Let’s plunge into #27 with Marketing to Drive Female Traffic to your beer brands.

Be they:

  • Breweries
  • Taprooms
  • Brewpubs
  • Restaurants
  • Bars

Marketing to women, as we’ve discussed before, is different from marketing to men for every product. Since everyone is different from each other to begin with, we must first acknowledge there are differences. Differences does not mean not equal. Different means different as in not the same techniques will work because one group thinks in ways not like the other group.

Women base purchases on different factors, they look for different qualities in the products and services they purchase, they repeat transactions, and endorse or abandon products and services based on different things.

Do you know how ot market your beers to women?

Yes, there’s some overlap – that’s part of all of us being the human race. That said, women buy differently than men. Men buy differently than women.

Recognize this, figure out the differences and then address and attract target market shares accordingly. Smart businesses realize women are not only the future of beer, but the continued future of all purchases (across categories).

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