Okay – today we happily turn the interview tables.

Women Enjoying Beer receives a steady number of inquiries, from consumers, to press and media, to interviewers, to students. Today we start highlighting a couple of students who were fabulous about how they approached us.

So we want to say good luck with your projects and paper involving women and beer, and feature them here. Kim leads the charge today. Many thanks Kim!

I started enjoying beer more than seven years ago when, on a third date with my ex-boyfriend, we drank Henry Weinhard’s and ate bologna sandwiches while fishing on a boat. The boat ran out of gas and we had to walk miles through the forest, in the dark, with a brace on my foot from a broken toe. The adventure resulted in a first kiss, and my enjoyment of beer has increased since then.

I am a graduate student at the University of Oregon in literary nonfiction. Previously I wrote for The Bulletin newspaper in Bend, Ore., and covered many stories about the local microbreweries. I wrote a story about Tonya Cornett, head brewmaster at Bend Brewing Co., winning the 2008 World Beer Cup small brewpub and brewmaster of the year.

Currently, I am working on a piece for school about women and their enjoyment of beer in a traditionally male-oriented industry. I contacted Ginger at WEB and learned that so much of women enjoying beer is about the entire experience associated with beer culture. For me, that culture started on a fishing trip.

My preferred beer has undergone as many changes as I have. Stouts were my gateway brew, then the golden color of ambers consumed my thoughts, and now my favorite beer is a strong IPA. But no matter what kind of [beer] is in my glass, each and every beer I have enjoyed is accompanied with a memory.

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