For those of you who happen to have a Women Enjoying Beer pencil, please bow your heads for a moment.

Goodbye to the Sanford Giant, she served me well. Welcome Staples model. We've got lots to do ahead....

Goodbye to the Sanford Giant, she served me well. Welcome Staples model. We’ve got lots to do ahead….

It’s with sadness I announce: I’ve killed a pencil sharpener. Rather, I’ve likely exhausted it thoroughly so it now gets to go to the Great Recycling Beyond.

[….moment of silence….]

It’s with joy in my heart though and a tear in my eye that I put it to rest in the metals bin. This stalwart champ has seen me through thousands upon thousands of pencil sharpenings since I began buying pencils as promotional items. She’s stood by my side through my Snap! Creative Works company pencils, then into Women Enjoying Beer.

The pencils sharpened by this gem have been used at festivals across the North American continent, given to class attendees, at events, and to clients.

There’s a gut level connection to pencils for many people. They have generally played a role in helping us learn how to write, spell, and create term papers on topics without which we’d be stuck with an unerasable pen (goodness!). They seem to evoke nostalgia and people smile when they receive them. That in turn makes me happy. And it tells me it’s an effective marketing tool.

So if you have one of the said pencils – whether from Snap! or Women Enjoying Beer and are willing to take and post a picture here, I’d love to see some of them. If you’d like a few more, get in touch – I can get you some fresh reinforcements. Thanks in advance.

Stay sharp.

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