Do you know how to communicate with women? Communication is Facet 17 – although it should perhaps prioritarily be number one.

Do you know what women want? Communicate with them and find out.

Communication makes the world go round. It lubricates relationships, facilitates good deeds, and is directly tied to women and their relationship with beer.

Ask yourself and your brand, very specifically:

Do you know how the women who do or want to or who may have a potential drive to support your brand want to be communicated with?

If you don’t, start asking.

Talk with women, solicit information from them on this very thing. How, when, where, frequency and how much. Women will tell you how often, in what format, and with which vehicles they wish to hear from you and about your beers.

The old saw of not knowing what the heck women want is only true if you don’t ask them.

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