We’re thrilled and ecstatic (yes, really!!!) to have Emily Engdahl onboard with Women Enjoying Beer. Suffice it to say Emily’s fire, diplomacy and great enthusiasm for beer and education are a beerfect fit all around.

She’s dug into the landscape of WEB Events Development StormTrooper with great energy and zest. We’re extremely grateful and happy. Thanks for joining the business of changing culture, research, and education for WEB, Emily.

photo by Sara Szatmary

Here’s a bit more about her:

    Emily Engdahl joins WEB with 13 years of experience managing a small business dedicated to the elderly and mentally ill.
    In addition to her wide range of event coordination, conflict resolution, mediation, organizational and financial management skills, Emily’s communication and marketing experience couple with her love of beer and community for a dynamic and enthusiastic addition to our team.
    Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Emily is an avid artist, writer, and voracious reader who enjoys homebrewing, plotting her mini-farm, freelance graphic design, and making people laugh.

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