Facet #15 is Social value for women that beer brings to life.

social aspect = important for women and beer

We’ve talked about Facet #14 – education – many times along with the social component. And we’ll keep hitting it because it’s so foundational for women.

Women want a social aspect to their beer experience. Whether it’s quietly enjoying a beer by themselves somewhere they want to be in their own quiet sphere (social can be solo) or a noisy music thumping scenario where beer is part of the whole experiential juggernaut.

Let women decide how social they want their exbeerience. Ask women what they want for social surroundings, if she wants to involve you, and then give it to her. This is easy stuff, people.

We’re giving you the only inside track of available qualitative psychographic information on women and their relationship with beer. It’s up to you to do something with it. They’re waiting.

31 Facets of Women & Beer Series starts here

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