Let’s talk next about canned beer as Facet #3.

Maui & Black Star: tasty canned beer

There’s still a lot of old memory prejudice for canned beer. That it still tastes ‘tin-y’, that it’s low rent, that it’s cheap beer or that it’s ‘bad.’

Throw all of those out. The best way to get women to embrace canned beer is to do tastings and pairings with canned beer.

Some may already know that a canned beer is better than a bottle in that: there’s absolutely no light that can penetrate the can (vs. any color glass short of completely opaque) and that there’s very low head space inside the can for less chance of oxidation.

When we give a woman a fresh, well taken care of canned beer, she’ll embrace the experience. Changing behavior and ideas is the key here.

And this ‘can’ be true whether or not she actually likes the particular beer or not. When you educate on the qualities of canned beer and it’s truly healthy beer your teaching with, then she’ll be willing to try other canned beers.

We’ll cover more canned beer ground tomorrow for facet #4: canned beer and… tune in.

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