We’re up to number 24 in our series. Seem like a lot? One primary reason is that women and their relationship with beer has not been properly explored starting with her first. Hence a lot of ground to cover.

Today #24 is social responsibility of your beer business. 

Is your beer business socially responsible? Do you share that with your market and use it to attract potential new market share in women?

As long as:

  • You’re authentically socially active and responsible
  • You’re not exercising self aggrandizement for the sheer sake of marketing
  • This factor is actually adding value to your communities

Then utilize and advertise this part of your business model.

If you’re only doing it because you think it’s what ‘you should do‘ and it’s really just a ploy, don’t do it. Women can smell a phony campaign a mile away and the damage done in falseness herein is foolish and relatively permanent.

Authenticity and transparency here is critical to women.

Doing the socially responsible right thing and sharing it with your market share – especially women, is good for all.

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