We appreciate inquiries for media and press access to the Advance. Let me outline how it works for curious parties.

1. The Women + Beer Advance is a totally new idea, focusing on the female beer consumer, concentrated on education with premium special guests to enhance and increase value.
2. The Advance will be a singular opportunity for any media and press members to cover something completely fresh and innovative; hence a high value for you as well.
3. We’d need to know: How your presence serves the female consumer. Respect, education and women is what this Advance is about. We’d also need to know the numbers of the publications you’d be writing for to consider granting a reduced entrance: how many Twitter followers, Facebook followers/fans, web numbers, emails distribution list size and geographic area you cover.
4. We’re prepared to offer slightly reduced rate of the Early Bird pricing til 6/15 right now (Premium reg $325, regular $275): Premium = $275, regular $250. These will go up reciprocally 6/15.
5. We’d have a signed agreement of coverage in known and useful publications (online as well as offline possible) that benefit WEB and the consumers we’re serving. We’d also require previewing intended published materials directly related to the Advance to ensure accuracy as we’ve had some people be unfortunately sloppy and not careful enough (not editing). We’re not inferring anyone in particular is careless, yet most likely we simply have no track record of work. Guests of course have our highest priority and we’d have guidelines in place for any press interactions, including permission for images.
6. We’re plowing new ground here and not following any previous or existing model. That’s what we do and it’s working. Hundreds and thousands of women all across the country are responding and telling us, in no uncertain terms, that they’re glad we’re here to speak up for the Every Woman.
7. This is not a ‘regular’ anything (festival, events, dinner. etc.) hence the value is still high for press and media as is it for the other ‘regular attendees’. If anything it’s higher since this is how press and media can in turn help make their living.
8. All attendees come on their own dime. The Advance will include a few meals, yet all costs are theirs to cover (meals, room, drive/fly, parking).

In a nutshell: If someone would like to reap all the benefits of the knowledge and experiences the Advance offers, there has to be some give; hence our expectations.

These guidelines are what we’d expect in return for a reduced entrance price. Know we don’t discount anything ever so this would already be exceptional. If you’d like to entertain this offer for, let me know.

Cheers –


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