Women like to partake of beer outdoors. Facet 18 will expound on this finding.

Maybe it’s a ‘duh’ for some brands, especially those who are in outdoor heavy areas of the world: Mountains, coasts, and other places automatically associated with the outdoors. If this idea evokes an ‘aha!’moment for you instead, then get to it.

The moniker of “great” per outdoors is no accident. So don’t make the accident of not figuring out a way for women to enjoy your beer out of doors.

Welcome them to Mother Nature with a simple patio – it doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be nice, clean and reasonably comfortable. Furniture that’s easy to sit in, a flat surface for solid footing, shade if the blazing sun is involved, sunshine if it’s a cool climate. What you’re doing here is facilitating the experience with a suitable venue for her.

A great many people who enjoy beer also enjoy the out of doors, in some capacity. Women are no exception here. Get your beer out of doors and women will happily enjoy it there. Leave it in and lessen your potential to cement positive experiences and therefore the memories of your brand with her life.

p.s. Canned beer is a growing part of getting your beer brand in her hand out of doors

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