As I look back at 2013 so far, it’s a marvel to me for a number of reasons.

At least 25 Festivals & Events* were accomplished with WEB (27+ in 2012). If you’ve never worked a festival as a vendor, then perhaps you should try it sometime. It’s a lot of labor and time, sweat (usually) and good vibes. It’s also an incredible temporary reality.

Temporary and strangely lasting, like a carnival coming to town.

Great colleagues make the fests great

Great colleagues make the fests great

You survey the venue, make a strategy and dig in. It’s noticing everything from the lighting and electricity, to lack of electricity and lighting. It’s figuring out who the voices are, people wise, from your phone calls and emails leading up to the event. It’s realizing you forgot something and working with the other folks to help you out and vice versa. It’s getting excited for the guests who will arrive always faster than they seemingly should.

Time flies when you’re working, when you’re having fun and especially when your work is fun.

There are very few people I know who work at festivals and begrudge them. In fact, as I write, I can think of no one. Why?

Because we know what we’re getting into. We’re getting into working alongside valued peers, colleagues and friends. We’re working with event folks who are working equally hard in different ways with us. We’re working to make a great life experience for the guests who choose to invest their time, energy and dollars with us.

Temporary? Sometimes. And interestingly enough the temporary times build a permanent relationship.

I tip my hat to these remarkable people today, with a particular nod to Troy, who sparked this idea; Chris, behind the scenes brilliance; Emily, formerly of WEB; Diane, WEB of CO. See you again soon, at our next event.

2013 Fests & Events for WEB

*The 25 number does not include our regular Swig & Stitch and other meet-up type events, nor Focus Groups.

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