Knowing your market is facet #12.The very first step in successfully marketing to women is recognizing that women are in fact different than men.

Chuckle at the seemingly obvious if you wish. Answer this then: why do so many breweries and beer brands still not acknowledge this fact and do something about it?

One question we get asked with regularity is “why should women be marketed to differently than men” per beer? We’re here to etch this in your mind: you have to know your market. The answer is “because they are different!”

Know your female market

Women respond in their own ways, have their own reasons for buying into different beer brands, have their reasons for purchasing – or not purchasing – a brand of anything, and overall make decisions differently than men.

Just as you wouldn’t market tampons to men or elder care to teens, you can’t successfully market beer to women with a male target in mind. They are different and therefore should be approached and respected for as much.

Yes, it’s about the beer AND you have to nod your head to her buying power.

When you market your beers to women, you have to start with her first. That’s why we are a research company. It drives the education which is the true key to any progress.

Know that women are their own market and address selling and promoting your beers to her, starting with her first, and you’ll see success.

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