As per the previous post – social responsibility – let’s get to Fiscal Responsibility for Facet #25.

Being fiscally responsible resonates large and loud with women. Here’s why.

Alarm for women = fiscal irresponsibility

Many women are heads of households. We already know they control and determine 80 – 85% of all purchases in the USA. They want to make good fiscal decisions themselves. And they want to support businesses who run financially sound operations.

When they shop and therefore when they are in the market to buy beer (on or off sale) they will be much more likely to support businesses they know to be fiscally responsible. If they know the company is sound and in the black, consumer confidence goes up and stays up. When they hear or feel like things are shaky – weeelllll…they may just divert their attention and dollars to a company they do know to be sound. Or at least one they have not heard is running in the red.

How do you communicate this in a tasteful manner? Talk about it on your site (yes, you must have a site…that is managed and monitored on a regular basis…). Share with them, as is appropriate, different things you do with your dollars, causes you support, money you’ve given to the community WHILE running an in-the-black business. As long as you are tactful and not boastful, sharing the general state of your financial situation is a big positive to women consumers.

Fiscal responsibility runs at the surface for women. No matter their income levels, women want to buy with confidence. Knowing your beer brand is solid goes a long way towards her continued and future purchases.

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