What associations and organizations are you supporting? What groups claim you as a member?

One of the organizations that we are members of is the Brewers Association. One thing I like about them is that they provide plentiful and easily accessible information. Yesterday I got a mailer with updated ‘good stuff’ so I want to share some of it today.

Not a member yet? It’s worth while if you are a consumer who enjoys beer, a business in the beer community, a brewery, or a distributor. As with any membership, you get out of it what you put into it too.

  • US Beer Market = $101 Billion
  • 203,576,450 Barrels of Beer
  • 1753 breweries in operation for some or all 2012, the highest number since the late 1800’s
  • Well over 100,000 jobs surround the beer community in the USA (including the fabulous service staff of pubs)

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