• Do you know where malted barley comes from?
  • Did you know it makes up the 2nd largest part by volume of the beer you drink?

Annette & Bernadette

Briess put together a incredibly educational and interesting tour immediately prior to the CBC this year. WOW!

Talk about information. They treated us like royalty from the time we got on the bus to the time we got off it – with classroom time and a malt plant tour as well as dinner and a presentation at Sprecher – in between.

All the malt plants I’ve toured thus far (2 others – Cargill plants) were stellar as usual.

Eat off the floor clean. That speaks volume for their passion and commitment to the beer, consumers, the breweries they work with and the pride that drives them forward.

Pints up to the maltsters!

They help make high quality beer possible.

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