We’ve put the inaugural Women + Beer Advance on hold.

Being culture shifters, ground breakers and change agents is a lot of plowing new territory. While some may see the vision, more do not and need to be lead to it. Constantly. And the message delivered over and over and over. Thank you to those who get it.

Have you seen the light yet of women + beer?

We will reschedule the event, most likely in early 2013 so be on the look out. Our sincere thanks to the professionals who were supporters:

Briess Malting, New Belgium Brewing, Dogfish Head Brewing, Roy Farms, Hop Union, Ninkasi, 4 Daughters Irish Pub, Beerworks, Alamo Brewing, Lisa Morrison, Brewers Association, Larry Chase, Rogue Creamery, Alison Grayson, and GALS. As well as the registrants who now ‘get’ to wait for the rescheduling.

We’re not looking for sympathy, we don’t want “so sorry”. We want participants who want to shift culture with us. People who are willing, ready and able to dig in with this vision of changing culture through the vehicle of beer, for the whole of humanity. We understand the daily realities, budgets and limitations. That said, there are always ways to innovate and make things possible.

Some people think Women Enjoying Beer is only about women and beer. Or as some tactless and thoughtless and trying-to-be-funny people think “chicks drinking beer”. It has never been about that nor will it ever be. Anyone who takes 5 minutes to really try to find out what we’re about will understand that.

We have specialized in Women and Beer because it is totally new territory. We’re always moving uphill, never resting because there’s so much to do to level and equalize the participation of women in beer. Women at festivals get it – as do many men who visit us in fest venues as well.

The much more global message were sending out is this:

If we use women and beer to bring more people of all genders to the table to talk about something as universal and basic as beer, we can make progress in so many other ways as well. Beer is social, it brings people together. You don’t have to drink beer to enjoy it. The healthy economy driving sustainable multigenerational roots of beer is what brings people together.

Biergarten anyone? Look at it through that lens and you’ll see how what WEB does – research, education, marketing – can in fact change the world for the better.

We’ll settle for no less. Why should you?

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  1. Lauren Hoff

    I am excited it was postponed, now I might be able to make it!


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