Ronnie & I

Ronnie & I

Ronnie Crocker’s a beer lover.

He’s also an editor at the Houston Chronicle, a blogger and a really good man. We met at this years GABF at the media luncheon and have kept the conversation going.

We were in Houston this past week ala our trip and he was terrific in setting up a fun beer gathering at the Flying Saucer, as well as giving us a tour of his fine paper. We even got to meet his boss (who we’re fans of) and some others who apparently could not make one event and who wanted to meet when we came though (very cool Anita and Nikki!).

He’s indicative of people who are intelligently engaged in beer. Smart, fun, responsible, thoughtful, forward thinking.

Cathy telling me her 10 Answers in Houston

Cathy telling me her 10 Answers in Houston

Already looking forward to the next time as Houston clearly has a lot of beer enthusiasts – many of who I did not get to meet this one time (Donna, Iris, TallyK, etc.).

Thanks also to Jake the FS’s GM. Will take you up on your offer sooner than later, Jake.

Cheers to Houston!

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  1. John Lucas

    Dear Ginger et al,
    I have been following your adventure. Many a friend I have would love to join you on this beer trail around USA. I hope you are enjoying yourself before you finally settle down. I don’t think we have the number of boutique breweries down under that you have up there.
    I’ll give a call one day to see how things are going.
    In the meantime it is still dry and getting warmer here in Oz.
    regards to both you and Larry.
    John Lucas


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