Here’s to beer – in a can. It’s Beer Can Appreciation Day!

Celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day with the beer of your choosing

We’ve come a long way from the tinny tasting can of old. Today’s canned beer makes a whole mash tun’s worth of sense.

  1. Cans are the most recycled packages on the planet.
  2. They’re lightweight so it’s a lower carbon footprint for shipping from brewery to tap.
  3. You can take them in (and pack them out) of recreation areas.
  4. No light = no UV damage.
  5. Small head space in the packaged canned beer = lower instance of degradation due to ‘air’

Go find your favorite canned beer today – there are many, many breweries that now can, including the majors. Enjoy whatever beer you favor in a can. Plan on attending the very fun and tasty 3rd Annual International CANFEST this fall (dates pending).

Actually do the beer a favor – pour it out of the can into a glass. This should hold true for bottles and kegs as well. Dash your old thoughts of canned beer and embrace this great choice.

Celebrate canned beer today!

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