting for 6 and several water bottles (our theme is WEB with an emphasis on the 4 ingredients of beer)
  6. Brewers Publications – 2 terrific beer books from their great line up
  7. Lallemand yeast – Cascade Wine Services
  8. Indie Hops – plentiful samples of whole cone hops and fragrant pellet hops
  9. All About Beer magazine – multiple subscriptions to this good monthly beer read
  10. Lisa Morrison, The Beer Goddess – for a copy of her mouth watering new beer guide book
  11. Fabric of Vision – provided us a nice discount on the few fabric oriented items we purchased to decorate
  12. Alpha Beta Hops – beautiful Cascade hop bines

I’d also thank some intrepid helpers: Kari, my events & festival development colleague; Eileen, good friend and huge WEB supporter, and Paige, with Jackson County Master Recycling program to help me clearstream this event.

Rest assured I’ll write a follow up post on the results of the event, with pictures.

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