Did you see the gorgeous luminous new moon in the early morning sky today? I never tire of marveling at the moon and its phases and beauty.

Excellent should be consistent

That’s exactly the kind of experience women want with their beer: to feel like every time that beer arrives, is served to them, they find it in the store, it’s given to them as a gift – every time it’s exciting. Building a consistently exciting or at least pleasing feeling every time she engages with that specific beer is key for getting her into enjoying your beer. And your key to successfully promoting and selling it to her.

If it falters, if the tap lines are dirty, if the flavors are off, if it’s been mistreated and she has an experience she is NOT counting on, then it’s a point against that beer. Do you want to take than chance? The answer here is no. Don’t insult the highly intelligent human that she is with a poor product. And a bad product reflects negatively on the entire professional beer community.

Constancy to purpose is important to her, as it should be for every brewer who brews the same style of beer repeatedly. We’re not talking about subtleties that naturally occur with regular and normal aging. We’re talking the foundation of the flavors and quality.

Get that right – give her the smile every time via your beer – and you’ll both be successful.

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