Here we go again – or rather: Here it comes!! The Grandmammy of American Beer Fests, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), held annually in Denver Colorado is set for 10/10 – 12 this year.

While parts of the state are still recovering from dramatic rain and flooding, the beer goes on. It’s a fest that testifies to the universal support and language of beer. People from literally all over the world attend this fest, some once – some many times.

Media Bus Tour GABF 2012

Media Bus Tour GABF 2012

More and more the world looks at and to American brewers for innovation and ideas when it comes to beer. With several good reasons.

1. The GABF is 31 years strong

2. It’s one of the largest judged competitions in the world, double blind, with dozens upon dozens of judges from all over the globe. AND the Pro-Am competition helps support up and coming brewers.

3. Thousands of beers are available during the fest for tasting, making it a destination for finding new flavors from American brewers across the country.

4. The Educational opportunities to learn more about beer inside the CCC are numerous, tasty and very fun.

5. The Silent Disco rocks!

6. The Bookstore hosts tuns of author signings of many well written and engaging books.

When you get there, look for the bright orange WEB canopied tent. We’re proud to be an Industry Sponsor once again and totally enjoy meeting new enthusiasts, sharing our love and knowledge of beer, and the whole flavor uproar the fest supports.

Support your local brewer. Support your local festival. Come see us at the 2013 GABF and say Prost!

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