To continue on the Canned Beer theme, today we’re expounding on yesterday’s post: Facet #4 is Canned Beer and Sustainability.

Watch out for light!

Women want products from companies that exercise and actively practice sustainability. No green washers need apply.

Canned beer is a big move in the right marketing beer to women direction. Bottles are unsafe and not allowed into most parks and in other outdoor venues where they may shatter or otherwise break, potentially causing damage to the environment, a person or other animal, or equipment. Either way, bottles are dicey companions. Kegs are cumbersome and heavy.

Cans are also very light and for anyone who has camped with the “pack it in, pack it out” in place knows that cans are not only lighter weight, since they’re crushable and still recyclable, they’re very muscle friendly.

Women like products that are kind to Mother Nature. Canned beer is one of those products. Consider canning your beer, changing over from glass bottles to aluminum cans, and in general promote this sustainable step.

We can all enjoy more beer for longer when we take care of the planet first. Women agree.

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