Are you planning on attending the Great American Beer Festival , aka ‘the GABF,’ this week?

Help Celebrate Great American Beer!

If you are, be very sure to come by our booth, 125, across from section J at the Denver Convention Center. We’ll be there with a booth full of smiles, enthusiastic women who enjoy beer (although they won’t be partaking while working) and ready to greet you.

The van is loaded with WEB shirts, hats, repurposed grain bags, and other goodies to sell and help spread the word that women do in fact very much enjoy beer. So we’re hitting the road.

Look for a big white cargo van with our signature round logo on the sides. Honk if you like – we’ll wave. Twitter that you saw us or leave a comment on our facebook page on where you saw us.

We’ll be in Salt Lake City tonight – so if you live there be on the watch!

Cheers to one of the most well attended, well run, and lively beer festivals in our fine nation. Looking forward to seeing you soon –

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