With a glass raised, I salute Skype today.

IMG_0826The positive results that this article shares is encouraging and it’s a medium I use for work and pleasure. It affords me the opportunity to virtually meet people from across the country and allows intercourse for progress.

I came across the article in researching for my presentation last week at Congreso Cerveza Mexico. Here’s another site with tuns of information on women, global workforces and information therein (here’s an article from that site I referenced).

The article cited about (and again here) is a perfect example of helpful technology. In this case, shedding a spotlight on the disparity of women’s value and pay in various developing countries. Progress = acceptable. Disparity = unacceptable.

Read the article, please, and tell me what you find in translation.

Thanks to United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine for commissioning and publishing this progressive and imporant piece.

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