Where are they: stories about women and beer?

I know from doing previous herstorical research that women have always been involved in beer and brewing. It started as a home chore, making liquid safe to drink when water was consistently onerous. Once the church decided to remove it from home-made to commercially made during the industrial and scientific revolutions, women were shoved aside, no longer the venerated makers of the elixir they once were.

Everyone needs to know about women and beer. Phil & Larry will be the first in line.

Everyone needs to know about women and beer. Phil & Larry will be the first in line.

So where did the record keeping ball get dropped?

It’s a grossly unfortunate fact that much of women’s’ contributions throughout time have not been recorded; women not being seen with fully and equal value, hence the negligence of recording women’s beer herstory.

There’ll be no pity parties or Poor Me crap. No one wants to hear it, least of all me, and it won’t move the progress cart forward. So, here are your marching orders: help me record women & beer through herstory.

So it’s time to reinvigorate and renew our efforts to record how women have always been involved; bring the import of women & beer to the front row. Sing the praises of women far and wide for their participation in this originally home-cooking based beverage.

Tell me: who do you know involved in beer in any & every way?

  • Maker, home or pro.
  • Pro, in any possible capacity supporting the business and global industry of beer.
  • Enthusiast, all makes and models, ages and descriptions.
  • Educators, any level, every where, teaching some facet of life that touches beer.
  • Writers, reporters, journalists – every woman and female who exercises communication of beer.
  • Every other facet that we can possibly dream of.

I’d be grateful for your help, directions, and ideas to this end of creating a modern recollection of how women and beer go so well together. Thanks in advance for your help.

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