In honor of the 31 days of December, we’re running this series – 31 facets of Women and Beer. Today’s facet builds on yesterday (Recruitment) to Retention.

Do you know how to market beer to women?

Retention is what you need to stay in business. If you can retain your clientele after you’ve recruited them, then you’ve got a good start. It’s a start because recruiting and retaining are forever ongoing.

And while the word ‘forever’ can feel daunting or tiring, it’s really quite easy to make it part of your mission. Keep in mind:

  • American women make 80+% of all purchases. They’re waiting to make the choices based on how those products are marketed, the quality of them, and what they hear from their friends.
  • Females make up more than 50% of the global population. There are women everywhere!
  • The opportunity to successfully market beer to women is huge.

If you really want to sell beer to people who will become your best marketers (free word of mouth), then get to it – learn how to market to women. Because I guarantee you they are ready willing and able – if not all actually aware that they’ll like beer and all it has to offer yet. (here’s one of many posts on Education)

31 Facets of Women & Beer Series starts here


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