What’s on tap is Facet #11.

  • What beers do you offer to your female (and male) consumers?
  • Is it a broad range of styles, flavors, and alcohol levels?
  • Is it narrow and stylistically tight?
  • Does it vary greatly or stay within specific boundaries?

What beers you choose to offer will help either attract or repel women. And it’s important to know what you are all about: what beers or kinds of beers do you want to be known for.

  • Are you a barrel house – and so only offer barrel aged beers
  • Are you a one brewery house – and so only offer that breweries beers
  • Are you a multi tap location – and offer oodles of different beers all over the map

What beers do you offer?

Whatever it is you choose to be, be consistent. Even if you choose to vary the beers all the time, consistently do just that. Constancy to purpose is important to her so she knows who you are, what to expect and what to look forward to.

Disappointing customers by being out of a signature beer may happen – however, it’s not god to be out of a standard (seasonals or specialties are different). Have a close substitute available if this does happen. She wants a level of dependability in her establishments. Indeed, consistency is what builds or destroys brands.

Your beer selection can be something she is happy to depend on. Encourage here to depend on you.

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