How do you present your beer to women? Bearing in mind that the experience and value are huge factors of women and their relationship with beer, let’s cover presentation for facet #20.

Here are some rules to follow:

1. All beers should be served in beer clean glassware. Unclean glassware negates the gorgeous (and education laden opportunity of ) lacing. Once you teach women about lacing, an indicator of healthy beer and clean glasses, they are looking for it.

2. All beers should be served in appropriate glassware. Please please please get rid of your tapered pints, don’t order more. If you’re a brewery or pub and you use them, while we understand economics factor in, do you skimp on quality of ingredients for the beer itself? Then don’t get crappy glassware. Plus it’s too heavy for many – some men as well as some women.

3. Appropriate glassware helps elevate beer to where it should be seen: with

A tulip glass suits this Grand Teton Holiday Ale

respect, high regard and no pretension. A beautiful beer poured well in a proper glass will make her night. And make you money.

4. If the glass has a logo or label of any kind, place the glass with the design facing her, gently set down so as to retain the head on the beer and greet her as such. If it’s your logo, you’ve paid for it to be on there, right? Then put it right in front of her every time to reinforce the brand.

5. Any spilled beer or dribbles need to be wiped up immediately with a clean towel. Careless spillage sends a bigger message than you think.

Presentation matters, especially to the more educated female beer consumer. You can easily meet and exceed her expectations with presentations done right.

Now, go find some women and practice.

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