p1020712Today is recognized as International Women’s Daywoo hoo!

Glasses up to all the incredible women the world over who help make the globe go round and round.

For those of you who may read and say “wait a minute…assigning gender makes WEB a sexist thing” – I can tell you flat out. You’re off base.

If you think WEB is about women, invest some time reading (better yet call me at 515.450.7757) and you’ll learn that Women Enjoying Beer is about education and experience for all. It happens to be an underserved and illserved population.

And at 50.9% of the population, it’s an enormous opportunity to address.

So a few women I’d like to salute today in the beer community include Jeri Kustelski, Rebecca Newman, Darcy Quinn, Teri Fahrendorf, Sebbie Buhler, Laura Ulrich, Rhonda Kallman, Corkie Odell, Melody Daversa, Jena Frances, Nicole, Danielle Amarotico, Christine McKeever and many others I’m surely forgetting at this exact moment.


p.s. for those of you in the Southern Oregon Area…here’s our next event.

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